Workouts to Build a Round Booty and Toned Legs.

Workout to build a round booty and toned leg
Workout to build a round booty and toned leg

Workouts to Build a Round Booty and Toned Legs.

A round booty is attractive and actually desired by most women. But, is it possible to get a defined booty shape without getting masculine legs?
It is actually possible to grow the butt without growing legs.

With a few tips, workouts, and consistency, you are super close to achieving that desired booty shape.
If you are searching for” workouts to build a round booty and toned legs”, you may have to make little adjustments to your typical workout routine.

How to Build the Perfect Toned Butt Without Growing Your Legs?

How would you describe a perfect booty shape? It’s definitely going to be well-rounded and big. As a matter of fact, there are different shapes for a booty. And whether it is small or flat, big or rounded, a butt needs to have the perfect shape.

Most of the exercises that are perfect for working on your butt can also increase the size of your legs- and most women dread that. Big and fat legs are masculine and are therefore suitable for the male folk.

So, how do you build the perfect butt without growing your legs? Read on to explore more.
The right exercises can have a major impact on your glutes. By working on the glutes, you give your butt that full and round shape. You must have heard that walking briskly on a treadmill helps, in as much as it does, it goes way beyond that.

You will have to involve in intense strength training exercises that may result in masculine legs. But, how do you avoid that?
The gluteus muscles which are connected to your legs allow you to stretch and rotate your hips. Because of this connection, building the gluteus muscles affects the leg muscles.
Most of the exercises to work the glutes (glute exercises) are also necessary for working the leg and its muscles (leg exercises). Most of these exercises are common and normally regarded as exercises for shaping the butt.

They include squats, butt bridges, deadlifts, lunges, and more.

Doing these exercises will not only cause your butt to become bigger, fuller, and rounded –just as you would like it. Your legs may also experience the same impact.
Most persons will say I do not want to grow my legs as well as my buttocks!!! Rather, they will ask what are exercises I can do to grow my butt without increasing my leg size?

Workout to build a round booty and toned leg
Workout to build a round booty and toned leg

How Can I Grow My Butt Without Growing My Leg Size?

Over-engaging in strength training exercises will definitely cause an increase in strength. By doing squats, lunges, and deadlifts and increasing your strength, you will definitely increase the growth of your hamstrings or quadriceps.
The hamstrings are the muscle at the back of your thigh and the quadriceps is the muscle on the front of your thigh. Increasing your strength during these exercises (hamstrings and quadriceps) will definitely cause your legs to grow.

So, if you want just your butt to grow while your leg size stays exactly the same, you have to stop increasing your strength during these exercises.
You have to increase your strength on the days for the glute exercises and reduce strength on the days for leg exercises.
Performing butt exercises the right way will help to produce the desired shape.

Focus more on glute exercises and try getting stronger. A tip to growing that well sorted after booty shape is by increasing your strength, but you have to do this on glute day.
For your muscles to grow, whether it’s the chest or arms, or legs, you need to do intense training. The same also goes for your buttocks.
How do I increase strength on the glute day? You have to increase your sets, reps, energy, and even the weight you apply on the days you perform glute exercises.
On leg day, you could do a lesser number of sets, reps, reduced weight, and energy.

To grow your butt without growing your legs, you have to do less or avoid exercises that grow your legs or work your quadriceps and hamstrings excessively.
Such exercises include squats.

Yes, do fewer squats, we know it helps but reduces strength while performing this exercise. Also, engage in fewer lunges, leg extensions, Bulgarian squats, leg presses, step-ups. Because they are exercises that target the quadriceps and results in bigger legs.

Avoid leg curls, hip thrust, back extensions, and Romanian deadlifts because they target your hamstrings way too much.
Are There Exercises to get a Toned Butt Without Growing the Legs?
Although we said less of this and none of that, there are still some perfect exercises that could give you a toned butt without growing your legs.

These exercises include:
1. Single leg foot elevated hip thrust

This is a form of hip thrust and is done on one leg foot. Although it is really tough, you will feel this burning sensation on your glutes, and at the end of your routine, you will grow that round booty.

2. Barbell glute bridges

The barbell hip thrust exercise is one of the exercises you should avoid because it works your quadriceps and hamstrings.

A sequel to the barbell hip thrust is the barbell glute bridges. While doing this exercise, you need to increase your strength.  By adding more weights, more reps, and sets as well.

3. American deadlift

While avoiding Romanian deadlift, you can switch it up with an American deadlift. The American deadlift works your glutes more than the Russian deadlift. But to make the most out of this workout, you need to make it intense. Making it intense enables you to build more muscle mass and grow more booty.

4. Hip abduction movements

This workout is the same as the seated abduction or the band standing abduction. Ensure you activate your glute while performing this exercise to give your butt a definite shape.


How do I build a rounded butt and toned legs is an important question to ask if you want a perfect butt shape?
To increase your butt size without increasing your leg size, you have to increase your strength while performing glute exercises. To increase strength, do more sets, reps and increase weight applied.

Plus, instead of doing exercises that focus more on your legs, do exercises that focus more on your glutes. Exercises that work the quadriceps and hamstrings more than the glutes will definitely increase leg size.
Workouts that build a round booty and toned legs include American deadlift, barbell glute bridges, single-leg foot elevated hip thrust, and hip abduction movements.