Man Turn An Old Plane Into His Home; Look Inside

3. Hard Project

Bruce devoted careful attention to even the smallest of features, such as disassembling the overhead compartments and disconnecting various lights, call buttons, oxygen masks, and the public address system, amongst other things. The renovation job was really a lot of work, but the person who is extremely into technology finished it all fairly quickly. Even though he did not yet have a good idea of how the project would turn out in the end, he was confident that it would be significant and eye-catching.


4. Modest Bedroom

Bruce did not desire much, so he made the decision to select a straightforward method of living inside the airplane. It’s possible that his bedroom, which contains nothing but a futon, is the most accurate representation of his personality.

5. A Simple Kitchen That Couldn’t Be Simpler

The refrigerator, the toaster, and the microwave are the only major appliances that can be found in the kitchen, as can be seen in the accompanying photograph. It’s possible that Bruce will struggle when it comes to preparing elaborate meals, but he won’t have much trouble putting together standard fare. At the very least, the flavor of his food is noticeably superior to that served on airplanes.