Kate Beckinsale just defied gravity by performing crunches from the ceiling.

Kate Beckinsale

Your jaw will most likely be on the floor…and your abs will ache after watching the star’s latest core workout.

If you’re tired of pounding the mat for core work, Kate Beckinsale’s latest exercise — in which she slays while floating in the air (casual) — will leave you completely perplexed…and fully inspired.

Beckinsale recently shared a 10-second snippet of a gravity-defying gym session on Instagram, demonstrating that she’s got core strength (and a penchant for heights) in spades.

The 48-year-old actress hangs upside down from a ladder bolted to the ceiling and crushes a set of crunches as if she’s not straining against the Earth’s pull (read: gravity) or blood rushing to her head in the video, which is accompanied by a simple yellow heart as the description.


That description alone is enough to make your jaw drop in awe. Watching Beckinsale do it with her gravity-defying feet will leave you speechless — and your abs throbbing.

At least, that appears to be the case for a large number of admirers who have been commenting on the star’s video since it was first posted. “Oh hell no,” was one of the most relatable comments. “Wowwww,” “Beautiful beast,” and “Beautiful beast.” But it was Beckinsale’s Prisoner’s Daughter co-star Christopher Convery, who simply commented, “How,” who had the most perfect response of all.

So, how does one perform a thorough core workout while hanging from a ceiling ladder? The Underworld actress hooks both legs to one of the ladder’s horizontal rungs, then uses her core, glute, and upper body strength to reach her arms towards another rung, briefly grasping it with both hands before descending and repeating the process.

Beckinsale’s brutal ab workout has been described as “intense,” “amazing,” and “difficult.” The same may be said for “advanced” – after all, doing crunches dangling from the ceiling isn’t for the faint of heart, or even for workout rookies.


However, based on her social media behavior, Beckinsale appears to be none of these things. She conquered captain’s chair leg lifts and combat rope exercises in a carousel of footage she released on Instagram in July 2021.

Beckinsale also uploaded a stretching video that showcases her remarkable flexibility, in addition to demonstrating her significant strength. She’s also shown followers behind-the-scenes footage of additional extreme workouts, including a 2019 boxing workout that further demonstrates her abs of steel. In the video, the celebrity crunches up to face a dummy and delivers two jabs to its face before rolling back down to the starting (horizontal-ish) posture.

Whether she’s combining boxing and abs or executing a sequence of aerial sit-ups, the actress certainly knows how to amp up standard core routines. But you don’t need Beckinsale’s power (or badassery) to set fire to your own belly.

In fact, there’s nothing wrong with taking your time to learn the fundamentals, especially since a strong core is essential for supporting your entire body and building muscle strength in other areas. So, if you’d rather appreciate Beckinsale’s routines from afar (read: the floor) and stick to some mat-based movements, don’t worry.