Shocking 9 Side effects of covid vaccine

Side effects of covid vaccine
Side effects of covid vaccine

Side effects of covid vaccine? Coronavirus disease also referred to as Covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus now called severe acute respiratory syndrome 2 (SARA-CoV-2; formerly called 2019-nCoV), which was first identified amid an outbreak of respiratory illness cases in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China.

It was initially reported to the WHO on December 31, 2019. On January 30, 2020 the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global health emergency. On the 11th of March, 2020, the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic.

Most people just hearing “side effects” starts thinking long lasting damage and may totally change their mind about wanting to take the vaccine.

Although they may be some side effects which not everyone gets to experience, they are usually mild, not long lasting and just serves as signs that your body is building protection.

Are the covid vaccine side effects normal?

Generally, all vaccines are designed to give you immunity without the dangers of getting the disease.

Experiencing mild to moderate side effects like pains or reactions can be very normal, this is because your immune system is instructing your body to behave or react in certain ways;

Blood flow is increased so that more immune cells can circulate, it raises your body temperature in order to kill the virus. These are some of the reactions you may experience as your immune system is responding to the vaccine.

Side effects of covid vaccine
Side effects of covid vaccine

Other Side effects of covid vaccine include;

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Headache
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • Nausea

These side effects have been reported to last longer than few days.

Note that: Some people do not get to experience any side effect, this doesn’t mean that the vaccine isn’t effective, it just means their body’s way of responding differs so you shouldn’t be worried if you do not get to experience any side effect.

Covid Arm

Aside from the normal pain, redness or swelling almost everyone gets to experience immediately after taking a vaccine, you may get to develop a red, itchy arm about five to seven days after taking the vaccine.

Although this reaction isn’t common, it is formed 1 to 5 inches square around the area of the injection site.

Some doctors presume it might occur when the vaccine moves outside the muscle into a softer tissue. They have advised people who experience this to take an antihistamine or apply topical cortisone to subdue itching.

Once it goes away and it is time for your second dose, consider switching arms the CDC advises.

Side effects of covid vaccine
Side effects of covid vaccine


Headache is also another mild side effect associated with the Covid vaccine. The CDC reported that about 30% of people who took the first or second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna covid vaccine developed a headache.

They advised that taking NSAID pain killers like Ibuprofen or an OTC pain killer with acetaminophen can help relieve the headache you’re feeling.

Fever And Chills

This side effect is as a result of your immune system being activated. It is still regarded as normal even though it makes you feel sick. If you get to experience this, drink plenty of fluids, you can also talk to your doctor about taking aspirin or acetaminophen to reduce fever.


Some people have reported getting nausea after receiving the second dose of the vaccine. Feeling nauseous isn’t a good feeling but do not feel it is going to last forever, it is only going to be for a while.

To ease feeling, consider resting, eating light and if it persists talk to your doctor to recommend an anti-nausea therapy.


Some people get to experience tiredness after taking the Covid vaccine. From a report from CDC, about 39% of people aged 18 to 60 reported fatigue after their second dose. If you begin to feel fatigued after taking the vaccine, listen to your body and take the rest its asking for.

Side effects of covid vaccine
Side effects of covid vaccine

What Happens If The Side Effect Persist?

Side effects are supposed to last no longer than 12 to 24 hours following the shot. It could exceed 2 days for some people.

If the side effect does not go away after a few days, the CDC advised you to see a doctor. For example; If the redness or tenderness at the injection spot becomes worse after 24 hours, contact your doctor and get proper counseling on what next to do.

Now that you are fully aware of all the ways the covid vaccine side effect could affect you, you have the opportunity to plan ahead as best as you can in preparation to take the vaccine.

Take the day off work if possible, avoid performing activities that require lots of energy, avoid taking painkillers like Tylenol or Advil before your shot to prevent side effects. The CDC advises so as they are not sure if it would impair your immune response but it’s safer not to take chances.