Man Turn An Old Plane Into His Home; Look Inside

9. A UFO In The Night?

When the sun goes down and darkness settles in, the plane, which is lit up from the inside out, gives the impression that it is a UFO that has just landed in the middle of the woods. In order to reduce the aircraft’s impact on the environment and its consumption of energy, he ensured that every single one of the aircraft’s original LED lights was in working order.

10. Number 1 Rule

The floors are made of Plexiglas glass, and as a result, they become soiled very quickly due to the environment. So, to keep the plane as clean as possible, Bruce came up with a sock and slipper regulation. Everyone who is inside the house, including him, is required to wear socks or slippers.


11. Virtually Capable of All Functions

When Bruce bought the Boeing 727, he endeavored to preserve it as fully functional as he could, except for the fact that he removed the engines after he had the jet transported to his stretch of forest. Even though the engines have been removed, the rest of the aircraft has been recovered and is operational.