What does duck taste like? guide for types, taste and fact

What does duck taste like

What does duck taste like

There are so many different kinds of cuisines in the world today. If you like the idea of trying out new recipes and ideas then you might be wondering what some taste like before trying it out. Hence the question “what does duck taste like?

If you are wondering what does duck taste like, it tastes like roast. Sometimes it also tastes like chicken or turkey but it mostly taste like roast.

Duck is a bird just like the regular chicken and turkey. However, duck meat differs a lot from other birds in the poultry family.

One major difference between poultry birds and duck is the less quantity of meat it has. Unlike chicken or turkey, that a single chicken can feed a whole family of 7 or more depending on the size.

Duck has more bone and less meat. One duck will not be enough to feed a family of that size especially when children are teenagers are in the mix.

What is duck meat

Before we discuss what does duck meat taste like, let’s get a general review of duck meat.

The skin of the duck is way more thicker than other poultry. This makes it quite difficult to prepare.

If the cooking method used is wrong, the meat will be slippery and quite distasteful to eat. The goal of the cook should be, to transform the thick skin meat into a favourable crispy delicacy.

If you prefer mild meat, then the question what does duck taste like should not be something you should be wondering about.

Unlike other poultry, the duck has a very strong flavour and it is usually dark in colour. This difference might be hard to tell while purchasing it at the store.

However, during the preparation, you will realize the differences in colour, taste, fat content and the skin which is thicker with loads of fat and umami flavour.

Most cooks advise that you keep all the duck fat as the umami flavour is present within it. This adds a more favourable taste to the meat.

From this brief review, it is quite easy to picture what does duck taste like.

Do you have a mental picture of what duck taste like? Are you willing to add duck into your recipe?

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

Do you like cooking duck meat in your home? Let us know in the comments, tell us how you prefer to cook it?

What does duck taste like

What does duck taste like

The flavour of duck meat is closely related to red meat than it is to chicken, turkey or other poultry.

It is packed with a lot of fat, which makes it a soft, moist and tender meat. To achieve a delicious crispy taste, duck meat should be cooked properly.

The taste of duck meat could also be likened to the liver or steak. If you have had either, you can probably imagine what duck will taste like.

The taste of duck can also be dependent on the type of duck you ate.

Breeds of duck and how they taste

A lot of chicken lovers who had a taste of duck claimed that is more delicious than chicken.

Although the meat content in a duck is smaller than the content of chicken or turkey. Its relatively small size does not limit its texture, taste, flavour and health benefits.

The strong gamier flavour of ducks makes it a preferable choice over other poultry.

There are different breeds of duck and what duck taste like is strongly dependent on the breed you are consuming.

British ducks

This breed of duck is moist and soft which is a major feature of ducks.

It is has a milder and more delicate taste.

French Duck

Unlike the British ducks, the French Duck has the signature stronger flavour of ducks. It has a high abundance of flavour which boosts it taste.

Other varieties of duck

Wild duck  

Wild duck just like the name implies grew up in the wild by themselves.

They are stronger, more flavourful and tougher than a farmed duck.

Farmed duck

Farmed ducks have more meat content than wild duck. They have little to nothing to do therefore they grow bigger and have a higher amount of fat content.

Duck egg and what does duck taste like

Duck egg taste like?

Just like the other poultry, ducks also lay eggs. The most important thing to note about ducks is, they have more flavour than the other poultry.

This also applies to their eggs which are quite similar in taste to chicken eggs although it has more flavour.

Not only are ducks eggs richer in flavour than chicken eggs, but they are also higher in omega-3 fatty acids, protein and cholesterol.

Duck eggs have a much larger yolk than a chicken egg. The yolk of eggs contain lots of cholesterol, this means that duck eggs have more cholesterol than chicken eggs.

Lastly, eggs are also a good source of protein. Duck eggs have more protein content than chicken eggs.

The highly favourable content of duck eggs can be traced to the wide variety of diets they consume. Ducks feast on a lot of creeping animals that are high in protein including snails and other insects.

The favourable taste of duck eggs is a function of their nutrient-dense diet.

Duck fat taste like?

Duck contains a high content of fat which is soft, moist and tender when it is properly cooked. It has delicate, sweet and creamy.

Duck fat is responsible for the strong favourable taste of duck because it contains umami flavour.

Different ways to prepare duck

If you are considering what does duck taste like, then you might as well give it a try.

All you need is;

  • Brown sugar
  • Duck meat
  • Salt
  • Spices
  • Water

The quantity of these ingredients is dependent on the size of duck you are using.

What does duck taste like

Cooking method

  1. Pour the spices, salt and sugar in a pot. Add water to the pot and heat the water till the sugar and salt dissolves.
  2. Allow the mixture to cool then, soak the duck into the liquid and leave it for 2-3 hours.
  3. Remove the duck from the mixture, allow to dry off then, rub olive oil over it before cooking it.

This is a basic method for preparing duck, there are different ways to cook a duck.

If you are still curious about what does duck taste like, Visit YouTube and search for the different methods to prepare a duck and try it out for yourself.


Duck meat is more favourable than other poultry. It has a unique taste or flavour that makes it preferable to other poultry.

When next you are wondering what does duck taste like, just remember that it taste like roast, liver, red meat and steak.

Quit wondering what duck taste like and go have a taste for yourself.

Don’t forget that the quantity of duck is smaller than that of other poultry. Therefore, if you want to prepare it for the whole family, you might need to purchase more.

Not only is duck meat flavourful, it also contains lots of nutrients that the body requires for proper functioning.

What are you waiting for? You can give yourself a duck meat treat.