Is love just a feeling? 10 general opinion

Is love just a feeling
Is love just a feeling

Is love just a feeling? 10 general opinion

While the dictionary defines love as a strong feeling of affection towards someone or something. We all, that have experience love can testify that love is actually more than just a feeling.

A feeling like sadness or happiness is primarily influenced by external factors. Once the external feature diminishes or fades the feelings eventually fade. However, genuine or sincere love is a love that endures even when external features fade.

When you feel something towards someone, it is possible that something may have triggered it. What happens when the trigger is no longer available?

For instance, when we are sad, it is likely because someone did something that hurts us. When we are happy or excited probably, someone or something great happened.

When we are angry or upset, someone may have said or done something that made us very unhappy or hurt.

These are all the same although it is not the same as love. When we love someone, we don’t look for the trigger.

In fact, we love people because we choose to not because they trigger it. That’s why it hurts really bad when the ones we choose to love to break up with us.

If love is just a feeling that can be switched on or off like a bulb switch. Why then is heartbreak the most difficult and painful experience ever.

Is love just a feeling
Is love just a feeling

Does saying the words I love you actually mean you love the person

The word “I love you” is now a joke. People have commonized the word, it is barely of any impact anymore.

Someone can easily tell anyone that they love them without any genuine affection towards the person.

There is a popular saying that actions speak louder than words however this word love is an action word.

It is the combination of a promise and a call to action. When you say “I love you” to someone. You are indirectly deciding to put your love for the person above their flaws, faults, and unpleasant character.

Nowadays, the word “I love you” doesn’t actually mean you love the person or vice versa. Love has gone beyond words; it needs to be defended by my actions.

Humans have suffered from the misuse of the word “I love you” hence, saying I love you is of little or no importance to so many people.

Is love just an emotion that comes and fades with time?

Most people confuse two similar yet different concepts “love and infatuation “love and lust”

The trend in the world is more of lust and infatuation and less of true love. Let’s take a practical example with our parents especially our mothers.

They love us before the first ultrasound and when the sonogram is done. When we are merely a black and white image, her love for us grows.

Despite how hard it is during the delivery process; she loves us more despite the pain we caused her.

Her love for us doesn’t cease when we grow and disobey her orders. When we disrespect her, she cautions us? This is one of the purest loves.

Subsequently, we grew older and forget to call her or put her in a home for older people. She still never stops loving us.

Love is not an emotion that fades with time, the love of our parents is the perfect example. Their love for us stands the test of time, it prevails despite how many times we hurt and disrespect them.

If you are of the notion that love fades with time, it is important that you get rid of that school of thought. It is a wrong and degrading concept of love.

Is love just a feeling
Is love just a feeling

What makes love the most celebrated emotion?

Love is a universal currency experience experienced by people of different ethnicities, races, countries, and gender. It does not discriminate neither is it different or specific to a particular population.

Despite how cheap people make love seem. It is actually one of the most expensive currencies in the world.

You trade with the most valuable things in your life. You trade with your time, heart, and longstanding values.

Love has made so many people do or achieve seemingly impossible fears. Indeed, love conquers all!

Love does not go into extinction like money. If we trace back to the history of trade (buying and selling). We would likely discover the evolution of money from stones, cowries, trade by barter, etc.

However, love remains unchanged, it stands strong and tall despite how many centuries have passed.

A currency that remains unchanged despite the volatility of the market price. Love is definitely worth the title “the most celebrated emotion in the world”

From the above questions and answers, we can see that love is an emotion that is worth celebrating. It isn’t something that should be casualized or used to hurt fellow humans.

Love can feel like different things to different people however, there are some basic characteristics or features of love.

  • Love is kind
  • It covers a multitude of flaws. It doesn’t use people’s flaws and weaknesses as a tool of mockery.
  • Endurance is a great tool of love.
  • Love doesn’t seek to inflict pain or hurt
  • Care and attention are one of the longest-standing characteristics of love.
  • Support boosts the effectiveness of love.
  • Transparency and trust foster the growth of love.
  • Effective communication is the most important tool of love.
  • Compromise and the ability to let go facilitates love.
  • The beauty of love is found in friendship and companionship.
  • Forgiveness is a major feature of love.
  • Love listens to understand not argue.
  • Selfishness is not found in love.
  • Love doesn’t despise background, race, or ethnicity
  • A correction is an essential tool in love
  • Love seeks to improve through care and sincerity
  • Without understanding, love cannot thrive
  • Love shares, give, and provides.
  • Patient and accommodation are great tools in love
  • Love is truth.

What does love feel like?

Love feels like a lot of things to different people. For the purpose of this article, we would look at 10 different things love feels like to different people.

However, before reading this section. Scroll down to the comment below and tell us what love feels like to you.

We would like to hear from our esteem readers. We want to understand your point of view, “what does love feel like”

Most of the answers are based on people’s responses.

Let’s dive right back into the article and discuss intensively on this concept.

  1. Love feels like a rock

Not the rock on your beautiful wedding or engagement ring. Well, that could still count, right?

Figurately a rock is defined as something that is strong, stable, and dependable. A person who provides security or support to another. I asked my colleague at work what love feels like.

She didn’t reply for a minute then she smiled at me and said it feels like a rock. I was quite stunned by her response; I haven’t actually thought of love as a rock.

The strong support that is not pushed over by the winds of life.

It stays strong and solid during a crisis; it despises third parties influences and stays true. Are you a believer that love feels like a rock? Please tell us about it in the comment section.

Rocks can be found in the midst of the water; however, this doesn’t change them. I haven’t heard of a situation where rock melts to become one with the water.

Despite the strong waves and wind, the rock stays unbothered. This doesn’t mean it does not feel the harshness of the water or wind; however, it doesn’t let them ruin it.

A love that feels like a rock will stay strong despite the high rate of divorces, gossips, or naysayers.

Whenever they feel bad or hurt by the world, they return to themselves. A love that offers support and doesn’t fall down due to criticism or tough times.

And just like the rock on the rings we wear, this kind of love is absolutely beautiful.

It represents strength, passion, growth. These are the different processes it passes through to become solid.

  1. Love feels like a school

This was the last response I got. However, I decided to write about it secondly because I’m quite sure a lot of people can relate to this including me.

Most times we don’t plan to fall in love with a particular person, we just see them and feel an instant or gradual attraction to them.

As we get to know them, we notice some pleasant and unpleasant characters. However, we choose to love them despite their flaws.

As we stick with them, we learn about them every single day. Just like our schooling system, it is one thing to learn but another to understand what is been taught.

In order to succeed or pass an examination or move to a higher class. We clearly need to study the subjects carefully and dutifully.

This is exactly what this kind of love feels like, you get to uncover different things about this particular person. It is your choice to confront them about certain issues or learn to live with certain flaws they exhibit.

In a school, people fail some subjects and aces others, this is exactly what occurs here.

A couple of times, you might actually fail however, you do not need to give up. Rather you should take correction and repeat the exam till you are successful.

There is a popular saying that readers are leaders, hence the vast majority of this population make up role models in the world of love.

Since they see love as a school, they are not hasty to taken rash decisions. Rather they study new things about their partner daily.

Is love just a feeling
Is love just a feeling
  1. Love feels like a football team

From the word “team” we can already understand what this kind of love will feel like.

In a football team, there are 10 players and the goalkeeper. They are divided into attackers, defenders, striker, and midfielders. Yet they all have one goal.

Footballers practice together, share the same coach and abide by the rules and regulations guiding the team.

Just like the footballers, in this kind of love, the parties involved belong to one team.

They see love as something that requires team participation, hence they ensure that they do their best in order to achieve the goal of a happy and stable relationship.

In a team, there is a division of labor I.e., each player is fully aware of their roles and responsibilities. They understand the contribution they need to make in order to build up a stable relationship.

When there is teamwork, no party will feel cheated or left behind. Each party ensures that they take responsibility for their actions, apologies for their mistakes, and seek the growth and advancement of the relationship.

When both parties see each other as a teammate, there’ll be less involvement of a third party. A third party is not part of the team; hence their opinions will be of little or no importance to the teammates.

In a love that feels like a football team, there is always celebration whenever a teammate scores a goal.

A love that celebrates each other’s small success will definitely work hard together to achieve greater feats worth celebrating.

  1. Love feels like a fairytale

There are so many people who respond to “what does love feel like to you, was it feels like a fairytale”

I was quite amazed by this answer because I understand the ups and downs that come with love.

However, with further explanation, I got to understand what they actually mean.

This set of people claim that they weren’t exactly believers in love. Therefore, it completely swept them off their feet.

According to them, love is an unexplained sensation that keeps you happy without physical things.

Wow! The fact that these sets of people see love as a fairytale does not mean that tough times don’t exist.

However, they believe that whatever trouble that arises can be swept away just as they were swept off their feet.

They hold firmly to the fact that everything is possible. They are never afraid to face challenges with a smile.

It must be an exciting experience to see love as a fairytale.

People with this school of thought enjoy fun-filled love experiences. Most of their love stories are very eventful and exciting.

  1. Love feels like a movie production

Yeah! You can have a good laugh because I did.

Wow! Do people actually see love as a movie production? Isn’t that hilarious and interesting?

As fun or hilarious as this may sound the concept behind it, is actually very insightful.

Movies don’t take a day to film; it takes a process. Some movies may last for months while some may last for a year.

A movie might take just 1 hour or it could be a series of more than 40 hours. It is totally dependent on the movie production team.

Individuals who see their love as a movie production believe that change is constant and love differs for different people.

They are totally against any form of comparison in the relationship as their belief is;

Every movie has a different scriptwriter so every relationship is different.

According to my confidant, she further explained that when they face crises. They take it as a recess period, they go behind the scene to watch what happened.

They look for innovative approaches to tackle the issue.

A movie director doesn’t do all the work by himself, he needs the help of the media, actors/actresses, the makeup team, and the entire crew.

They also believe that looking up to people for example like reading books or listening to podcasts can help their love thrive.

They never subject their partner to criticism rather they state the problem and seek solutions both offline and online.

This set of individuals also believe that there are different seasons in marriage. Just like the different scenes in a movie.

Sometimes are hard, bad, happy, exciting, or just plain routinely boring.

Is love just a feeling
Is love just a feeling
  1. Love feels like a missing puzzle piece

This set of people were a little bit mythical to me, but if it works for them.

Well, I guess I have nothing to say but to wish them well.

According to them, love feels like the most important piece in a puzzle that was lost but is found.

If you have ever made an attempt to solve a puzzle, you will realize that it is quite frustrating to keep searching for the missing piece.

Sometimes it gets really frustrating when you cannot find the last piece to complete the puzzle.

When love comes to this set of people. It feels like a part of them that has always felt empty is suddenly filled up

The connection is almost magical, exciting, and relieving.

A particular man stated that when he found the love of his life. He knew that the days of his life has been prolonged.

It felt like his body recognize the part that has been missing for so long.

Wow! That must be one very beautiful lady. Does love feel like a missing piece in a puzzle to you?

Please tell us more about this concept in the comment section below.

  1. Love feels like freedom

“I don’t know about you, but when I met the love of my life, I felt like I could do and achieve anything”

This is the response I got from a lady when I asked her what does love feels like to her?

Freedom huh! I don’t really understand this concept. Does it mean that you were living in bondage before “I replied”?

No! not at all she answered, I just feel really free. Like people’s opinions don’t matter to me anymore.

I’m practically capable of achieving anything as long he supports me. I was a people pleaser almost these years but as soon as I met him.

People’s opinion no longer bothers me. I feel like as long as I got his support and love there’s nobody else opinion that I care about.

Wow! This is a new point of view. Are you in a relationship with someone? Did he make you feel like you can achieve anything?

As much as I don’t completely understand this concept.  I feel like there is a strong ray of optimism attached to this concept.

It’s like love feels like a new ray of hope to this particular people. This must be a wonderful experience.

  1. Love feels like a new energy

Wow!! Unbelievable!! New energy? Yes.

Most of these people have suffered from a lot of hurtful and abusive relationships. However, they did not give up on love rather they move from setback to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

They lost themselves, wallowed in self-pity however, they couldn’t help but believe that love is out there.

According to the man I spoke with, despite how hurt he has been. He couldn’t give up on the search.

And when he finally found her, new positive energy arose that crippled his past hurt and pain.

To this set of people, love feels like a second chance at a new beginning.  It is an opportunity to set things right, a chance to become all that you wish for.

A new perspective on the world, a new approach to life challenges.

  1. Love feels like an adventure

I definitely agree with this, there is nothing that isn’t adventurous about love.

Love is backed with so many spontaneities that most renowned world-class discoverers still fail at it.

The funniest part about the adventurous side of love is that there is no single winner. If a single winner emerges, arguments and fights may break out.

Therefore, both parties must endeavor to work hard together and emerge victoriously.

If you don’t understand this concept. Watch pride and prejudice. It is a classic movie that completely explains this concept.

Both parties must agree to disagree in order to emerge victoriously in the adventure.

  1. Love feels like a never-ending holiday

Firstly, this is really funny. A never-ending holiday? How?

That was my question immediately I received this answer.

According to the lady, you leave your house or your parent’s house to move to a different state, country, or continent.

Never to return, all you do is visit.

During holidays, you learn different things and that’s is exactly what happens when the couple gets married.

On a holiday, you meet new people, learn new characters and stay away from home.

They really have to adapt to different things. For certain individuals who like sleeping alone, at first sharing a bed might feel strange but with time you get comfortable.


We can clearly see that love is more than just a feeling. It means more than simply saying the words “I love you”

If you doubt any concept about what love feels like, that’s fine. However, it is important that you understand what love feels like to you.

Try to engage your friends and family members in this conversation.  Ask them is love just a feeling to them?

Endeavor to share some of their response with us. We would like to know more about this topic.

While reading this article, which particular number feels like love to you?

Share your most relatable number with us in the comment section.

Love has one common feature; it is a universal currency. However, it is also specific to each individual.

Find your specialty and flourish in your love life.