Man Turn An Old Plane Into His Home; Look Inside

A Man Spent Over 220 Thousand Dollars Transforming An Old Plane Into His Home;

Take A Peek Inside

It is not unheard of for automobiles and boats to be converted into homes in this day and age; however, who would have ever thought to convert an actual airplane into a home? It all started when a man who has a lot of aptitude went out and purchased some used Boeing 727 passenger jetliners. What came to pass? Continue reading to find out!

1. A Person Who Has A Crazy Concept

Bruce Campbell, a retired electrical engineer, is still quite inventive despite the fact that he is in his sixties. He just had one goal in mind when he made the acquisition of the vintage Boeing 727: to convert it into his house. Everyone he knew thought the idea was ridiculous up until the day they saw the enormous house standing in front of them. After that, they all started to come around. Bruce referred to his new house as “an aerospace class castle” when he first moved in. So what does it look like inside?


2. A Large Container That Is Empty

It’s possible that when you think of a passenger jetliner, the first thing that comes to mind is the cramped legroom and the feeling of being crammed in with a group of strangers. However, a Boeing 727 has the capacity to carry up to approximately 200 passengers in addition to the flight crew and other necessities. After removing all of the seats in order to make the space suitable for living, Bruce was left with a large hall that was prepared for remodeling.