Why should you exercise after VSG weight loss surgery?

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While exercise should be a part of everyone’s routine whether or not they are getting weight loss surgery, it becomes even more important to stay active after getting VSG weight loss surgery. Here in Long Island and around the US, weight loss clinics such as LI Obesity Surgery will recommend patients to start a workout routine before their surgery.

This makes it easier for them to remain active after their surgery since they already have developed the habit of working out. Now, of course, the intensity of the workouts will gradually increase as time passes. But you will be encouraged to start moving from the day you get your bariatric surgery. This goes on to show how important it is to maintain an active lifestyle after your surgery.

Still not sure if exercise is an essential aspect of your life after weight loss surgery? Then we suggest you keep reading this article to find out the benefits of exercise for someone who has had their weight loss procedure.

Benefits of exercise after getting bariatric surgery in long island

While bariatric surgery is becoming a standard procedure in the long island, many people aren’t aware of how exercise and bariatric surgery are connected. Surgeons and doctors always tell patients that weight loss surgery is not a miracle cure for weight loss, and exercise is just as important after the surgery as the procedure itself. So without further ado, here are some benefits of exercising regularly after weight loss surgery:

Exercise helps make sure you lose fat, not muscle: While weight loss occurs at varying rates after bariatric surgery, studies have found that people who exercise regularly after weight loss surgery lose more weight. Similarly, it is essential to retain muscle mass and only lose fat when you are dropping pounds. Muscles not only support your bones and body structure but are also crucial for your overall health. So when you are exercising, you are building lean muscle while burning fat. Not to mention muscles also improve the metabolism of the body and prevent fat from building up again. So exercise not only helps make sure that you are only losing fat, not muscles, but it also makes sure your body keeps fat off by keeping the metabolism rate high.

Exercise makes you feel good: Exercise gives you a boost of energy, and people who choose the weight loss surgery option often do so because they want to exercise. Since extra weight can limit the mobility and function of your body, it makes sense why people who can exercise after a long time after weight loss surgery feel amazing once they start being active. Not to mention exercising can boost your immune system and build up your strength after the surgery.

Positive impacts on mental health: People who have been overweight can also develop mental health issues. However, exercise has been linked with reduced anxiety, stress, and depression. People who have had weight loss surgery can improve their mental health and heal the emotional scars left by obesity. When you stay active regularly, your body releases endorphins that are effective against anxiety and keep depression under control. People who get their daily dose of endorphins during exercise experienced improvements in their mood, and some even stop taking anxiety medications.

Why do doctors recommend exercise before your weight loss surgery?

If your doctor has told you to start working out before your weight loss surgery, the answer is simple. Exercise helps develop cardiovascular strength and strengthens your overall health to make sure you can handle weight loss surgery.

Long Island bariatric surgeons also recommend exercise before surgery because it helps you prepare for the weight loss routine you will have to follow after the surgery.

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