Positive parenting solutions and overview

Positive parenting solutions

Are you considering positive parenting solutions as it has been my case? Because It’s 9 am and you are yelling at your child to have breakfast because it’s past school time. You paused for a bit and thought of how you have continuously kept nagging and shouting at your child for the past three weeks. You are tired of nagging, you can’t imagine shouting every time at a child you love so much.

No one told you how tough parenting is, no one told you that despite trying your best as a parent you still have to yell and shout almost every single day.

You want a solution, not just any solution but a positive parenting solution. You want to be that parent your child is proud of, you want to stop nagging all the time, you want to be a better parent.

Have you heard of positive parenting solutions? If you have then I guess you are a better parent because these solutions give you the most favorable parenting strategies to use for your child.

If you haven’t then you may want to try these online parenting classes to help you on how to train your child and as well be a good parent. Do you want to know more about positive parenting solutions? Then you should keep reading.

What are positive parenting solutions?

Positive parenting solution is an online parenting class that helps you become a better parent. It is the worldwide leader in positive parenting education for parents of teens and toddlers.

It is an online parenting class that has helped over 75,000 happy families get their kids to listen without shouting, yelling, losing control. With 1.6 million followers, positive parenting solutions have helped Parents around the world, in 6 continents, and in 21 countries get parenting right.

It helps you with all the positive parenting solutions you can think of; getting your kids to listen without nagging or losing control, conquering the toughest, most stressful parenting challenges which include; anger and aggression, morning routines, bedtime battles, homework battles, and many more.

Positive preparing solution is a 7- step parenting success system online course that gives all parents anywhere in the world the power to transform their family on a budget.

Everyone knows that being a parent is not easy and this is one of the reasons every parent needs to take this online parenting course on positive parenting solutions.

Amy McCready

Who is the founder?

Positive parenting solutions was founded by Amy McCready, the best-selling author and a mother of two.

“Like you, I never imagined I would turn into “that yelling mom”… but I was trapped in a vicious cycle”. I would ask my kids to do something in my nicest voice and nothing would happen, so I will repeat myself and remind them.

…And repeat and remind and repeat and remind.

Until eventually, inevitably I will lose it and blow upon them…turning into the Big Ugly Yelling Mom Again. Ann Mccready the founder of positive parenting solutions said.

“It was an unending cycle, I couldn’t escape. It was until I discovered the power of positive parenting strategies that I discovered that yelling, nagging, shouting and threats don’t just work as a parenting strategy”.  What I learned completely changed my family, and it can change yours too. She added.

Just like other parents, Ann McCready yells at her kids until she finds out that shouting and nagging are not positive parenting remedies. She brings you all the positive parenting solutions you can think of.

Join her online courses and learn more from this “recovering yeller” as she called herself.

How does it work?

Positive parenting solution works in such a way that you have to register for the online parenting courses to get the 7 steps parenting success system. These are tools you need to put an end to your exhausting power struggles with your children.

When you register online, you get

  • 24/7 access to 49 in-depth training video sessions.
  • Handy mobile app for learning on the go. In the car, in waiting rooms, anywhere!
  • Advanced modules and in-depth workbooks for extra tricky issues.
  • 36 proven, award-winning parenting strategies.
  • Answers and personal advice from Amy and her certified Personalized Sucess System Coaches in real-time
  • To attend live group coaching calls and a step-by-step action plan.

Other benefits

Aside from what you get when you register for these online parenting courses, there are other benefits. This includes;

  • Get specific battle test techniques.
  • Word for scripts you can bank on even in the heat of elevated stress tantrums and fights.
  • Knowing what to say and when to say it no matter how angry you are as a parent.
  • Connecting with other parents by joining their private members-only Facebook groups.

Why you should register

There are so many reasons you would want to get parenting right, not only to be a better parent but also to raise children who are considerate and obedient.

No one wants to struggle with parenting when they have solutions of how to be a positive parent. Here are a few reasons why you should register for positive parenting solution online courses.

  • It will teach you to raise children that are responsible and obedient.
  • You will learn how not to shout, nag, or yell to talk to your children. Or remind your kids to do what they are supposed to do over and over again.
  • You will get acquainted with your kids’ sweet side again and watch them thrive at home and school.
  • It will help you enjoy your relationship with your children and build a strong connection with them.
  • You will not only raise good children but you will appreciate a better family.

All this and more are reasons why every parent should enroll online for positive parenting solutions.


Parenting is one hell of a task, it is not just about getting your kids to behave but also being the best parent ever. There are so many negative approaches most parents use to get their kids to do what needs to be done.

Truth is, these parents end up shouting, nagging, and yelling at their kids all the time. This is, however, a negative parenting solution. Positive parenting solutions is an online course that gives numerous and better ways parents can raise their kids.

You find out ways to make your family a happy one. Besides, it helps you find better ways to train your kids without shouting and nagging because these are not good parenting strategies. This article, therefore, contains everything you should know about positive parenting solutions.