The 12 best ways to make a comeback

12 ways to make a comeback
12 ways to make a comeback

 The best 12 ways to make a comeback

How exactly can I make a comeback when disappointments and challenges make me feel so low? this is a question that so many people ask themselves!

Disappointments can make people lose hope and allow that dark cloud to overshadow every form of light trying to penetrate our hearts. Maybe, we are just stuck in the pit of stagnation and retrogression, no matter the efforts we put in.

Sometimes, life hits so hard just like a nail against a wall. We become consumed by uncertainty. Would we ever find the courage to stand up back and fix it?

Different crises and situations have kept us in this place of hopelessness- caused by either fate or our mistakes. A failed business, lost job, an addiction, health complications, financial challenge, lost opportunities, reinventing yourself out of pressure.

Most people lost jobs and opportunities they deserved and worked hard for. An addiction or health complication has stopped several people from achieving a goal or living the life they want: void of criticisms, discrimination, and a constant reminder that they don’t stand a chance.

And suddenly, an idea to do something new creeps into your mind. Positivity sets in. You begin to make progress and before you even realize it, a fall back to starting point occurs.

Everything you have devoted your life to build crashes down before your eyes. I have been a victim of setbacks and trust me, it’s depressing and exhausting.

When you find yourself in such a dilemma, the best decision you’ll ever make is to forgive yourself and continue moving forward.

Loving the same people that hurt you, making the same decisions that once inspired you, showing up at the office, and refusing to quit.

What you need is a comeback. Everyone who has ever experienced a form of setback and disappointment deserves the chance to make a shocking and powerful comeback.

A setback keeps you from progressing and paints success as something difficult to achieve. You need to develop the ability to recover and adjust so your life can improve. Despite the setbacks surrounding you, you have to return back and create a mindset- find an alternative to reverse whatever storm.

Setbacks are temporary and can even be as little as a migraine or a stressful encounter. You deserve a chance to plot your own good comeback story.

“There is nothing as sweet as a comeback, when you are down and out, about to lose and out of time”. –Annie Lamote

“There is nothing as exciting as a comeback- seeing someone with dreams, watching them fail, and then getting a second chance”. –Rachel Griffiths

A comeback may seem difficult but it all starts with a change. Comebacks give you a chance to improve, progress, and succeed.

There is a great feeling that comes with a powerful comeback: it boosts your morale, self-esteem, and shows the world how resilient, strong, and determined you are.

Making a comeback is all about reclaiming your lost glory, shining brighter than you did before.

Abilities and skills can get buried during setbacks and disappointments, but you know what comebacks do? They reveal the best version of yourself, the hidden powers you have, and challenge you to plow onward.

Every individual possesses the power to make a comeback, you don’t have to be famous or powerful. Most athletes, celebrities, and even industries have made a comeback, you too can. Let go of restraints and reinvent yourself.

So, if you are in a bad place, uncertain about your next move, ready to take a step forward and let yourself happen in a new form, the steps below are for you:

12 ways to make a comeback
12 ways to make a comeback
  1. Make peace with yourself and the situation:

You are never going to make a successful comeback without forgiving yourself and letting go.

Need a new beginning and fresh start? You have to mentally and emotionally resist past mistakes, hurt, and failure. Although this step is difficult, determination and commitment are enough to help you.

Deal with whatever problem, chaos, or setback responsible for your inability to accept change. You need to grow and plan properly to avoid getting through the same situation over and over again.

Allow yourself to feel the setback but refuse to be overwhelmed by it. If you need to cry, go on. Angry? Workout, vent to a friend, and let yourself feel better.

By making peace with yourself and the situation, you release every form of regret and guilt. The thing with regrets is, it blinds you from taking a step forward and moving into your comeback.

A good comeback begins with the change, instead of dwelling on the past. Make peace with whatever it is and refuse to let fear, procrastination, discouragement get in your way. Forgive and see things differently from how they were before.

  1. Forgo setback mentality:

I love to liken setbacks to slaves. Setbacks are subject to you. In as much as they don’t define your future, they require your permission to stop you from progressing.

Nobody loves to give in to setbacks. People with a setback mentality see themselves as a failure. A setback does not stop you from achieving or fulfilling a purpose except you allow it to.

A setback mentality is when you are consumed and focused on the setback and the chaos it has created for you. Instead of abandoning it and focus on a comeback mentality or something positive, you let it define you.

A comeback mentality will rather spur you in to your comeback. Stay hopeful, resilient, and positive.

  1. Stay confident:

Things may not seem all rosy and fun in the next days, weeks, or even months after your comeback decision. This is because setbacks have a way of tampering with your confidence. While you need time to recover and restore your courage, refuse to let fear take a hold of you.

Confidence is a very important step for a comeback. With confidence, you can take action, make bold decisions, face your fears, grab new opportunities and succeed.

Confidence helps you accept new beginnings and moves you in the direction of where you dream of.

  1. Be positive:

Turn every pain, loss, suffering, and negativity into something great. No matter the chaos and problem life brings to you, for a successful comeback story, find positivity in all of it.

Instead of “whys”, ask yourself more “how’s”. Let your life be filled with positive affirmations, it’ll help you grow.

Remember, you have probably gone through misery and depression, received insults and maltreatments, and accepted setbacks. It is time to discover peace, balance, happiness, and love and this starts by sticking to everything good and positive.

Stop the complaint and start looking for solutions. Positive affirmations are damn powerful; they fuel your fire. You have to make effective use of them.

I have everything I need to move forward

Everything works for good

I deserve better

12 ways to make a comeback
12 ways to make a comeback
  1. Learn and empower yourself:

There are thousands of items you could learn from. By reading books and blogs, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, watching motivational videos, you only push yourself further.

Without a positive force like books and videos pushing you, it becomes very easy to give in to setbacks and succumb to negativity. When you pay attention to positive messages, you learn, feel an urge to keep fighting, know your worth and accept a comeback.

Learn from your experience and mistakes so it doesn’t happen again. Keep searching for lessons and opportunities to grow. It’s a comeback, instead of focusing on doubts and negative thinking that could prohibit growth, look for lessons from past experiences, and find ways to improve.

  1. Practice self-care:

Setbacks and stress must have stopped you from taking care of yourself. Exercise, detox, eat foods rich in nutrients, practice yoga, meditate, participate in a dance class, write a book, practice forgiveness, go on a vacation- just take care of yourself.

Put on a happy face. Trying to take care of yourself? Then smile always. Besides, if you stink anger and bitterness, you will miss opportunities and go nowhere. This is the time to do something you love and infuse happiness into every aspect of your life.

Try something new, step out of your comfort zone and let people see you in the spotlight. All the happy and fun moments you experience by taking care of yourself will forever keep your energy and spirit up.

  1. Seek help and support:

You are never going to make it without help and support from the people you love and trust. Choosing to be a lone wolf just because you think the world was once against you is terrible.

Surround yourself with people doing the things you do. Seek help from people who have already walked the path you want to the catwalk on, let them explain to you, and show you how to.

You can access anyone from any part of the world, thanks to technology. So, there is no excuse for not wanting to learn and improve from people who are best at what interests you. After you hit the asphalt, you need the support of someone to get you back up, standing strong.

As for those people who are constant reminders of your past, unwilling to support and trying to distract you, give them a hard kick out of your life.

  1. Resurrect your dreams: 

You have strengths, unique abilities and dreams buried deep by setbacks. Remind yourself and resurrect them. Fix you and get back in shape, rebuild burnt bridges, resurrect dreams and be the best version of yourself.

Do not stop dreaming. Determine to make your dream a reality. Setbacks should not stop you from seeing what’s ahead.A comeback gives you a chance to dream again and in fact dream bigger.

Take specific actions, make realistic plans, focus your attention, invest in something productive- this will help you adapt and move forward.

  1. Stay grateful:

Instead of complaining and blaming the world for what you went through, be grateful for the lessons it taught you. Gratitude can turn any situation into a blessing.

Being grateful for the ups and downs in your life will consciously open your heart and equip you with knowledge and experience to scale through the challenges you face later as long as life goes on.

Be grateful for a second chance to achieve your goals and reinvent yourself. It is a gift. Gratitude can even help you be better than you ever were.


A comeback is possible, it just requires effort and a few steps. When you put in the effort and bounce out of a setback, when bad things happen occasionally, you remember when your life once sucked and just simply shrug them off. This is because a comeback makes you stronger.

A comeback is a beautiful reminder that despite everything: limitation, hopelessness, anger, and fear were not a barrier. It is never too late to realize you