Man Turn An Old Plane Into His Home; Look Inside


6. Not Going Hungry

Even though Bruce’s kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, the majority of the food he consumes does not require refrigeration, such as dry goods, boxed cereal, and canned preserves. On occasion, he will venture out to the market in search of fresh produce and other necessities. When people come to stay at Bruce’s house for a few days, many of them enjoy going grocery shopping with him and treating him to meals that they have prepared themselves.


7. Renovated Changing Areas

Bruce was successful in incorporating the original sinks and commodes into the plumbing system that he had constructed by hand. He even built room heaters for those frigid winter nights. This room, much like the rest of his home, exudes an air of relaxed sophistication.


8. The Washing and Drying Room

Even though Bruce has given up a lot of common conveniences and comforts, it’s clear that he didn’t want to be without a top-notch washing machine and dryer.