Man Turn An Old Plane Into His Home; Look Inside

18. A Regular House, After All?

While Bruce’s home is significantly different from a conventional house in many aspects, it does have a lot in common with our everyday homes in several others. Familiar house duties like vacuuming and cleaning are essential evil in order to survive on this Boeing 727. Bruce is so casual about it that he often makes first-time visitors feel like they are in a typical home.


19. The Total Cost

Bruce bought the jet for $100,000 from Olympic Airways, Athens, but this didn’t include the expense of shipping, disassembling, rewiring, and redecoration. After the completion of the massive project, Bruce purchased a plane that cost him over $220,000, but he has never once questioned his choice to do so.


20. If Bruce could live anywhere, why did he choose to do so on a plane?

There’s a good reason why Bruce made the decision to turn this Boeing 727 into his permanent residence. The plane, which is 34 feet and 11 inches tall and has a floor area of 1,066 square feet, would make the most incredible home ever. Besides, “The life expectancy of a jetliner is very high, as is its strength and durability. They are also highly resistant to the effects of earthquakes and storms “It was explained by Bruce. In addition to that, he had one more thing to say…