How do I get rid of sugar ants naturally from the home

how to get rid of sugar ants naturally
how to get rid of sugar ants naturally

7 ways to get rid of sugar ants naturally and prevent them from getting into the house.

Whether you are searching for how to get rid of sugar ants in the house or how to get rid of sugar ants in the car, it is best to go natural.

Although there is a way to get rid of sugar ants using chemical methods, we always advise you use natural methods. Using chemicals for a sugar ant infestation might leave harsh toxins hanging around in your space.

Below is everything you need to know about how to get rid of sugar ants naturally. These methods will stop these ants from crawling back into your space and territory.

What are sugar ants?

Just so you do not mistake the regular household ants always crawling on your wall for sugar ants, let us introduce this pest.

Sugar ants are small ants with black color. They originate from Australia and are exclusive to that part of the universe. Pavement and pharaoh ants which are two common household ants are totally different from the sugar ants. Pavement ants are black or reddish, pharaoh ants are yellow or light brown and sugar ants, are black.

As their name implies, sugar ants are attracted to anything sweet. Sugary foods are always their go-to. They also eat plant pollen, proteins gotten from eating other insects, and fats.

Types of sugar ants

We see lots of sugar ants every day or once in a while, But, it’s either they are inside or outside. They are different types of sugar ants- classified into indoor sugar ants and outdoor sugar ants.

Indoor sugar ants include pavement ants, pharaoh ants, and carpenter ants. Outdoor sugar ants include false honey ants, acrobat ants, and rover ants.

Where do sugar ants come from?

Sugar ants have a heightened sense of smell and can always know when there is a portion of sweet food for them. Most sugar ants come from outside into your home.

These ants smell food from outside your home and by using scent trails, they pass through vents, cracks, crevices, and other points of entry in your home.

One sugar ant finds an opening in your home and goes through it. When it has found food or water suitable for consumption, that particular ant signals other ants by laying a basic scent trail.

Sugar ants could also come from already existing nests in your home. These nests are built in places you may not notice (undisturbed spaces) such as in the basement or attic and inside the walls.

How to get rid of sugar ants naturally

Sugar ants and their colonies can be quite burdensome. They may be difficult to eliminate. But, they are safer ways to get rid of sugar ants and prevent them from finding their way into your home.

These ways are natural, easily available, and nontoxic, compared to chemical methods. The following ways are how to get rid of sugar ants naturally.

  1. Take away their food source and habitat

Food and nests are very important to sugar ants. They need food and of course, a place to rest- which is definitely in your home. Making sure that their food source and habitat are unavailable can gradually reduce their invasion into your home and with time, completely stop their visit.

Food, especially sugary foods should be stored in an airtight container to avoid penetration. Also, ensure that food crumbs and garbage are disposed of properly. Ants are attracted to leftovers, food crumbs, garbage and because of their strong odor receptors, they can always locate these food sources.

Getting rid of rotted wood and damp places are very necessary as they serve as a comfortable habitat for sugar ants.

how to get rid of sugar ants naturally
how to get rid of sugar ants naturally
  1. Essential oils

Essential oils are not only amazing for massages, relieving pain and stress, or their great smell. These oils such as cinnamon, neem, peppermint, and tea tree are natural repellants for insects. Mixing ten to twenty drops of any of either tea tree, peppermint, neem, or cinnamon oil with two cups of water can just do the trick.

This mixture can be sprayed all over the house and left to dry. Not only is it effective in getting rid of sugar ants naturally, but it could also eliminate mosquitoes.

  1. Boiling water

Wondering how to get rid of sugar ants naturally, this natural method is effective and super easy. All you have to do is boil water and when it is hot, pour it into sugar ant holes. This will effectively trap the sugar ants and kill them instantly. Normally, ant holes usually appear very small but they house colonies of ants. For this to work 100%, pour boiling water into the hole three times every day to kill all the sugar ants.

  1. White vinegar

The vinegar in your shelve could come in handy right away. White vinegar has the ability to kill sugar ants instantly and repel them. A solution of vinegar and water in the ratio 50:50 respectively can be sprayed around or inside the ant holes or directly on the ants.

This mixture can also be used to clean surfaces like countertops to repel sugar ants and prevent their entry into the house. Even after a long time when you can no longer smell the vinegar all over the house, sugar ants can perceive them and steer clear. To effectively maximize this natural method, use it in the morning or late in the afternoon when the ants are still active.

how to get rid of sugar ants naturally
bay leaves
  1. Keep bay leaves, cloves, and garlic around your house

Cloves, bay leaves and garlic has a strong odor that can disrupt the scent trail of sugar ants. By disrupting their scent trail, they become confused about how to find food sources and form a nest in your home. Garlic, cloves, and bay leaves are capable of repelling ants and keep them far away from your home. Hang garlic in your pantry shelves or doorknobs. And lay out bay leaves or cloves in baseboards or under countertops.

  1. Combine glass cleaner and liquid detergent

Another effective way to get rid of sugar ants naturally is by mixing glass cleaner and liquid detergent and spraying them in specific areas where the ants may be found or spraying it directly on the ants.

How to prevent sugar ants from invading your home

It is almost that time of the year when sugar ants begin the search for food and water. Although they are not dangerous, they can be very annoying to humans and way too difficult to control.

The following ways below are how you could prevent sugar ant infestation before they start making their way into your home.

  1. Look for damp spots and take measures to make them dry.
  2. Since sugar ants are attracted to sugary foods, avoid littering or messing your home with sugar products like cake, candy, fruits, jam, or soft drinks.
  3. Always dispose of garbage frequently.
  4. Spray the foundation of your home with a natural pesticide.
  5. Seal holes that may serve as a point of entry for sugar ants.
  6. Lay out herbs and essential oils in your home as an additional preventive measure against these insects.
  7. Sweep or vacuum your floors after every meal to get rid of food crumbs and any other kind of pheromone trail.
  8. Always wash the dishes and clean your sink properly and regularly.


Sugar ants may not cause you any harm but they could create a mess and leave you annoyed. While they are chemical ways to get rid of sugar ants, they are also natural ways to get rid of sugar ants. We always recommend natural ways not only because they are effective but also because they are safe and non-hazardous.