15 Early warning signs and symptoms of diabetes

  1. An extreme need for liquids

One of the most obvious symptoms of diabetes is the need to consume large amounts of liquids on a consistent basis throughout the day and even during the night. A person who is at risk for developing diabetes should aim to consume at least 1 gallon (or nearly 4 liters) of fluids on a daily basis. Another issue is that you won’t feel hydrated and revitalized soon after drinking a fluid, which is one of the things that encourages you to drink even more fluids than you already are. The more you drink, the more often you have to go to the bathroom.

The explanation for this is that when an excessive amount of fluids and electrolytes are excreted through urine, the kidneys stimulate the area in the brain responsible for thirst. Urination increases the amount of water your body needs to maintain its normal activities; therefore, the more you urinate, the more water you need to drink.

  1. The sensation of being incredibly hungry

It is possible to have an insatiable appetite while you already have diabetes or when you are in the process of developing the condition. You constantly have cravings for both nutritious foods and items that aren’t as good for you. In spite of the fact that your mouth is already full of food, your brain will continue to urge you to consume even more food.

The reason for this is that diabetics are unable to self-regulate their sugar levels, which results in substantial swings in the levels of glucose found in their blood. When these levels drop quickly, your brain will get “low-glucose” signals from the body, and in response, it will activate the hunger center. These signals will cause you to feel hungry.