signs that your ex will come back

Clear signs that your ex will eventually come back

Signs that your ex will come back.

Most times you are anxious about getting back together with your ex and have little or no idea as to whether your ex wants you back. There are signs to help you see clearly if at all there is a chance for you both to work out again. This is clearly what this article is about.


If you are reading this article, then probably, you are still attached to your ex in a way and need to know if there is a way to salvage the relationship, or better still, if they will eventually come back to you.

Most breakups do not usually mean it is the end of the road for the partners involved. It seems like after a boy and girl, or husband and wife, should break up, there are never going to be on good terms with each other – and the best decision is to cut themselves off. It really doesn’t happen this way sometimes.

Some relationships actually need a break and not a breakup. After which things can now fall back into place with you both on the right track.

The ideology of totally blocking and deleting your ex from your life has caused many to totally ignore the efforts or attempts put in by their ex to get back together.

Even though your ex is genuinely sorry and tries really hard to see you both become whole again, it is never going to work out for you because sadly, you have been blinded.

The shocking truth is that all breakups do not totally have to lead to cut-offs. If you know that you both have the potential to be and stay happy, then go for it.

You probably messed up and your partner called it a quit. Or you both had a fight that resulted in the breakup. Or your partner got fed up. But then, you still need a second chance.

Whatever leads to the breakup can cause you to be blinded by the fact that your ex may still want you. It is painful choosing to go back to a person that hurt you or at some point decided to end things with you. But it becomes more painful if you decide to go back to your ex without addressing the issue that caused the breakup.

Somehow, breakups can actually spur deep affection between the personalities involved so they end up loving each other better and stronger. I mean, breakups can help you both see what actually went wrong and what needs to change. Its high time we stop seeing breakups as a tool to just delete someone from your life.

During the weeks that follow a breakup, it might happen that you realize just how much this person means to you and how badly you wouldn’t want to lose him/her.

Clear signs that your ex will eventually come back
Clear signs that your ex will eventually come back

Let us divert into a short story if you do not mind. I had a conversation with a lady, Maria. Maria and her boyfriend just broke up and she is not ashamed to say she actually wants him back.

And she noticed he is starting to come back as well and may even want her back. While that is great to know, she is confused as to why he cannot just come out of his shell and say, “Hey Maria, I’m super sorry and I want you back”.

It is really easy and simple that way and most importantly will save time, energy and some emotional damage. But, there are reasons why he might decide to be so uptight and quiet about the way he feels.

It could be out of pride, guilt, or fear that he might be rejected and the list goes on and on.

What am I trying to say? It could take a while before your ex deals with all these negative emotions before concluding they still want you and telling you about it.

But believe me, there are signs before the big announcement (I still want you). Even though you both are too proud to verbally express how much you are both still interested in the relationship, one thing is certain. Feelings sometimes can betray us.

You can subconsciously display tell-tale signs that you are still down for the relationship. Your ex, may display these signs as well. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

How do you know these signs? What if the signs are right there and all up in your face but you haven’t noticed yet?


Well, we are not Google and wouldn’t know everything. We do not have the ability to read minds. We all perceive the world, characters and situations differently.

This article is going to be helpful. Read on to know more about the common signs that your ex will eventually come back.

14 Signs that your ex will come back.

Clear signs that your ex will eventually come back
Clear signs that your ex will eventually come back
  1. Zero Efforts in Getting Over You

This is one of the most common signs that your ex will come back. They make zero efforts to get you out of your life.


If they do not want to have anything to do with you anymore, they’ll cut all forms of communication with you. Cutting all forms of communication with you will stop them from reaching out to you whenever they want to.

Your ex may decide to block your number and all social media platforms that involve you. Or even go as far as discarding any physical item that reminds them of you – gifts, photos.

But if your ex is not making any obvious or active effort in shutting you out completely, then they may still be looking for a means to get back with you.

Clear signs that your ex will eventually come back
Clear signs that your ex will eventually come back


  1. They Always Fix Appointments

Your ex would always fix appointments so they could see you and for someone who is trying to totally forget about you, this is a bad idea.

If an ex wants to meet up with you or spend time with you, they probably miss you and are finding a way to get back to you. They’ll bend to your rules, do what pleases you and follow your timing.

Your ex is trying to find a way to communicate with you and get you back with them. And the only way to do that is by meeting with you one-on-one, opening themselves up and talking about things- whether these topics relate to the breakup or not.

Clear signs that your ex will eventually come back
Clear signs that your ex will eventually come back
  1. They Share Random Memories of You Both:

Walking down memory lane, bringing up random memories, cheerful and special moments is a great way to tell a person you are actually still thinking about them and have them in mind. And if your ex does this, they want you back.

It may be the first day they met you…what you looked like on glasses…your first kiss….

Bringing up random memories is a way your ex can convince you that there is still a chance and you both can still experience better and sweeter moments, make pleasant memories together.


  1. They do Not Forget the Tiny Details About You

If I do not care about you, I wouldn’t remember the tiny and little details and you wouldn’t do the same as well.

If your ex still remembers things about you, important or unimportant, they still care about you. These little details could make you feel special and really cared for.

As little as remembering your allergies, how much you love gazing at the star, your love for a particular food, how you play with your belly button every time, how you try to fix your glasses when you need to concentrate on something or your habit of sitting with your legs crossed.

Clear signs that your ex will eventually come back
Clear signs that your ex will eventually come back
  1. They are Still Single

Your ex is probably single because they see the possibility of you too still working out soon. To them, if it is not you, then it is no one. Nobody can replace you and all the happy memories in such a short while.

It is a clear sacrifice your ex is willing to make (by staying single). And if you give them any slight opportunity to come back, they wouldn’t hesitate to do so.


  1. Your Belongings Are Still with Them

Your ex wouldn’t return your belongings if they still want you back. Whatever is yours that is still in their possession will remain till you get back.

A good reason to still keep custody of your belonging is they need you to text, call or visit them for it. It is a good way to still communicate with you and even see you, if possible.

Another good reason could be because of what each item reminds them of about you. They will like to hold and keep such memories for as long as they can.

If these items are discarded, it means there is no hope for the relationship anymore and they wouldn’t want you back.


  1. They Keep in Touch with Your Friend

And you know why? Because they still want you back. Your friends can actually reach you through your ex and talk to you about giving the relationship a second chance.

Not letting go of everything that involves you means they are not ready to let you go.

Through your friends, they can know how you are faring, your whereabouts, in fact, everything about you. If your friends let you in on the frequent conversations they have with your ex, then you know your ex still wants you.

And if it’s a mutual friend they talk to about how much they want you and even go as far as being vulnerable with their feelings about you, they are putting efforts into getting you back.


Clear signs that your ex will eventually come back
Clear signs that your ex will eventually come back
  1. They Reply to you Swiftly

Whether it’s your call or text, as soon as they see it, their reply is instant. They are probably expecting your call and have been expecting it more frequently since the breakup. If your ex answers you quickly, then they are interested in fixing things with you.

Plus, if their reply to your text is longer than yours, then they have had so much to pour out to you and have been looking for a chance to. They are desperate to come back and as long as you are willing, they are.

If they call you frequently and tell you about how their day went or try to involve you in any form of conversation, they really need a chance.


  1. They Say Only the Best Things About you

Have you noticed that your ex compliments you on different aspects? be it career, achievements, fashion, personality, and more… they want you to know they are proud of you and want you back in their life.

If these praises and admiration get to your hearing, you will fall more for him/her and eventually, mend the relationship- and that’s the goal.


  1. They Try Their Best to Correct the Things That Were an Issue

To be with you again, your ex will put in the effort s to change the things that were an issue. The first thing your ex will do is work on the things that made you unhappy in the relationship.

He/she will be more consistent and intentional about it, all in a bid to impress you.


  1. They Check on You Often

Your ex will constantly check on you in the slightest way if they want you back. A random text message or call is enough to show they are still thinking about you and care about your welfare.

Your ex will offer help when you need it, go out of their way for you and see that your day is always brightened up.


  1. They Admit How Unhappy They Are with the Breakup

If your ex admits that they are totally devastated by the breakup and it was a mistake, they want you back. It is not really easy accepting and admitting that letting go of a special person was a mistake.

But if your ex starts to open up and pour out their heart, they miss you and want to come back. If they are honestly telling you how they feel being without you, it’s obvious that they still need you. They want you back and they are finding ways to get you back into their life.


  1. They Talk to you at Their Worst

Whether drunk, emotionally down or sick, your ex will reach out to you. At that point, they are sober and want to talk to you alone. They need you more than the doctor or police at that moment.

You are the only person they feel comfortable with and safe to talk to.

Even at their best, they’ll reach out to you. You have become an important part of their life and letting you go is way too difficult. It is then obvious they really need you and want you back at all cost.


  1. They ask if You Are Still Single

If your ex wants you back, they’ll constantly make inquiries about your love life.  And even though it may hurt, they still want to know if you have moved on.

They want to know if you are still considering a relationship with them.

And if they act or speak jealously after you have spoken about a potential lover, they still love you and want to come back.

If they show an interest in your love life and are also bothered by the fact that you both are no longer together, they are putting efforts to make things change.

Final Thought

If your ex displays any of the signs mentioned above, then, it is really clear they want you and are ready to put in efforts to mend the relationship.