Piercing Pagoda All you need to know about Pagoda rebranding

Piercing pagoda
Piercing pagoda

Piercing Pagoda: All you need to know about Pagoda rebranding

Piercing pagoda was originally a jewelry company in Bethlehem. However, in 2000, the Zales bought the company.

Signet jewelers bought Zales therefore they are currently the owners of piercing pagoda.

Piercing pagoda is a household name in malls across the globe; recently the company engaged in a major revamp.

Now known as Banter with the logo “B”, Piercing pagoda is making a big comeback in the world of jewelry.

What happened to the piercing pagoda?

Piercing pagoda is a household name that has been around for decades.

If you have had a piece of clothing for years and you just keep seeing it every day. There is a possibility that it gets obsolete, and you will not feel like wearing it.

Everybody who visits the malls has probably heard of Pagoda. Quite a number of people have their pieces but was this enough?

Not yet!

The signet jewelers did not want to become obsolete or insignificant in the modern world. Therefore, they make a decision to undergo a major transformation.

First, they changed the brand name. Piercing pagoda is currently known as banter, according to national jewelry over 500 locations in the U.S have implemented the name change.

Kecia Caffie, the president of banter said

Although the name piercing pagoda is quite symbolic to them, it wasn’t to the general public. 

Therefore, they choose “banter” which means playful conversation. In essence, a new piercing or a new piece of jewelry can invoke playful conversations”

Banter with a logo “B” will now produce gender-neutral pieces including charms, necklaces, and earrings.

It has been quite a year for piercing pagoda, as it records e-commerce sales of 140% in fiscal 2021 and the strongest quarter ever recorded in fiscal 2022.

Banter will be creating new traditional stores rather than kiosks with equipment for virtual try-on (smart mirrors), a piercing lounge, etc.


Why is piercing pagoda so expensive? 

Banter or piercing pagoda as it was formally called has a bit of controversy about its pricing system.

The first group believes that banter is expensive and contains a lot of overpriced jewelry. Whereas, the other group believes that banter price is fair.

A review by blush & bar shows that banter is more expensive or has more expensive products due to overhead cost.

The review shows that each customer does not pay only for the piece of jewelry they purchase. Rather they also pay for utilities, rent, inventory, insurance, etc.

With all these bills to pay for a piece of jewelry, it will definitely be expensive.

A post on the official banter website states that the answer to this question “is piercing pagoda expensive” is actually subjective.

It depends on the individual and the particular jewelry they choose.

There is less expensive jewelry in piercing pagoda, you can go for those options if you like them.

Is Piercing pagoda owned by Zales?

Currently, Banter is owned by Signet Jewelers Ltd. Signet is one of the most important jewelry companies in the U.S. It is located in Fairlawn, Ohio.

In 2000, a business deal was made between Zales corporation in Texas and Piercing pagoda in Bethlehem.

After the negotiations, Zales corporation bought Piercing pagoda for $201 million on August 11, 2000.

Zales paid $21.50 for every Banter’s 9.3 million shares, the company also assumed piercing pagoda debt of over $55 million.

In 2014, Signet jewelers bought the parent company of Zales corporation for a $1.4 billion deal.

Piercing Pagoda
Piercing Pagoda

Does Piercing pagoda have good gold?

Let’s briefly talk about gold so you can get a better understanding of what good or real gold is.

There are four most common purity levels of gold, the higher the karat the more durable and expensive.

10k – the most durable and affordable form of gold.

14k – a purer form of gold, it has higher quality but it is still within an affordable range.

18k – mostly used for engagement rings.


When you want to purchase gold jewelry lookout for these terms;

  • Solid gold: fully gold, and the most expensive.
  • Gold-bond: Sterling silver with gold coat.
  • Gold-plate – A cheap metal with a thin layer of gold as covering.
  • Gold-fill – Brass or bronze is with gold coat.

Piercing pagodas have different kinds of gold jewelry available for purchase. On their website, they advise their customers to purchase higher quality gold as they have more durability.

However, their review on the site jabber was poor, this shows that their customers are not happy with their purchase. With a ranking of 1.63 from 32 reviews, it seems like most Banter shoppers have a negative shopping experience with banter.

Piercing pagoda
Piercing pagoda

What does Banter pierce with?

Body piercings have been in existence for a very long period of time.

There are different parts of the body people get their piercing. They include; ear, nose, lip, tongue, eyebrow, navel, etc.

Banter has been in the piercing business for over 50 years; therefore, they have a lot of on-hand experience.

Pagoda ear piercing is performed with a pre-sterilized and pre-packaged piercing earring.

These ear-piercing earrings are relatively safe as they meet the U.S food and drug administration guidelines.

You can choose to bring your own earring, however, ensure that it is light. A new piercing can be painful, you do not need to put on a heavier piece to worsen the pain.

Other piercings in different parts of the ear, as well as other parts of the body, are performed with a needle.

A sterile, single-use hollow needle is used for other piercings. It is more convenient and allows the piercer more freedom to handle more tricky piercings.

Piercing pagoda
Piercing pagoda

Are Piercing pagoda piercers trained?

With over 50 years of experience in jewelry and piercing, we expect Pagoda piercers to be professionals.

Piercing Pagoda has a piercing University, yes, a university for piercers.

This is an annual recertification program for professional piercers. With this program Banter’s management ensures that all piercers adhere to the rules, policies, and procedures that govern ear piercing.


Piercing Pagoda is definitely making the headlines with an e-commerce sale of 140% in fiscal 2021.

Have you ever purchased a piece of jewelry from Banter? What was your experience like? Drop your review in the comment section.