The top 18 signs to show that a girl likes you

The top 18 signs to show that a girl likes you
The top 18 signs to show that a girl likes you

The top 18 signs to show that a girl likes you

Is it the way she looks at you? The subtle tone in her voice when she speaks to you? Or probably the way she is all over you, ready to support, defend or literally, catch a grenade for you?

Whatever it is, by default, women are mysterious beings and will constantly give clues. And at the same time, be so uptight about it.

They may even try to control and sometimes suppress these not-so-hidden feelings.

This part of their lifestyle is what most men find interesting and intriguing. When women try to play hard to get or act like they do not really care about you. Deep down, they have kept a special part of their heart for you and a big part at that.

Most times, women build walls and keep their feelings a secret for reasons that you may not know about and may even sound crazy to you.

But what happens when a woman is trapped and in love with a man? What are the ways you could know a woman is interested in you?

It is best to know the answers to most of these questions because, despite the hints she gives, you may be completely blind to the way she feels about you. Know that you are not alone.

The reason why she hasn’t confidently told you about her feelings maybe because she is not ready to spill- to her, it’s not the right time.

She is probably protecting her heart and does not want to let her guard down.

Or perhaps, she wants to be sure about what you feel for her before giving you her hand and allowing you to take her heart. Most women would want to be chased and won over before confessing their feelings.

Maybe She hasn’t walked up to you yet to say how much she likes you because she is already dating somebody and is confused about who she actually wants between you both.

What if she is ashamed of her feelings but cannot still control them around you?

Yes, there are most women who are ashamed of the fact that they have fallen for a guy when the feeling is not mutual. And that between you both, they are probably the clingy ones who fell in love.

That is why better to be aware of the way she feels about you. Then, you could decide on whether to make a move. And tell her if you feel the same way about her or back off because you do not.

If you are really asking these questions – how can I know if a girl likes me but is hiding it? then you are confused about the way she acts around you whether done unconsciously or consciously.

And yes, there is a specific beautiful lady in mind if you are asking.

She enjoys your company and you are dying to know if she likes you the way you think she does. You do not know if she is flirting, being friendly, being herself, or is really not interested.

For curiosity’s sake, you want to be sure of if the feeling is mutual or what her real motives are. There are actually clear signs that can prove that to you.

Probably, you have made inquiries from your friends concerning the topic in question… this is indeed your last bus stop as you can count on these signs to come to your aid.

The top 18 signs to show that a girl likes you
The top 18 signs to show that a girl likes you

How to know if a girl likes you

Look through the signs listed here and check the ones that apply to you. If most of the boxes you check here apply to you, then, she really likes you.

And if you want to know if she doesn’t like you, the flip side of the signs enlisted here is what you should consider.

  1. She is interested in your Family

Any woman that likes you will be interested in your family. She will ask about your family often.

She considers family as important and knowing you love your family and they love you too, she will want them to love her too.

If your family knows and loves her, there is a big chance they’ll approve of the relationship. She will want to know the way you grew up and know what your family is like

  1. She texts you often

A girl that really likes you will text you at all time. Know that texting you every time doesn’t imply, she is clingy, so it shouldn’t be a red flag.

If she frequently texts you when you don’t, then it’s obvious she always wants to keep in touch with you and know all about you. Constantly communicating with you especially when she is the one taking initiative is a clear sign, she is interested in you.

The top 18 signs to show that a girl likes you
The top 18 signs to show that a girl likes you
  1. She is supportive

You must have heard that a woman that likes you is always ready to support you. She is always there for you, whether you need it or not. Her contributions will be effortless and genuine.

If you notice her being available every step of the way whether it’s hard or easy, then she really likes and cares about you. Women will not support whatever they are not interested in.

If you are feeling bad or confused about something, she will motivate you, clarify the issue and make sure you feel better. If there is a presentation at work, she will ensure you rest, prepare and perform well for it or wish you success and inquire about how it went.

  1. She laughs at your jokes

Whether it’s funny or not, sensible or not, she might be the only person laughing at your jokes in a room filled with people. The ability to make your girl laugh is a good sign. Women do not only like romantic guys, but they also like funny guys.

Laughter and love are closely related. When someone we like makes us laugh, we tend to naturally stick to them.

  1. She stares at you

Have you ever caught her stealing glances at you? If yes, she likes you. Not like it is creepy or insane, if a girl likes you, she will stare at you with love in her eyes, affection, and admire every piece of you.

And if eventually she gets caught in the act, she will definitely be shy, look away, and act embarrassed.

  1. She remembers the tiny details about you

Did you tell her something and noticed she remembered it without thinking? What does this mean?

Most times, you may not even remember ever sharing it with her but she does remember. It may be that at a time, you told her you to love having a particular meal at your favorite restaurant and she invites you there and orders that same meal for you.

These little reminders and gestures show how deeply interested she is in the things that make you happy and matters to you.

  1. She is always jealous

Women are jealous beings and may act territorial at times. If other women are flaunting themselves around you and she sees you are as well happy and comfortable being with them, it will trigger feelings of jealousy.

If she asks questions that make it seem like she is a little bit insecure, she likes you. These questions may include who was she? Do you like her? is there any sort of intimate relationship between you too? What was she saying to you?

  1. She is always available: she will be willing to spend time with you, definitely and that is one of the signs that is very obvious. If you talk to her about hanging out, going somewhere, she will agree without hesitation.

If she has to cancel her plans, then she’ll do that without giving it a second thought.

The top 18 signs to show that a girl likes you
The top 18 signs to show that a girl likes you
  1. The way she touches you

She will constantly look for ways to make physical contact with you even if it’s a gentle brush against your shoulder.

  1. Her friends are aware

Girls love to talk about the man they are constantly thinking of to their friends. This is one thing that’s common with the female folk.

You have probably noticed the way her friends look at you. If she is with them and you pass by, you will be the topic for discussion. Her friends will look at you, hit her lightly, talk in low voices, in fact, their entire actions will be suspicious.

  1. She will drop hints that she’s single

Of course, she will let you know she is single in the most insane and funny ways, especially during conversations.

She will mention her ex frequently and let you know that she isn’t into anybody at the moment.

  1. She is attentive

When you both are together; she is most likely to give you her full attention. I mean total attention. No fidgeting, staring at the clock, decluttering, picking calls, checking the phone.

When she is with you, she listens to you, sees and hears only you.

  1. She will engage with you on social media

This is is a common fact. If a girl likes you, she will follow you on social media, like and comment on your posts religiously. She is constantly on the lookout for anything that concerns you and this is a clear hint that she likes you.

  1. She is always the first to make plans: One of the tell-tale indicators that a girl likes you is that she initiates plans.

If she isn’t busy, she will try to fix plans and if at all you haven’t seen each other in a while, she will suggest you both hang out at a favorite spot.

  1. She tries to impress you: If a girl is interested in you, it is evident that she will do her best to impress you. Of course, she is supposed to be desirable to you. Men like women who look attractive and they want to be attracted to you at all cost.

She will dress up and glam up, show you she is really good at something and talk confidently and smartly about the things that interest you.

  1. She looks after you

No matter how she tries to hide her feelings, she cannot hide the fact that she truly cares about you. And she’ll show it in her actions. When it comes to looking after you, she will do it effortlessly.

She will be happy to help whenever you need it. Since she is not ready to express her feelings in words, doing so in actions will reveal she truly cares.

  1. She lets you in on her flaws

A woman that likes you will always let her guard down and wouldn’t be conscious of whether you notice her flaws. Nothing she will do will be in pretense. She will let you see her for who she is, both the inside and out.

She lets you see how vulnerable she can be and is really open when it comes to sharing her life experiences with you, even though they are ugly.

  1. When you are in pain, she feels pained

When you are hurting, she’ll feel hurt as well because she loves you. She will be available to display affection and support and also show you she really cares about you.


Most women are not open about their feelings for various reasons. Look through the signs here and you will be able to decipher the little attitude, suspicious behavior, clues, and hints she has been giving all along.