How Much Water Per Day to Promote Weight Loss

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How Much Water Should I Drink to Lose Weight?

If you are asking “how much water should I drink to lose weight”, we have the answer right here.
Losing weight involves a series of simple and hard processes. You have to make some lifestyle changes such as involving in physical activities more frequently (walking, jogging, running), reducing stress levels, and drinking lots of water. These lifestyle changes are the easiest and yes, they work.

Our body is made up of a whopping 60% of water. Almost every part of the body requires water to function and if you deprive it of its most important need, the body begins to malfunction. As your body loses water every day through urine and sweat, it is important to make up by drinking enough fluid.

But, is it really possible to lose weight by just increasing your water consumption. And if it is, how much water are you to consume to shed a few pounds? Although health experts recommend drinking eight 8-ounce glasses a day, how much is required to promote weight loss?

Why You Should Drink Water

Before we give you details on how much your water intake affects weight loss, you need to know why it is very important to stay hydrated every day. By just sipping your normal fluids (water, coffee, soups, yogurt, juice) every day, you help your body function at its best.

Drinking fluid, whether water or liquid foods, can be very beneficial to your body. In fact, it can reduce your risk of health complications. All metabolic processes such as digestion of carbs, fats, proteins, breakdown of vitamins, all run smoothly because of constant hydration.

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of staying hydrated. It can help your body eliminate waste materials through sweating, defecating, and urinating.

Also, more water can help to prevent constipation, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and skin problems.

Does Drinking Excess Water Help You Lose Weight?

Many health sites and experts claim that drinking excessive water can promote weight loss by boosting your body metabolism and controlling your hunger levels. Based on a study, drinking more water than normal resulted in a reduction in body weight and composition stores.

Another study showed that people who consumed 17 ounces (500 ml) of water before each meal lost 44% more weight over 12 weeks, compared to the other people who did not.

However, according to many studies and research carried out, it seems that drinking enough water especially before and after a meal can help promote weight loss, by boosting metabolism, eating healthily, and reducing appetite.

How Much Water Do You Need?

Before considering how much water you need to lose weight, consider the factors that determine your water intake.
How much water you need depends on some factors and is different for every individual. Certain things might influence the quantity of water you should consume.

According to the U.S. National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, 11.5 cups of water is recommended daily for women and 15.5 cups of water a day for men. This intake is not limited to tea, juices, and liquid food- as long as it is fluid.

Your water consumption depends on the following factors:

  • Location: Where you live can influence just how much you drink fluids. If you stay in a hot, dry area or at a high altitude, you will need to frequently consume liquids.
  • Diet: Yes, most of the foods you eat can make you drink little or more water. For instance, if you like consuming caffeinated beverages, you need to drink lots of water. Foods with caffeine can make you urinate excessively. Also, consuming many dehydrating foods especially those filled with spice, sugar, or salt will call for excessive consumption of water.
  • Environment: You will be a lot thirstier if you spend more time in a hot environment.
  • Level of Physical Activity: If you exercise more often especially when it is intense, you will have to drink lots of water. Being active can cause you to lose water through sweat. So, you have to cover up water losses by drinking more.
  • Health Status: Health conditions like an infection, fever, or diabetes requires you to consume more water. Some medications like diuretics also make you lose water.
  • Pregnancy or Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding a child or two can make you lose water, Hence, you need to stay hydrated.

How Much Water To Lose Weight?

Lots of studies and health authorities recommend drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water which is about 2 liters every day. Keep in mind that you consume water from many liquid foods such as tea, fish, meat, coffee, milk, including fruits and vegetables. Fruits like watermelon and papaya contain a whopping quantity of water that can add up to your daily water recommendation.

If you are asking “how much water should I drink to lose weight”, it is important that you know there is no set or a specific quantity of water to drink to lose weight. Numerous studies linking water consumption and weight loss suggest drinking 500 milliliters (17 ounces) per day to lose weight.


The truth is, no one can actually recommend the quantity of water you should drink. Water consumption varies from person to person and is dependent on lots of factors. If you want to lose weight, the following guidelines can help you.

  • Eat healthily. Foods that can promote weight loss include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, and low carbs.
  • practice portion control
  • Involve yourself in physical activities such as running, walking, HIIT, more often.
  • Drink enough water and also consume foods loaded with water.
  • Get enough sleep and rest. Try as much as possible to limit stress.
  • That’s it! Simple steps to help you lose weight.