Man Turn An Old Plane Into His Home; Look Inside


15. Everyone Is Welcome

Admiring backpackers and interested travelers often call in and stay over for a few nights. Bruce never hesitates to share his residence with them, and even claims no pay is necessary. If you want a visit, you just need to email him in advance.


16. Not Always Cozy

Almost anything on the plane is within the control of Bruce save one thing – the temperature. Oregon winters are famously lengthy and chilly. While Bruce has found several ways to keep the tail of the plane warm, its front end can become rather chilly – sometimes even below freezing. So, travelers who plan to visit in the winter should absolutely come prepared.


17. House Cleaning

Living on a huge airplane comes with its fair share of pleasures as well as some unavoidable drawbacks. Since the plane is pressurized, there are few insects and not much dust inside, hence, it’s quite easy to maintain clean. However, standing in the middle of a forest, the plane does get covered in leaves, and the exterior requires special cleaning. Every two years, Bruce will take out a high-pressure water hose to wash all the filth from its body.