workout for beach body
workout for beach body


A beach body doesn’t exactly mean what you are picturing right now,

For the guys: well formed Abs, tone legs, structured biceps and triceps

For the ladies: An hourglass shape, a flat stomach, and long and well defined legs.

If this is the definition of a beach body to you, then your definition is incomplete. There are different body sizes so in order to get the perfect definition of a beach body you have to consider the body shape.

What is a beach body?

Anybody shape that can fit into a chosen bikini is a beach body. If you have a bikini that you use for the beach day or for pool parties, then you have a beach body.

If you probably are in the plus-size beach body and you decide to go on a weight loss journey to become a smaller size, then that’s perfectly fine.

If this is what you intend to do, continue reading to find out how to achieve your dream beach body.

How to train for a beach body

Setting an exercise plan that is mixed with bodyweight exercises, core strengthening exercises, and yoga is a practice that everyone should engage in as it is beneficial for our health.

  1. Check your endurance and stability:

 Before engaging in the beach body workout routine, it is necessary that you try out certain exercises to determine your level of endurance and stability.

  1. Healthy breakfast and lunch:

 Skipping meals is not the perfect way to lose weight or develop a beach body instead it leads to weight gain and hormonal stress.

Eat meals that have high fiber content, high protein content, low calories, and high potassium content.

Avoid late night food and add lots of eggs to your breakfast.

  1. Stretching :

The elasticity of the muscles decreases with age so  When you stretch, you target and work the muscles which are very ideal for a beach body.

  1. Drink tea:

To maintain a good beach body, alcohols and carbonated drinks should be replaced with tea.

Tea contains flavonoids that help to reduce stress and provide other health benefits.


Though further research is still carried out on this, it has been shown that green tea helps in weight loss.

Ginger tea and chamomile are also good flavors of tea that provide healthy benefits and aids in the journey towards getting a beach body.


  1. Avoid certain foods:

To attain the beach body you want, you would need to avoid food that contains high sodium level, high calories, low satiety level, and processed carbs.

The high sodium level in the body can lead to high water retention in the body. Limit your intake of snacks, eat high protein content food as it helps to build muscle mass.

Food rich in potassium such as banana, orange, avocado should replace food rich in high sodium content.

  1. Work out regularly:

 A steady exercise plan that consists of bodyweight exercises(Running, planks, walking, pull up, burpee) core strengthening exercises (push up, planks, sit up) as it helps to tighten up your abs.


Target the major muscles of your body(gluteus, muscles of the leg, muscles of the upper body) and engage in exercises that aid their development.

  1. Hydrate:

When the body lacks water dehydration occurs. Dehydration affects the skin negatively, it makes it more susceptible to diverse skin disorders.


The benefits of water cannot be overemphasized, drinking water helps in maintaining body weight and also improves the body’s performance during exercise.

  1. Get enough sleep:

 Research has shown that the body requires about 7-8 hours of sleep.

Sleeping allows the body to relax and strengthens the muscles.

Depriving the body of sleep only leads to late night snacking, excessive hunger which causes overeating.

Also not sleeping or having only a little sleep can cause you to start giving excuses for not exercising.

  1. Add yoga into your day :

Yoga helps in metabolism, weight loss, increases the strength and tone of muscles, and also improves exercise performance.

10. HIIT:

Engage in high intervals intensity training, burn calories within in a faster period of time. It also helps to build muscle endurance and stability thereby making exercises easier to perform.

workout for a beach body
workout for a beach body

Exercises for male beach body

Bench press and Dumbbell

  • Lie on the workout bench
  • Place your feet on the floor
  • Pick up the dumbbells(start with a little weight) and bring them to the level of your chest.
  • Slowly lift them up and down
  • Add more weight and repeat the process.

Dumbbell fly

  • Almost the same as bench press and Dumbbell.
  • Lie on the bench but don’t bring the Dumbbell to your chest.
  • Extend your arms to keep the dumbbells apart.
  • Lower the dumbbells to your chest level.
  • Repeat (8 -10 reps)

Push up

This exercise is quite popular, it is an effective bodyweight exercise. It strengthens your core, tightens your abs, arms, and shoulders.

How to perform a push up

  • Perform a basic plank, your hands should be underneath your shoulders, they should be spread out to provide a suitable base.
  • Make sure your body is straight from your head to your heel.
  • Push your elbow down till your chin touches the floor.
  • Only your chin, palm, and toes touches the floor.
  • Return to the start position and begin the whole process again.

Bicycle crunches

This targets your abdominal muscles; rectus abdominis, the oblique (internal and external).

How to perform a bicycle crunch

  • Lie down on your back
  • Place your intertwined hands behind your head as a cushion
  • Lift your right leg up to a 90° angle then bring it down
  • Do the same with your left leg
  • Continually move your legs in this alternating manner.
  • As you lift your legs touch your opposite elbow to your knee.
  • Your lower back should be on the floor.
  • Continue the process.
  • Do 10 -15 reps

Rhomboid Roll

This is also done using a bench and a dumbbell, it targets the muscles of your upper back.

How to perform a Rhomboid Roll

  • Place one knee and one hand on the bench
  • Put the other foot on the ground
  • Use your free hand to hold a dumbbell
  • Lower your hand with the dumbbell to the floor
  • Raise it back to your waist level
  • Repeat (10-15 reps)
workout for a beach body
workout for a beach body

Exercises for female beach body 

Walking lunges

This targets the hamstring, quadriceps, and the glutes. It also works on the muscles of the leg.

How to perform a walking lunges

  • Stand straight with your feet shoulders apart
  • Put your hands on your hips
  • Bend your right knee in a position parallel to the floor
  • Do the same with your left knee
  • Alternate your legs in a walking motion.
  • Do 10 to 12 rep


  • Stand straight with your feet spread apart
  • Keep your arms by your side
  • Bend your knees and lower your hip
  • Extend your arms and place your hand on the floor
  • Transfer your body weight to your hands
  • Extend your legs(plank position)
  • Return to the start position and Repeat process (5-6 reps per minute for 15 minutes)

Push up

This is an exercise that helps to build and strengthen the core muscles.

How to perform a push up

  • Start in a basic plank position
  • Keep your body in a straight line
  • Slowly lower your body by bending your elbows
  • Don’t let your trunk touch the floor
  • Raise yourself up by extending your elbows, choose a comfortable pace.
  • Repeat the process (10 -15 rep for 3 sets)


Sprint is a cardiovascular exercise that helps to burn calories within a shorter period of time.

How to perform sprints

  • Begin with easy warm-up exercises
  • Sprint with an intensity of 50 – 60
  • Rest
  • Sprint again with a higher intensity
  • Rest and repeat (3 reps)

Chest press

Don’t get scared, it doesn’t reduce the size of your breast instead it works on the pectorals and makes the breast appear larger.

How to perform a chest press

  • Lay on the workout bench
  • Place your feet on the floor
  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand, your palms should face forward
  • Inhale and slowly bring the dumbbell to your chest.
  • Exhale and lift your arms upwards, your elbows should be slightly bent.
  • Repeat (8 to 12 reps).