124 stunning tips on how to be a good girlfriend

124 stunning tips on how to be a good girlfriend
124 stunning tips on how to be a good girlfriend

124 stunning tips on how to be a good girlfriend

Is there anything like a good girlfriend?

Is there a formula that girls need to follow in order to achieve the term “good girlfriend”?

I believe that the popular “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” applies to this concept.

What boyfriend A wants might be completely different from boyfriend B.

The 124 tips will be divided into 9 different types of boyfriend and what each group expects from a good girlfriend.

The first 10 tips are the common factors and probably the most important. As the different types of boyfriend mentioned at least 5 of these factors.

The common factors of a good girlfriend

  1. Beautiful
  2. Good sense of humor
  3. Smart
  4. Sense of style
  5. Caring
  6. Appreciative
  7. Accommodative
  8. Fun company
  9. Not clingy
  10. Faithful
124 stunning tips on how to be a good girlfriend
124 stunning tips on how to be a good girlfriend

9 types of boyfriend 


Just like the name implies this set of boyfriends stick by the rules.

They are reserve, cautious, and almost always abiding by set rules, ethics, or morals. The conservative boyfriend has strict rules however, he is more flexible than the uptight guy.

A conservative boyfriend will expect the following qualities from his girlfriend.

1.Classy and elegant

Most conservative boyfriends expect their girlfriends to dress in a particular way. They choose girls with more classy and elegant styles.

They expect their girlfriends to dress properly with a touch of elegance and uniqueness. Conservative men prefer girls with a style that screams conservative but classy.

2.Good with words

Most conservative men have connections with high society and influential individuals. Hence, they prefer girls who can handle important conversations.

A lady with vast knowledge in politics, finance, cryptocurrency, and stocks might be chosen over a girl with more knowledge in the fashion or entertainment world.

3.Excellent poise

Although conservative men prefer quiet ladies, they equally do not want a timid girl. They go for quiet girls who possess confidence.

A girl that can easily handle certain matters with ease and total confidence is the choice of a conservative man.

4.Little to no makeup application

Girls who are not crazy about experimental or colorful makeup. They stick to neutral colors in order to add a little brightness to their face.

A conservative man will prefer an averagely beautiful girl with less makeup. Over an extremely beautiful girl with bright and expressive make-up.

5.Cocktail over clubbing

He will definitely pick a girl who prefers the cocktail scene to the one who is always ready to go clubbing.

Don’t misinterpret, they don’t completely hate the club scene.  However, the cocktail scene is a more relaxing and welcoming scene for them.


Conservative men love beautiful women, they love ladies that look good without wearing makeup.

They are complete enthusiasts of natural-looking women.

They stick with women who are confident of their appearance without the application of makeup.


A conservative man at the top of his field or striving for the top is easily attracted to a creative woman. Creative with her words, style, job, and career.

He loves ladies who can think out of the box and birth ideas that are distinct and applicable.

8.Not spontaneous

A spontaneous lady is a little bit excessive for a conservative man. He prefers more laid-back ladies who make plans and follow them.

When a lady is spontaneous, she can easily behave in an unpredictable way. The conservative man doe not want this to occur.

9.Well planned

A conservative man has personal rules and regulations which he dutifully follows. He expects his girlfriend to set plans and follow through with them.

10.Not career driven

The normal girl who isn’t power-driven or totally focused on her career. He prefers a more laid-back girl who has a flexible and easy-going job.

11.Sensitive to emotions

A Conservative man will choose a girl who notices a little change in emotions. She is intellectually active in matters concerning emotions.

12.Tight circle of friends

A girl with a smaller circle of friends. Is the ideal girl for this set of boyfriends.

They won’t date popular girls that everyone knows. As they believe it will attract unnecessary attention to them.


He prefers a neat and structured girl. Someone who knows where certain things are meant to be and replaces them immediately after use.

Someone that would not need him to remind her to put certain things in order. Which could eventually lead to a fight.

14.No swimming at the beach

Conservative men are a bit sensitive and even a little possessive in this aspect. They are uncomfortable with their girlfriends showing off skin to the preying eyes of other men.

15.Dresses conservatively

A girl that dresses elegantly and conservatively is the perfect choice for a conservative man.

A conservative outfit in this contest excludes clothes that show too much skin, outfits that reveal cleavage or stick to the body like a second skin.

Other qualities include;

16.Pays attention to details


18.Quiet and reserve

19.Beneath or within his height range

20.Good friends

  1. Secretive
  2. Reserved in public
  3. A subtle expression of emotion
124 stunning tips on how to be a good girlfriend
124 stunning tips on how to be a good girlfriend


Most guys tend to possess this fun quality however, it is extremely recessive in some guys. The fun boyfriend has a dominant gene for fun.

He loves parties, good food, extremely gorgeous ladies, money, and fun.

They are mostly entertainers or athletes. They love having a good time and they definitely love girls that also love a good time.

1.High fashion taste

She must have a very high taste in fashion for him to notice her. Her style must stand out in order to grasp his attention.

Fun guys are always attending events, parties, and other social functions. Hence, they need a girl who can look the part.

2.Good knowledge of designers

A girl that speaks the language of Addidas, Nike, Louis Vuitton, and other renowned designers. Is the perfect choice for a fun boyfriend.

He has so many functions to attend, probably a lot of fans too. Therefore, he always wants to at the top of his fashion game.

3.Life of the party

He might need to host much more parties than he attends. He needs a lady that can bring fun to the party and ensure that the guests are having a good time.

He does not hate shy or reserved guys. Some fun guys are actually attracted to very reserved girls. However, he will prefer a lady that can handle a party with ease.

4.Hype woman

Fun guys want to be with ladies that support their dreams. Ladies that are not afraid to tell the whole world about his potentials.

A girl that understands what he does and is willing to assist him in any way she can.

5.Good with heels

I spoke to few fun guys and I found out that they have a soft spot for ladies on heels.

A particular man I spoke to clearly stated that,

Girls on heels exhibit a different kind of confidence that is totally alluring.


Fun guys are spontaneous, they can suddenly decide to throw a party or engage on a sudden trip.

They need girlfriends that are also daring, girls that dynamic and not static. Girls that can easily roll with the flow.

Someone that can easily adapt to their pattern of life or job.

7.Definitely not quiet

Some fun guys will definitely date a quiet girl. However, the majority go for sociable and fun girls.

Someone that can easily connect with their friends and fans with ease.

Preferred girlfriend qualities of a fun boyfriend also include;



10.Creative style

11.Got basic knowledge of event planning


13.Good sense of humor

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Dramatic


According to the English dictionary, a possessive person is someone indicating ownership, possession, origin, etc.

It is also an unwillingness to yield possession of something or someone.

Some guys exhibit this kind of character, they are extremely controlling of their girlfriends.

Their words must always be the final say. This kind of man is prone to obsessive behavior. They might even hit their partners in extreme situations.

1.Always Available

A possessive man needs an available girl. Someone who is always at his “beck and call”. A girl that responds to his call immediately without questioning him.

He needs someone that he can easily monitor and watch over whenever it pleases him to do so.

  1. Clingy

Possessive men are constantly searching for clingy girls. A girl that is always calling, visiting, and checking on him.

Someone that can depend totally on him to provide for her.

  1. Younger

Although most guys marry younger ladies, it is a strong criterion for a possessive man.

He needs someone younger, a girl that he can easily influence or control due to the age difference.

  1. Shy and reserved

They love the quiet ones as they believe she will be less of a social butterfly.

This kind of man is always searching to date, quiet girls.

As they believe that she will be easier to deal with. Also, she will do what he wants without most complaints or arguments.

  1. Cute

They do not need someone extremely beautiful; they are completely okay with a cute and adorable girl.

These guys have issues when other men compliment their girlfriend. Hence, they stick to cute girls who might receive lesser compliments.

  1. Limited to no friends

Possessive men believe that a girl’s friends influence her a lot. Hence, they look out for girls with a limited number of friends.

A girl who has a lot of friends will be hard to control. As her friends will constantly tell her that he is controlling her.

Possessive boyfriend also seeks for the following qualities;

  1. Naive
  2. Not career-oriented
  3. Low self-esteem
  4. Lower social status
  5. Average communication skills
  6. Materialistic

Time conscious

Mr time conscious is always conscious of the time. Everything he does is timed. Although it has positive benefits, it equally contains other negative effects.

Good girlfriend tips for the time-conscious boyfriend includes;

1.Particularly punctual

  1. Extremely principled
  2. Handles pressure easily
  3. Boring
  4. Quiet
  5. Controllable

124 stunning tips on how to be a good girlfriend
124 stunning tips on how to be a good girlfriend


An uptight boyfriend is the combination of a conservative and possessive boyfriend. He is the extreme aversion of the two sets.

He is rude, demanding, extremely boring, and demands complete obedience.

To be a good girlfriend for an uptight man, you must have the following qualities;

1.Good in planning and budgeting

  1. Attentive
  2. Quiet
  3. Timed conversations
  4. Straight forward
  5. Highly respectful
  6. Easily influenced or controlled
  7. Extremely obedient
  8. Naive
  9. Weak or defenseless
  10. Religious Fanatics
  11. No social life
  12. Career driven
  13. People pleaser
  14. Little to no friends
  15. Extremely polite


The class of guys is just like his name. He is a very understanding and balanced guy. He is the recessive version of a fun, conservative, and romantic guy.

He has the different qualities that make him a balanced boyfriend. He is quite the gentleman who respects and adores his girlfriend.

A good girlfriend for a cool man must have the following qualities.


  1. Trust
  2. Sweet
  3. Romantic
  4. Great listener
  5. Great communication
  6. Supportive
  7. Beautiful girl
  8. Reliable
  9. Caring
  10. Fun to be with
  11. Funny
  12. An understanding partner
  13. Spontaneous

Career driven

His career comes before anything else including the girl. This set of guys are extremely honest with their words even in love.

They barely have time for love or fun, they search for a compatible partner and stick with them for as long as they can.

Qualities of a good girlfriend include;

1.Hardworking lady

  1. Independent
  2. Time conscious
  3. Good with planning
  4. Pay attention to little details
  5. Alpha female
  6. Share their dreams
  7. High self-esteem
  8. Good sense of fashion
  9. Average communication skills
  10. Reserved
  11. Great at achieving goals

Mr. Romantic

Mr romantic is the breakfast in bed, flowers, and poem guy. He loves beautiful women, falls hopelessly in love, and will do anything to make her happy.

If he finds a woman he loves or admires, he is willing to do everything possible to get her love.

A good girlfriend quality for Mr romantic includes;

1.Appreciative of kind gesture

2.Romantic girlfriend

  1. Sensitive to feelings
  2. Extremely beautiful
  3. Caring
  4. Trustworthy
  5. Easily pleased

One night stand

This type of boyfriend constantly engages in sexual relationships with the girl. However, he does not want a title to the relationship neither does he want the girl to date someone else.

A good friend must have the following qualities;

1.No titles

  1. Sociable
  2. Dramatic
  3. Outgoing
  4. Gorgeous
  5. Secretive

7.Numerous amounts of friends

  1. Spontaneous


There are different kinds of men in the world with different likes, styles, and tastes.

What works for Mr. Joel might likely not work for Mr. Philip. It is important that you state what kind of man you want based on the person you.

You can be a good girlfriend to the right man for you.