Everything you need to know about tragus piercing

everything you need to know about tragus piercing
everything you need to know about tragus piercing

Piercing 101: everything you need to know about tragus piercing

If you are a lover of piercings, your next target may be one, two, or an extra piercing on the ear- and a tragus piercing may be the perfect option.

One of the trending accessories on celebrities or among cool girls is a curated ear. One or two of your favorite celebrities has multiple piercings and different kinds of earrings arranged neatly on their ear- from studs to hoops, Huggies to ear cuffs. One of the piercings they do is the tragus piercing.

If the perfect choice of piercing for you is mild or edgy, there are different varieties of mild and also of edgy to choose from while shopping. There are lots of piercings but our favorite is the tragus piercing. And according to history, it is quite new. This is because it was first seen in the 1980s, says Jasmine Howell, a piercing expert.

To date, the tragus piercing has remained a popular choice and favorite pick among all other piercings. Even female celebrities like Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Kravitz, Danielle Bregoli, Chloe Moretz, Lucy Hale, etc. have adorned their tragus with lovely earrings.

This article discusses everything you need to know about getting a tragus piercing including its pain level, healing duration, and cost.

Fast facts about tragus piercing

  • Position: the small piece of cartilage just over the entrance to the ear canal
  • Cost: $30-$40 including the cost of choice jewelry.
  • Pain level: 4/10
  • Duration of healing: 6-12 months
  • Aftercare: clean two times a day, in the morning and evening, with a sterile, saline-based solution. Do not sleep on the side with the pierced earring until it heals to avoid putting pressure on it.

What is a tragus piercing?

The tragus is positioned on the small area of cartilage that covers your ear canal. In anatomy, the outer ear is made of cartilage and skin.

The most preferred option among traditionalists who want to get a piercing is the fleshy lobe- that part of the ear where babies usually get their first piercing. But, when females want to try something extraordinary or in addition to their already pierced lobe, they pick the tragus. As long as your ear is suitable for piercing, the tragus piercing looks great on everyone.

There is also a surface tragus piercing. The earring is placed on the same area as the tragus piercing. The only difference is that only the skin is pierced instead of the cartilage as well. However, there is a possibility of the body rejecting this piercing because the jewelry is positioned beneath the skin. The body will see it as a foreign object that needs to be pushed out.

Pain and healing time

But really, how long does it take for a tragus piercing to heal? How about the pain?

Definitely, you will feel pain but how much does a tragus piercing hurt? According to Howell, “most cartilage piercings to me feel like pressure rather than pain. For example, I’ve had both a tragus and helix piercing done, and I wouldn’t say one was more painful than the other. Although, people are sensitive in different areas, so the amount of pain you will feel will vary depending on the person.” To adorn your ear with this beautiful piercing, you just have to feel a little bit of pain. It is worth it, right?

Any ear cartilage piercing undergoes a very tricky healing process, the tragus, in particular, can impede the healing process. When you talk on the phone, listen to earphones/earbuds or a Bluetooth earpiece, the tragus gets affected alongside your piercing. Germs can penetrate into those ear devices and further into the pierced tragus, stunting its healing time.

We advise you avoid anything from directly touching your tragus after it has been pierced for at least a few weeks. A lot of factors can affect the healing time of a piercing, but altogether, six to twelve months can be an ideal healing time.

Cost of a tragus piercing

The cost of a tragus piercing depends on factors such as where you are getting it done, the act of piercing, and the piece of jewelry. Generally, the cost of tragus piercings falls between $30 to $40. Howell explains, “most inner ear cartilage piercings are roughly the same price. The choice of jewelry varies; the only limitation is: how many diamonds?


Wondering how you should care for your ear after a tragus piercing? Well, it is easy. If you are making plans on getting a piercing, any type at all, you should make plans on how to care for it properly- this is vital.

Improper care of the pierced ear can cause an infection and you don’t want the excitement of a new piercing to be overshadowed by an ear infection. In order to avoid infection, do the following:

  • Clean your pierced ear two times daily with a sterile saline solution for the first two to three months.
  • Do not touch the piercing until it’s time to clean it. Putting pressure on the piercing will increase its healing time.
  • Avoid the use of disinfectants like soap or shampoo on the first day of the piercing. Instead, apply polysporin ointment.
  • Discontinue the use of earphones or earbuds for the first four to eight weeks after piercing.
  • Do not sleep on the pierced area for the first couple of months. You could use a travel pillow to prevent pressure.
  • To reduce swelling and avoid a long healing time, opt for a bar as the initial ear jewelry for piercing instead of a ring.

Side effects of piercing

There are side effects encountered after a piercing Is done.

  1. Allergic reactions

Especially to the type of metal used for the piercing. Metals that could trigger allergies include nickel, copper, and low-quality gold. If you are sensitive to these metals, your piercer should know before using them as a piece of jewelry.

  1. Infection or scarring.

Since there is a low supply of blood to the tragus, it is at high risk for infection and scarring. Make use of a professional piercer to reduce the risk of these side effects.

  1. Blisters

If you notice any blister after a piercing, discuss it with a doctor. It could be something serious like an infection/abscess fluid stuck behind or under the piercing, or it could be from hypertrophic scarring.

  1. Hypertrophic scarring

Another side effect of piercing is hypertrophic scarring. It is caused by the forming of excessive tissue around the pierced area. It is most common in ear cartilage piercings such as the tragus piercing.

How to change out a tragus piercing

You could change your jewelry or remove the piercing, only when it has completely healed. Before changing a piercing including the tragus piercing, ensure you wash your hands properly with soap and water, clean the pierced area with a suitable disinfectant, and avoid getting any bacteria in contact with the area.

You could cleanse the piercing with a saline product or a product like NeilMed piercing aftercare wound wash.

Anyways, the steps for changing a tragus piercing will depend on the kind of earring used- a stud, hoop, or barbell. A piercing salon can help change out an earring for free if you cannot do it on your own.

What type of jewelry is used for tragus piercing?

  1. Stud:

Studs are small/tiny and simple and are great for tragus piercings. A ball stud with smooth edges that wouldn’t snag on your hair or clothes is a suitable choice for a tragus piercing.

  1. Barbell:

A barbell is like the typical barbell used for exercising, only that this one for the ear is tiny. A barbell is an earring with balls on both ends and a bar in its middle. Tragus barbells are always smaller than most barbells. It is great for a brand-new piercing since it will be much easier to put in and keep clean.

  1. Hoops

Hoops are another amazing option for the tragus. But, we advise you to wait till the piercing has healed before trying hoops with any unique shape or texture.

What jewelry material is used for tragus piercing?

The best jewelry materials for tragus piercing are stainless steel, gold, and platinum. These materials usually encourage healing, reduce the risk of allergic reactions, reduce infection/scarring, and are suitable for all skin types.


If you are thinking of an extraordinary piercing to try out, consider the tragus piercing. If you have pierced your tragus, kindly share your experience with us in the comments below