How much juice is in one orange

How much juice is in one orange

Citrus family; how much juice is in one orange

Juicing fruit is a common trend. Nowadays people prefer more natural than processed food and drinks. Although orange juice is delicious, a lot of people still wonder how much juice is in one orange.

There are certain factors that affect how much juice is in one orange. An average-sized orange of approximately 4.7 ounces should contain about ¼ cup tthst is approximately 4-5 teaspoons of juice.

There are so many recent kitchen equipments that make the juicing procedure easier. It saves time and energy.

It is also a big shift from the contemporary method of squeezing oranges to obtain its juice.

The citrus fruit “orange” is a very popular fruit around the globe. It is a healthy fruit that almost everyone can’t seem to get enough of.

Citrus fruits are nutrient-dense, they contain antioxidants, minerals are essential nutrients. They also play a role in reducing the cholesterol level in the body.

Amongst the citrus family, oranges are a great choice of fruits to add to your diet. They contain a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to the overall health of the body.

Oranges are known for their high vitamin C content. The amazing benefits of vitamin C are numerous.

Vitamin C is of great importance to different parts of our bodies especially our skin.

It is important to be aware of how much juice is in one orange. This might be very essential when trying out new dishes that require a specific measure of fresh orange juice.

How much juice is in one orange

The amount of juice in one orange is about 4-5 teaspoons. That is about a quarter ¼ cup of juice in one orange.

The range (4-5) arises from the fact that there are different varieties of oranges. How much juice is in one orange will highly depend on the variety of orange and other factors.

If you need one cup of orange juice for your recipe or consumption, then you need 3 oranges.

How much juice is in one orange

Quantity of oranges and juice output

Use this guide to measure and prepare your fresh orange juice.

1 teaspoon of orange juice = a quarter orange

3-4 teaspoons or a quarter cup (¼) of orange juice = 1 orange

Half cup (½) of orange juice = 2 oranges

¾ cup of orange juice = 3 oranges

1 cup of orange juice = 4 oranges

4 tips you should know about Juicing citrus fruit

It is a known fact that how much juice is in one orange or other citrus fruits is dependent on the fruit.

However, there are some tactful strategies you can incorporate while juicing your fruit. These strategies will enable you to get more juice out of each fruit.

These tips include;

1.Make use of a hand juicer instead of your hands. There are different methods of obtaining your juice, a hand juicer is a more effective method.

It is easier to use a juicer than to squeeze with your hands. It is the more preferable option that will help you get the most from each fruit.


  1. Oranges are tightly packed with juice hence the stiffness. Before chopping your fruit into smaller pieces for extraction it is important that you apply this tip.

Roll your orange on a chopping board while pressing firmly on it. This will help to soften the orange and allow for easier extraction.

If you do not have a chopping board you can substitute by using your kitchen counter.


  1. If the membrane of your orange is not soft enough, you will lose a lot of juice.

To further soften the orange, put the orange in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. This will help to break down the walls, and you can get the most quantity from your fruit during the extraction process.


  1. If you make orange juice regularly, it is important that you upgrade your equipments.

Invest in a juicer that is faster, more effective and saves a lot of time.

Factors that affect juice yield

There’re certain factors that affect how much juice is in one orange. It is important that you are aware of these factors, then it can be an added advantage.

Size of fruits

Fruits exist in different sizes, there is great variation in the size of fruits.

This might sound strange to you if you always buy your fruits from the supermarket. The citrus fruits in the supermarket appears to be the same with little to no variations.

However, if you purchase your fruits from the farmers market. I bet you have noticed this size variation among citrus fruit.

For the purpose of this article, we used an average-sized orange that is approximately 4.7 pounds.

If the orange you purchase is bigger or smaller than this. It will affect the overall output.

How much juice is in one orange

Method of extraction

There are different methods of extracting juice, the two most popular are squeezing with the hand machine and the use of juicers.

The hand machine

The hand machine is a good choice for people who use fresh orange juice once in a while.

It is quite an easy method that requires manual effort. The orange is cut into two halves, then you place it in the protruding part of the machine, then it is moved in a circular pattern continuously.

This is not considered the best option for a person who regularly engages in juicing.

The juicers

There are different kinds of juicers ranging from the basic or manual juicer and more high-tech and definitely expensive choices.

The juicer doesn’t require manual effort, it is just the electric blender.

Cut your fruit into smaller pieces then the juicer gets the work done. The juicer also separates the residues into another compartment. How amazing is that?


The more fresh a fruit is, the more juice it will contain. If the fruit stays on a shelf for long, it has a lot of time to dry out.

Once your fruit dries out, it automatically means less juice. If you want to get the most from your fruit, we suggest that you pick only the fresh fruits.

The farmers market is a good place to find fresh fruits. If you are lucky you might even find some fresh organic fruits.


It is very crucial to note that there are different varieties of orange. They include; Mandarin or Blood oranges, Valencia and Navel.

The different varieties of oranges will produce a difference in the quantities of juice because they have distinct pulp consistency.

The best variety of orange to choose for your juicing is valencia.

Valencia oranges are more in the season than other varieties, they are larger and very juicy.

Other oranges will give ¼ cup of orange juice. However, valencia oranges will give 1/3 cup of orange juice.


The amount of juice in an orange depends on so many factors. Always consider the different factors that may affect your juice output before juicing.

When next you see a new recipe that demands fresh orange juice. You don’t have to ask this question “how much juice is in one orange”.

You already have the knowledge you need.