Man Turn An Old Plane Into His Home; Look Inside

12. The Ultimate Venue for Fun and Recreation

Although the plane will never fly again, Bruce still likes to spend some time in the cockpit. Actually, the inventive genius turned the cockpit into a home entertainment center. Watching science-fiction movies like Star Trek or Star Wars in such a super-technical venue is very neat.

13. A Shower of Cool Air

There was one hot potato that Bruce had to deal with – how to take a shower inside. Like many other planes, this Boeing 727 is not equipped with a shower, which means that Bruce had to construct one himself. The tinkerer managed to build up a fully operational shower near the plane’s tail, with both hot and cold water.


14. Concert On The Wings

In addition to being Bruce’s utopia, the plane also serves as a terrific gathering spot for Bruce’s friends and the community in Portland. Some of the most popular events they attend are musical shows that are performed…on the plane’s wings.