Does Medicare cover life alert?

Does Medicare cover life alert
Does Medicare cover life alert

Does Medicare cover life alert?

Life Alert is one of the most outstanding systems that help people continue to live independently hence the question does medicare cover life alert?

Medicare is health insurance that covers a lot of individuals’ needs. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover life alert.

However, some part of Medicare offers certain individuals a benefit to include medical emergency response service in their coverage. This type of emergency system can be very helpful if you live alone.

A medical response system or a personal response emergency system (PERS)  provides you with a button that you can use to alert emergency providers in case of an emergency.

Life Alert allows you to push a button to call for help in various emergencies. This article explains life alert and the part of Medicare that provides this service.

What part of Medicare covers life alert?

Original Medicare (parts A and B) do not provide coverage for life alerts. If you have signed up for original Medicare and you want to obtain a life alert then you have to pay separately for it. Medicare coverage for life alert is only provided for parts that are considered to be necessary.

If you have enrolled in the Medicare advantage plan (part C)  then you have to check your coverage to see if you have a benefit for life alert. This is because the Medicare advantage plan provides the benefits of a life alert or a PERS for certain enrollees.

The details of the Medicare Advantage plan depend on where you live and the company you prefer, so the coverage of a Medicare life alert might not be available everywhere. Also, It varies from state to state and depends on where you live.

Many recipients who qualify for that coverage based on age or disability enjoy the benefits of life alert. This is because it enables them to live independently and also provides them with a sense of security.

Nevertheless, if you do not have coverage for this life alert, you can be assured that Medicare will offer any necessary ambulance transportation or medical services that are needed in case of an emergency.

If you have enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, it is advised that you call a representative to find out if you can benefit from the PERS.

It is important to note that even though Medicare does not offer a life alert, you can obtain it from another PERS company. For instance, some insurance providers may offer coverage for life alert or other medical alert systems at no added cost. Other providers of PERS may demand a fee for the system.

However, benefits, plan availability, and cost may differ based on your plan provider.

Does Medicare cover life alerts
Does Medicare cover life alert

How much does life alert cost with Medicare

Although Medicare does not cover the cost of life alert, the advantage plan does. The cost of life alert using Medicare depends on your plan. While some plans might cover the entire cost of life alert others may require you to pay a copayment fee for an initial setup.

You can call a Medicare advantage plan representative if you have enrolled and do not know the details your cost may cover.

What is a life alert?

Life alert is also known as emergency response system and Personal emergency system (PERS). It is a type of response system that alerts emergency providers in case of a medical emergency.

How does it work

It works in such a way that you can press a button in case of an emergency, this button usually comes in the form of a wristband or a necklace. If you have a life alert or another PERS, you can wear the system all day long.

When you have an emergency either as a result of a fall or a sudden critical medical problem that needs immediate attention, you can press the button. This button automatically connects you to an emergency call center. The representative in the call center can then examine the predicament, gather information, and send in the proper response team.

How much does life alert typically cost?

Life alert offers impressive monitoring services and some of the fastest response times hence, it is expensive. Moreso, there’s no fixed price for life alerts. The cost depends on the PERS company and on the plan an individual has chosen.

According to a Consumer report,  the range of life alerts for basic service is about $30 – $50 per month.

An individual may choose to pay more for other added services such as GPS. This helps the PERS company to know the location of the caller. To pay for GPS service, an added fee of $20 – $100 per month may be required.

Several companies may also charge an activation fee, ranging from $25 – $95.


Although original Medicare (part A and B) do not provide coverage for the cost of life alert, the Medical Advantage plan (part C) may cover the cost.

If you are eligible for Medicare Part C and you have enrolled, you can call a representative to check if your area and plan allow you to enjoy the benefit of PERS.

Moreover, if the Medicare Advantage plan does not offer you the benefit of a life alert, you can find coverage for a life alert system using other PERS company.