Foods you shouldn’t give your kids

Foods you shouldn’t give your kids
Foods you shouldn’t give your kids

8 foods you shouldn’t give your kids

Are there some foods you shouldn’t give your kids? As parents, we might think that we are meant to give our kids everything they want to eat. Well, I do not think dietitians agree with this.

There are certain foods you shouldn’t give your kids, as these foods are detrimental to their health and overall growth.

We love our kids and we all want the best for them. At a tender age when they have no idea how to differentiate what is good or bad for their health.

It is our responsibility as their parents to play the role of their personal dietitian.

Don’t let the puppy eyes conflict with your decisions to pick their health over a temporary enjoyment. Of course, we cannot completely prevent them from eating most of this food.

However, we can regulate their consumption rate. We act as a bridge between these substances they love that aren’t exactly healthy for them.

Our kids need carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients for proper growth. But the sad truth is, they will rather have juice, fries, sweets, cakes, and ice cream.

These junk foods they prefer yield little to no nutrients that their body requires in order to function effectively.

We need to think about their health while considering their happiness too. Do not negotiate with their health it is ultimately important that you make the wise choice for them.

Let’s quickly look at 8 foods you shouldn’t give your kids and a better and healthier substitute.

Foods you shouldn’t give your kids

  1. Supermarket Ice-cream

Mom: Joe let’s go grocery shopping

Joe: But I don’t want to go.

Mom: I will get you ice-cream

Joe: Let me put on my shoes

I am really sorry mom and dad but this tops our list in the 8 foods you shouldn’t give your kids. Supermarket Ice-cream is really not the best choice of ice cream.

Most supermarket Ice-cream is packed with sugar, cream, and emulsifiers. One thing you should know is, emulsifiers are not good for health neither is excessive sugar.

Emulsifiers destroy the bifidobacteria present in the gastrointestinal tract of the body. Hence increasing the risk of obesity.

Healthier options

It is better to stop at an Ice-cream parlor and pick healthier and fresher options.

It is better than picking up a tub of ice cream from the mall that has stayed in the freezer for a period of time we are not certain of.

You do not want your kids to fall ill or suffer from ice-cream poisoning.

You could also prepare homemade ice cream. There are so many videos on YouTube where you can learn to make a simple but delicious Ice-cream.

This is a healthier option. As you are very aware of the contents and the quantities of each ingredient.

8 foods you shouldn’t give your kids
8 foods you shouldn’t give your kids
  1. Processed meat

We all love our hot dog rolls and spring roll filled with a lot of hotdogs or other processed meat. This is not exactly a healthy choice for us or our kids.

I know there are certain people that love eating red meat. However, it has been linked as a risk factor for colon cancer. This makes it an example of foods you shouldn’t give your kids.

How sad is it, that things we buy with our money for our satisfaction can actually lead to deadly and frightening diseases?

I’m sure we all want our kids to stay healthy, we have to minimize and probably stop their intake of processed meat.

Healthier options

As much as you find it hard to believe, children actually listen to what we say.

If you have a child that loves hot dogs or other processed meat, I think it’s time to tell them the truth. Tell them it dangerous to their health, if you have access to pictorial information that will be perfect.

Try to order healthy options like fish burgers, chicken, and other healthy meat.

  1. Canned food

Canned foods are lifesavers and this is so true. They help us out on days when we just don’t know what to prepare and feed the family with.

However, Canned food is totally a big no for your children. It is packed with a lot of preservatives that are extremely dangerous to the health of our children.

Most cans contain Bisphenol-A, a chemical compound that is extremely toxic to the body especially the brain and reproductive system. This is a perfect example of foods you shouldn’t give your kids.

It has also been linked as a risk factor for cancer. Most plastic packed or can food contain these chemicals. And they are risky to the overall growth of our kids.

Foods you shouldn’t give your kids
Foods you shouldn’t give your kids

Healthier options

Canned food should not be part of your breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu. Please for the safety of our kids we need to throw them away from our pantry.

Use fresh food like tomatoes, green peas, carrots, and green pepper. Fresh food contains antioxidants that are beneficial to the heart and eye.

  1. Processed fruit drink and soda

As adults, most times we just can’t say no to this sugary goodness, it really hard to. How much more our kids who mostly love eating or drinking extremely sweet things.

It is not uncommon knowledge that sugar cause cavities. We definitely do not want this for our kids, hence we need to reduce their intake of sodas and fruit drinks.

Kids below 1 year should not be given any fruit drink. Don’t allow it, these drinks contain some chemicals (e.g. brominated vegetable oil) which negatively affect the skin and nervous system of our kids.

Foods you shouldn’t give your kids
Foods you shouldn’t give your kids

Healthier options

Don’t allow your kids to consume an excessive amounts of fruit drinks, this is absolutely unhealthy.

Homemade fruit drinks made from freshly picked fruits are a good option. You can also incorporate simple smoothies into your diet.

  1. Microwave popcorn

Let’s take a moment to say a big thank you to the manufacturers of the awesome and multifunctional microwave.

It definitely made life easier for a lot of people especially those who love takeout.

As helpful as this equipment is, microwave popcorn made our list of the foods you shouldn’t give your kids.

Now the question you might be asking is why not?

The answer is pretty simple; it is obviously dangerous to the health of your kids.

Most bags used in making popcorn contain some chemical compounds that are emitted at high temperatures.

These effects of these compounds are toxic; it is also a risk factor for cancer. Therefore, this is definitely not a good food to give your kids.

Healthier options

The regular and basic method of making popcorn when there was no microwave.

It involves some corn, a little oil, and your little pan. For further details, you can look through YouTube to learn this process.

It is relatively easy, cheap, and healthier for the kids.

  1. Honey

Honey is a big no for kids that are barely a year old. It is true that honey is a very nutritious food substance however, it is still not a great choice for kids below 1 year.

There is an illness known as infant botulism, it affects the muscle and nervous system of the developing child.

Consumption of honey is a risk factor of infant botulism as there are some bacteria present in honey either raw or processed. Those are damaging for kids below the age of 1.

Therefore, honey is basically an example of foods you shouldn’t give your kids especially infants less than 1 year.

Healthier option

Just don’t give an infant honey, you do not want to damage their muscle or nervous system at an early age.

  1. Potato chips

It is hard to resist the crunchy and flavourful chips, they are so crispy and super yummy.

Chips entirely are really great snacks however they made the list of the 8 foods you shouldn’t give your kids.

Potato chips are packed with salt, calories, and fat. These three are definitely not a healthy combination, they are not good for adults and absolutely not for kids either.

Excessively salt is a risk factor for different heart-related problems including hypertension. It could also lead to kidney problems.

Healthier option

If your kids love potato chips, that’s fine you just need to find a healthier homemade option.

Thanks to YouTube you can easily find all the information you need with just access to the internet.

A homemade potato is healthier because you are fully aware of the ingredients and their quantity.

  1. Chewing gum

I know how many times kids have asked for chewing gum, whenever I ask them what they want me to get from them.

Honestly, I don’t understand what they fancy in chewing gums but notwithstanding they do love it.

The fact is, some chewing gums are totally unhealthy for consumption due to certain compounds they contain.

Some brands of chewing gums contain a substance known as sorbitol which causes diarrhea.

Chewing gums are also packed with loads of sugar with is not healthy for your child’s teeth. Sugar can lead to the formation of cavities in the teeth.

I personally think that children shouldn’t be allowed to chew gum as some might even swallow it and choke on it.

Healthier option

If for any reason best known to you, you want your kids to chew gums. Please it is highly recommended that you get a chewing gum that contains xylitol


There are some foods that we give our kids that are toxic to their growth, development, and overall health.

If we love our kids as much as say we do, we must learn to resist their cute or puppy faces and ensure that they eat healthily.

Reducing their standard of eating might offer temporary satisfaction. But in the future, it could lead to certain health conditions.

Look for healthier options to replace your kids’ favorite but unhealthy food choices.