Medicare Billing: Can you pay for Medicare online

Medicare Billing

Medicare Billing: Can you pay for Medicare online

Medicare guarantees affordable health insurance, different parts of medicare offer monthly medicare billing for individuals who do not benefit from payment from the Social Security Administration or Railroad Retirement Board (RRB).

When these bills are demanded, individuals can pay for them through various means.

Can you pay your medical bills online? Certainly! Paying your medicare bills online is the most secure way to pay for your monthly premium. Would you like to know more about Medicare payments online? Then you should keep reading.

How do you pay for Medicare billing online?

Medicare comprises four different parts, Medicare parts A, B, C, and D. A premium medicare billing is required from individuals who have signed up for any of these parts and do not benefit from the payment.

There are several different options one can decide to use to pay for their monthly medicare bills. If you have decided to pay for your Medicare online you can use any of the options:

  • Online banking payment
  • My Medicare payments
  • Medicare easy pay

Medicare bill payment

Online banking payment

An individual can choose to use online banking to pay their medical bills. This enables you to send money directly to Medicare from your bank. You can use a savings account or a checking account to do this. To pay your Medicare billing every month online, you should;

  • Make sure you are paying the right amount
  • Provide the correct 11 – character Medicare number on your Medicare bill or card.
  • Give the name of the payment recipient.
  • Make sure to provide the Medicare premium address.

After you have made payments, your bank may charge you a fee for payment. Although it takes up to 5 working days to process your medicare billing online, you will not be charged any fee for paying online for medicare.

However, you can set up an automatic payment to Medicare bill payment. In this way, when the time of payment is reached, the amount is automatically deducted from your bank.

My Medicare Billing Online

One of the easiest ways to pay your Medicare bill monthly online is using the MyMedicare payment option. An individual who wants to use this method of payment must have a debit or credit card. All you have to do is;

  • log in to your secure Medicare account via MyMedicare payment
  • Select “pay my premium”, and the amount you want to pay
  • Complete your payment when you are directed to a treasury department
  • A reference number will be sent to you and the payment will appear as “CMS payment” (CMS means center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) on your statement
  • Write your Credit card information on a part of your Medicare bill and mail it to Medicare.

It is important to note that you cannot set an automatic payment using this method. You need to log in and make payments every month yourself before the expected date of your payment.

Medicare easy pay

Using Medicare easy pay is another way to pay for your Medicare billing. Anyone who receives their Medicare monthly billing is eligible to use this payment. You will not be charged a fee for using this option hence it is free.

Medicare easy pay works in such a way that Medicare deducts a fee for your Medicare premium from your savings account.

All you have to do is sign up for Medicare easy pay, fill a payment agreement form. After the form is filled, email it to the Medicare Premium Collection Center. This sign-up process takes about 6 – 8 weeks to be completed.

After the sign-up process is completed, Medicare will automatically remove your Medicare premium from your account whenever your date is due.

When does Medicare send a bill?

Medicare sends a bill to every individual that does not benefit from payment from the Social Security Administration or Railroad Retirement Board (RRB).

This Medicare billing at every month is sent to every individual on the 10th day of the month. The Medicare bill is usually CMS – 500 for every plan on Medicare.

Individuals that have signed up in each part receive a bill in several different ways.

  • A person signed up in Part A will not receive a bill if they or a family member have worked for 40 quarters or more over their lifetime.
  • Part B works in such a way that every individual receives a bill for 3 months. The bill comes with the amount because it varies depending on how much a person earns.
  • All individuals in the Medicare Advantage plan and Part D are required to pay their bills directly to their plan provider. This is because private insurance companies administer this part/plan. These payments depend on the amount an individual earns. Medicare does not bill them. Although, they pay their extra monthly adjustments known as income-related monthly adjustment amount (IRMAA) directly to Medicare.

However, every individual does not pay their Medicare bill monthly. Your Medicare premium depends on which part of Medicare you have signed up for. A Medicare premium bill tells an individual how much to pay for part A, B, or D, or all three.

More so, while individuals in Medicare parts A and D pay their premium in 1 month, those in part B pay theirs for 3 months. However, Medicare must receive payment on the 25th day of the month you receive your bill. You are expected to pay the bill before this date.

It is important to note that Medicare bills you for the approaching month, rather than the month you are presently in.

For instance, if Medicare bills you each month and you receive a Medicare bill in February, you are paying for coverage in March. Likewise, if your bill is for 3 months and you receive a bill in February then you are paying coverage for March, April, and May.

paying medicare online

What happens if a person pays their medicare bills late?

Late payment of your Medicare bills occurs when an individual has not paid their premium. Medicare issues several notices of late payment. The late payment notices are sent out in the following order;

  • If a person receives the first bill and misses the due date for it, they will receive a second bill.
  • A second bill is sent by Medicare and this includes payment for the first bill which is due. And also the amount for the next payment.
  • If Medicare does not get paid for 90 days, a delinquent bill is then sent. A person must pay the full amount by the indicated due date or risk losing their Medicare coverage.


Medicare billings can be paid in several different ways online. An individual can pay their Medicare bill online either by using Medicare easy pay, online banking or by logging in to MyMedicare payment.

However, certain individuals receive benefits and do not receive a monthly bill for their Medicare payment.

Are you confused about how to make your Medicare payments online? This article answers all your questions on Medicare billing.