Man Spent More Than $220K Turning An Old Plane Into His Home; Look Inside

A Man Spent Over 220 Thousand Dollars Transforming An Old Plane Into His Home;

Take A Peek Inside

It is not unheard of for automobiles and boats to be converted into homes in this day and age; however, who would have ever thought to convert an actual airplane into a home? It all started when a man who has a lot of aptitude went out and purchased some used Boeing 727 passenger jetliners. What came to pass? Continue reading to find out!


1. A Person Who Has A Crazy Concept

Bruce Campbell, a retired electrical engineer, is still quite inventive despite the fact that he is in his sixties. He just had one goal in mind when he made the acquisition of the vintage Boeing 727: to convert it into his house. Everyone he knew thought the idea was ridiculous up until the day they saw the enormous house standing in front of them. After that, they all started to come around. Bruce referred to his new house as “an aerospace class castle” when he first moved in. So what does it look like inside?

2. A Large Container That Is Empty

It’s possible that when you think of a passenger jetliner, the first thing that comes to mind is the cramped legroom and the feeling of being crammed in with a group of strangers. However, a Boeing 727 has the capacity to carry up to approximately 200 passengers in addition to the flight crew and other necessities. After removing all of the seats in order to make the space suitable for living, Bruce was left with a large hall that was prepared for remodeling.

3. Hard Project

Bruce devoted careful attention to even the smallest of features, such as disassembling the overhead compartments and disconnecting various lights, call buttons, oxygen masks, and the public address system, amongst other things. The renovation job was really a lot of work, but the person who is extremely into technology finished it all fairly quickly. Even though he did not yet have a good idea of how the project would turn out in the end, he was confident that it would be significant and eye-catching.

4. Modest Bedroom

Bruce did not desire much, so he made the decision to select a straightforward method of living inside the airplane. It’s possible that his bedroom, which contains nothing but a futon, is the most accurate representation of his personality.

5. A Simple Kitchen That Couldn’t Be Simpler

The refrigerator, the toaster, and the microwave are the only major appliances that can be found in the kitchen, as can be seen in the accompanying photograph. It’s possible that Bruce will struggle when it comes to preparing elaborate meals, but he won’t have much trouble putting together standard fare. At the very least, the flavor of his food is noticeably superior to that served on airplanes.

6. Not Going Hungry

Even though Bruce’s kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, the majority of the food he consumes does not require refrigeration, such as dry goods, boxed cereal, and canned preserves. On occasion, he will venture out to the market in search of fresh produce and other necessities. When people come to stay at Bruce’s house for a few days, many of them enjoy going grocery shopping with him and treating him to meals that they have prepared themselves.

7. Renovated Changing Areas

Bruce was successful in incorporating the original sinks and commodes into the plumbing system that he had constructed by hand. He even built room heaters for those frigid winter nights. This room, much like the rest of his home, exudes an air of relaxed sophistication.

8. The Washing and Drying Room

Even though Bruce has given up a lot of common conveniences and comforts, it’s clear that he didn’t want to be without a top-notch washing machine and dryer.

9. A UFO In The Night?

When the sun goes down and darkness settles in, the plane, which is lit up from the inside out, gives the impression that it is a UFO that has just landed in the middle of the woods. In order to reduce the aircraft’s impact on the environment and its consumption of energy, he ensured that every single one of the aircraft’s original LED lights was in working order.

10. Number 1 Rule

The floors are made of Plexiglas glass, and as a result, they become soiled very quickly due to the environment. So, to keep the plane as clean as possible, Bruce came up with a sock and slipper regulation. Everyone who is inside the house, including him, is required to wear socks or slippers.

11. Virtually Capable of All Functions

When Bruce bought the Boeing 727, he endeavored to preserve it as fully functional as he could, except for the fact that he removed the engines after he had the jet transported to his stretch of forest. Even though the engines have been removed, the rest of the aircraft has been recovered and is operational.

12. The Ultimate Venue for Fun and Recreation

Although the plane will never fly again, Bruce still likes to spend some time in the cockpit. Actually, the inventive genius turned the cockpit into a home entertainment center. Watching science-fiction movies like Star Trek or Star Wars in such a super-technical venue is very neat.

13. A Shower of Cool Air

There was one hot potato that Bruce had to deal with – how to take a shower inside. Like many other planes, this Boeing 727 is not equipped with a shower, which means that Bruce had to construct one himself. The tinkerer managed to build up a fully operational shower near the plane’s tail, with both hot and cold water.

14. Concert On The Wings

In addition to being Bruce’s utopia, the plane also serves as a terrific gathering spot for Bruce’s friends and the community in Portland. Some of the most popular events they attend are musical shows that are performed…on the plane’s wings.

15. Everyone Is Welcome

Admiring backpackers and interested travelers often call in and stay over for a few nights. Bruce never hesitates to share his residence with them, and even claims no pay is necessary. If you want a visit, you just need to email him in advance.

16. Not Always Cozy

Almost anything on the plane is within the control of Bruce save one thing – the temperature. Oregon winters are famously lengthy and chilly. While Bruce has found several ways to keep the tail of the plane warm, its front end can become rather chilly – sometimes even below freezing. So, travelers who plan to visit in the winter should absolutely come prepared.

17. House Cleaning

Living on a huge airplane comes with its fair share of pleasures as well as some unavoidable drawbacks. Since the plane is pressurized, there are few insects and not much dust inside, hence, it’s quite easy to maintain clean. However, standing in the middle of a forest, the plane does get covered in leaves, and the exterior requires special cleaning. Every two years, Bruce will take out a high-pressure water hose to wash all the filth from its body.

18. A Regular House, After All?

While Bruce’s home is significantly different from a conventional house in many aspects, it does have a lot in common with our everyday homes in several others. Familiar house duties like vacuuming and cleaning are essential evil in order to survive on this Boeing 727. Bruce is so casual about it that he often makes first-time visitors feel like they are in a typical home.

19. The Total Cost

Bruce bought the jet for $100,000 from Olympic Airways, Athens, but this didn’t include the expense of shipping, disassembling, rewiring, and redecoration. After the completion of the massive project, Bruce purchased a plane that cost him over $220,000, but he has never once questioned his choice to do so.

20. If Bruce could live anywhere, why did he choose to do so on a plane?

There’s a good reason why Bruce made the decision to turn this Boeing 727 into his permanent residence. The plane, which is 34 feet and 11 inches tall and has a floor area of 1,066 square feet, would make the most incredible home ever. Besides, “The life expectancy of a jetliner is very high, as is its strength and durability. They are also highly resistant to the effects of earthquakes and storms “It was explained by Bruce. In addition to that, he had one more thing to say…

21. Unconventional Home

Bruce is of the opinion that any airplane that has been retired has the potential to be converted into a “aerospace class castle” where people can live. “If a conventional home is a legacy age family Chevy or Ford, an airliner is a brand new Tesla or Porsche Carrera,” he said. “If a conventional home is a legacy age family Ford, then an airliner is a Porsche Carrera.”

22. Performing It in His Manner

Bruce is so pleased with his residence that he created a website,, to tell the world about the remarkable modifications he has made to his natural environment. No matter what you think of him, there is one thing that cannot be disputed: he always did things in his own way.