RXNT and Practice EHR: All you need to Know

RXNT and Practice EHR: All you need to Know

Often, the buyers are concerned with choosing the right software for their practice or purpose. Patients want to know the most accessible software available for their medical journey; we bring you the details of RXNT EHR software and Practice EHR so you can find the desired qualities in one place. Let us begin with understanding the RXNT EHR first.

RXNT is a fully integrated, cloud-based medical software that is an electronic health record system. It is designed to help the healthcare system flourish. The software provides many features like e-prescribing, billing management, and more. It supports practices of every size and all specialties.

RXNT EHR Reviews

There were many positive reviews about rxnt software, which we noted below. However, we also have witnessed some negative reviews, which we will share. The reviews have been separated into pros and cons.


  • Some users gave valuable reviews, and one of them talked about the software being easy to use and adapt. They said they were happy with the interface and how it made them use the software smoothly. They told anyone, even those not tech-savvy, could use the software. For example, after using a few software, a physician noted that he could tell that rxnt is the most flexible.


  • Some users said they have used the software and found the e-prescription of rxnt ehr the incredible feature. They said their processes were smooth and hassle-free due to the fantastic e-prescription of rxnt.


  • One of the telehealth physicians said that the reliability of rxnt ehr was the most attractive feature for him. The other unique part was that there was an utterly up-to-date inventory pharmacy. These features made him choose rxnt.


  • Another user said that the best part about rxnt software was encountering their sheet. They said that the help of their sheet made their work more accessible than before.


  • However, some negative reviews are also found in the review section. One of the reviews said that the system is prolonged and has glitches when the new information is put into it. They said that the software’s slowness makes the data get lost in the middle, and thus, they faced many problems while using the rxnt software.


  • One of the users said that the main problem was how the system was duplicating charts, and when the pharmacy would send refills, it did not allow the user to adjust their prescription. They said some improvement is needed.


  • Some users said they had a problem figuring out how to make new templates. They said they could also not see the right option to add to their notes. They said that making improvements in the templates and notes section is necessary.


The RXNT Demo is available for free. The interested people must request a demo by filling out a form. The form requires some information, and then the access is granted. The demo consists of all the necessary information about the software. It is the visual presentation of all the qualities in the software.

RXNT EHR Pricing

The RXNT price is very affordable and reasonable, considering its many features. The price ranges from $85 per month per license with unlimited staff. However, it is pertinent to note that the yearly fee is $900 per license with a complete team.

What is Practice EHR?

Well designed for medical practices of all sizes, the Practice EHR software is a cloud-based electronic health record system that benefits the urgent needs of the healthcare system. It has uplifted the quality and services of the healthcare department. It has many unique features, including patient scheduling, billing management, e-prescription, customer support, etc.

Practice EHR Software Reviews


  • After using the software, some users had excellent reviews; they said that the software was user-friendly and they had no problems using it.


  • Another user talked about the software and said the coding system of practice ehr software was excellent. They had easy access, and they were satisfied with the results.


  • The other reviews revolved around the easy navigation of the software. Users said they had a great time scrolling through the software and finding suitable options for their purpose.


  • Many users said that they were delighted with the help of customer support. They responded on time and had no problems unsolved.


  • However, some users had some complaints. They said that the software’s price was very high compared to others.


  • Some of the users had a bad experience with the software, and they said that the software was not easy to use; they had problems with the software’s interface.


  • Another user said they wanted to add more templates, but the option wasn’t available in the software.

Practice EHR Demo

The practice ehr has a free demo available for users and buyers interested. The free demo is very beneficial for people looking to see the complete details of the software. It is the visual presentation of the features and qualities of the software. You can go to their website and watch the demo for free.

Practice EHR Pricing

The practice ehr pricing starts at $149.00 per month. However, it is essential to note that the software does not have a free version, but the practice ehr offers a free trial for the interested people.

Our Thoughts

We have brought you the best details about the best software Practice EHR and RXNT software. The two are the finest ones today, and they have features such as e-prescription, billing management, patient portal, customer support, and much more. However, it is pertinent to know all the details and requirements of your practice before buying the best software for yourself. So, trust our vision and make the best decision of your life, and thank us later.