Kareo EHR vs Athenahealth: A Wholesome Billing Software

Kareo EHR vs Athenahealth: A Wholesome Billing Software


Billing is an integral part of medical practices, and even slight negligence in this aspect can lead to devastating circumstances for practitioners. To prevent the uncertainty from happening, clinical practices should look for an all-inclusive EHR platform like Kareo that can simultaneously work as an EHR and billing software.


It eventually saves time and money instead of buying two different solutions. You can get everything under one roof to effortlessly manage your workflow. There’s much to know about the billing services of Kareo EHR software so let’s jump to the point.

Kareo Billing Software

Kareo is a revolutionary EHR solution designed to drive medical practices to success. It offers an integrated EHR and billing solution that allows for smooth patient information in the healthcare facility.

Clinical administrators gain access to the relevant patient information to get the work done on time. The vendor gets to work the moment the patient steps into the clinic. Providing managed billing services is the cup of tea of Kareo EHR, and thus it is the first choice of medical practitioners.

This trusted platform comes with next-level billing technology to optimize the revenue cycle of practices. It gives care providers control over their patient collections so they can practice a smooth clinical workflow. Kareo EHR also features vital performance indicators to keep clients updated on their financial health status. Also, it believes in transparent billing procedures and thus provides a centralized billing dashboard to keep clients updated on all the financial activities.

Managed Billing Services By Kareo EHR

If you need a vendor to trust blindly for outsourced billing services, Kareo software is the best choice you have. No matter what your specialty is, this solution can handle it all. It comes with built-in medical codes for various specialties to deliver specialty-focus services. Undoubtedly, it is the leader in medical billing services and has maintained an upright position for the last 15 years. No vendor can surpass the level and quality of medical billing services of Kareo EHR.

It identifies the bottlenecks of problems from deep down by streamlining the back-3nd operations of practices. For outsourcing, Kareo connects over 75000 care providers with the right billing firm from a network of over 1600 companies. It assures a smart and managed billing workflow to support clinical practices.

Its agenda overview feature makes it stand apart as the practitioners can gain full visibility into the progress rate of payment collection and can even learn about the outstanding balance.

Features offered By Kareo Billing Software

We know you are interested in learning how Kareo EHR streamlines the revenue cycle or, to be exact, the billing process of medical practices. This industry-leading solution offers an extensive range of tools and services to handle the billing needs of care organizations. We even looked into Kareo software reviews along with its website to pen down the most appreciated features of Kareo billing software. Here’s what we discovered while going through the Kareo software reviews.

  • Kareo is much more than a basic billing software and even handles claims too.
  • It avoids delays in claims submission to increase the cash flow of clinical practices.
  • Kareo billing software looks into the insurance verifications to dodge unwanted financial strain.
  • It features electronic enrollment to submit claims effortlessly, check ERAs, and help verify patients’ eligibility.
  • There is a payment posting feature that significantly boosts clinical productivity.
  • Generates automated patient statements saving loads of time and preventing all errors associated with manual bill processing.
  • Reviews of Kareo software show that it offers a tool named KareoColect to help [practitioners leverage the mailed and text statements.
  • The robust business analytics tool of the vendor optimizes the billing operations by identifying the inefficiencies in the workflow.
  • Kareo EHR directly uploads the invoices on the patient portal for a more secure payment transaction.
  • Above all, Kareo comes with robotic process automation to boost clinical profitability by taking the hassle out of redundant tasks.

Athena Software: A Top-class Billing Alternative

After looking into all this information about Kareo EHR, if you feel like it is not what you want, we are talking about athena medical software. After Kareo billing software, Athena EHR is next-in-line to provide fine-grade billing services. So, let’s have a prompt glance into the billing module of Athena EMR.

Athenahealth EHR comes with a robust billing module to look after the payment collections and revenue generation of practices. In addition, it comes with charge optimization and coding entry functionalities to nurture a smooth payment processing process. Its charge optimization service assures that all patients get paid rightfully for the services they avail.  Additionally, Athena medical software features managed billing services for practitioners so they can handle the bills the way they want.

As per the athena EMR reviews, the vendor provides an integrated billing solution to take on the full scope of your financial transactions. It tracks all payments to assure no invoice is left uncleared. Athenahealth EHR even comes with the medical coding facility and thus allows for accurate bill generation. However, here’s the catch: athena medical software comes with an authorization management tool so that you can spend more time with patients and less in identifying the right payers.

Kareo Billing vs Athena Billing

There’s a straightforward answer to this, Kareo EHR. Even if you ask experts about which platform you should choose for billing services you will always get Kareo as a definitive answer. It is because, unlike athena EHR, which offers billing services, Kareo is itself a billing software. It seamlessly handles the EHR and billing operations. Another reason why Kareo EHR wins the ground is it exclusively offers billing services too. It even tends to meet the needs of medical billing companies and independent care practices. So, if you are looking for a vendor to improve the credibility of your practice while maintaining strong patient relationships, Kareo billing software is your ultimate report. Athena billing software is a choice for practices with less intricate billing requirements.

In the end, you are left to make a final decision based on your requirements.

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