15 Early warning signs and symptoms of diabetes

You should be aware of the following 15 early warning signs and symtoms of diabetes, as they are among the most common:

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  1. Urination that is more frequent is Symptoms of Diabetes

One of the early and most obvious symptoms of diabetes is a marked increase in the number of times you need to go to the bathroom to relieve yourself. In a period of 24 hours, the average person will urinate between four and seven times. A common warning sign is urinating more frequently than the normal person does and waking up in the middle of the night to urinate, particularly after you have previously emptied your bladder.

The explanation behind this is as follows: When there is an excessive amount of sugar in the blood, it signals to the kidneys that they need to put in extra effort to flush out this high level of sugar through urine in order to protect the body from being damaged. Because sugar has the ability to draw water into itself, having an excessive amount of sugar in the urine causes a person to have to urinate more frequently.