The little things parents guide us about

the little things parents guide
the little things parents guide

The little things parents’ guide us about

Parents are overprotective beings and are the perfect guardians to their children. Parents love to treat their children with the utmost delicacy, love, and extreme respect. That is why there are little things parents’ guide us about.

Children need to be guided on lots of things so they avoid making mistakes later on in life. Even the most important and little things like eating breakfast or being courteous are what parents’ guide their children on.

When children begin to receive proper guidance from parents at an early stage, it plays a huge role in their adulthood. A child that was guided on being courteous imbibes it and takes that habit right into adulthood. What we are trying to say is the little things parents’ guide us about can positively shape our future.

This article is for parents who want to know the little things to guide their children about and also, for children who want to become aware of the little things parents’ guide them about.

The little things parents guide

When people say “the little things”, they are trying to describe what is not so important. The truth is, the little things are actually the most important things in life. Most parents miss out on the little things and focus on the much bigger things that affect or shape their children.

Haven’t you heard that saying “the little things in life matter the most”?

Parenting is hard irrespective of how a parent tries to do it. Hence, a parent is responsible for guiding a child even on the little, not so important things. If you want your kids to be healthy and successful, you need to guide them on everything- even the little things.

Below is a guide on the little things a parent can do to positively shape their kids’ life and make them feel loved.

  1. Words

Words are powerful yet most parents barely use the right words on their children. As little as saying ‘I love you or ‘I care about you, ‘I understand’, ‘thank you, can go a long way in putting a smile on a child’s face. Most times, parenting isn’t always about cooking meals or dropping your kids off at school. Children are always craving to hear comforting and encouraging words from their parents- and it’s just one of the little things.

You can start by whispering sweet nothings to your kids every day, instead of hurtful words. Speak positive words of affirmation like:

  • I’m proud to be your parent
  • Your ideas are super creative
  • You are brave
  • You make me smile and laugh
  • I am proud of how hard you try
  1. Time

Time is one thing most parents barely have for their kids. No matter how busy you may get with work or responsibilities, you should always make out time for your kids. As little as being available for your child’s recital, graduation, exhibition, school assignment, grocery shopping, etc., can also go a long way. These are actually the little things that matter to kids and they expect their parents to always be available for it.

Start by showing interest or making efforts to be available for your kids. Spend more time with your child, read a book together, dance, and do all kinds of fun stuff.

  1. Moral support

One of the little things that children deserve and ask for is moral support. When was the last time you encouraged your child? It makes perfect sense to your child when you are the most understanding and supportive. Giving a simple pat on the back, or forming a light smile on your lips can go a long way.

Your children need to know that you are their biggest fan.

  1. More hugs, cuddles, and kisses

You may not believe or think about it but, your children need lots of hugs and kisses from you. You can just hug or give them a kiss out of the blue. It is one of the little things that you may think does not matter. But to your child, it’s a kind of affection that they are craving every now and then.

Give them a kiss on their forehead before they leave for school or a hug when they get back.

  1. Sincere acknowledgments

It may have never occurred to you because you see it as unnecessary. But, giving merit to your kids every achievement makes them feel special. Saying ‘well done, ‘I am proud of you, ‘you are amazing’ or even giving a thumbs up can boost your child’s confidence and make him/her feel loved.

3 little things parents’ guide us about

There are little things parents’ guide us about. Whether as a toddler, teenager, or adult, there is a little thing that your parent is guiding you on. You may think your parent is being overprotective. The truth is, they are just watching out for you.

The list below is the sweet and little things parents’ guide us about.

  1. Parents guide us on how important it is to have breakfast. We know parents do this when they wake up every morning and set the table for us- keeping our favorite cereal and cutlery on display.
  2. You may not have realized but one of the little things parents’ guide us about is to smile and be friendly. When visitors or family friends come around, your parent ensures you smile and greet everyone. As you age and become older, it positively shapes your relationship with others outside.
  3. Parents’ guide us about how important it is to be independent and confident.


When parents begin to do little things for their children, it is only out of love and care. This article contains the little things parent guide and also the little things parents’ guide us about.