Should you get depression tattoos today?

depression tattoos

Should you get depression tattoos today?

Depression is real and some life situations can make you feel sad, anxious, hopeless, miserable, or even unhappy hence you want to keep depression tattoos, so do you know that getting a tattoo may help when you are depressed?

I have a friend who suffered from depression for some time. He had to get a depression tattoo to help remind him of how strong he was and how he can get through anything life throws at him. Well, I didn’t know tattoos could help suppress depression until my friend got one.

Depression tattoos can be in the form of a drawing or words on the skin to remind you of how you can overcome anything.

Besides, depression affects your physical and mental health making you feel gloomy and unhappy. Inscribing a permanent ink on your skin for something you are always depressed about can make you feel less sad.

Everyone gets depressed at least once in their lifetime and knowing how to fight your depression can help you when you are depressed.

Do you always feel depressed or you are currently experiencing depression? Then maybe getting a tattoo would encourage you and help you get through tough times.

Depression and how tattoos help

Depression is very common, a lot of men and women experience depression. Do you know that over 10% of Americans are currently battling depression as you are reading this? A lot of Africans have been said to have committed suicide as a result of depression.

Depression could be a result of losing a loved one, illness, lack of finances, or going through one of life’s turmoil.

Truth is, no matter how depressed you feel, you should not let it get a better part of you.

How about you get a depression tattoo to help you snap out of your depression fast.  This way, whenever you are depressed you can look at your tattoo and embrace your struggle.

You can draw a tattoo of animals like an eagle on any part of your body to remind you to be strong and courageous when you are depressed. You can also make an inscription of words like “keep going” when you feel like giving up or when life has been unfair to you.

depression tattoo

Types of depression tattoos; what kind should you get

There are several different types of depression tattoos one can get. For example, the semicolon tattoo is known to signify peace and strength among those living with depression or any other mental health disorder.

A depression tattoo can be a written word or a symbol on either the wrist, elbow, shoulder or even on the stomach.

Sometimes, one can choose to tattoo both words and symbols on their skin to help them feel better when depressed.

Words Depression Tattoo

Words depression tattoos are short words and messages to yourself on any part of your body to encourage you when you are depressed. This kind of tattoo does not take long to be engraved, as they are just written words.

I assume nearly everyone knows what often causes their depression, so knowing what word to tattoo on your skin should not be so difficult. Words tattoos can be used by both men and women.

Words depression tattoos are mostly inscribed on the wrist so it can be easily seen when depression sets in. This word tattoos are usually inscribed with a semicolon.

The purpose of using a semicolon when getting a depression tattoo is the same reason as in punctuation; to keep going, to pause, and not to give up.

If you like the idea of embodying words or text as a tattoo, there are endless choices for you.

Words like;

Hope tattoo

An ink inscription on the skin with the word “hope” can make you feel better when you are hopeless and gloomy. A hope tattoo is outstanding because most people suffering from depression believe that their situation cannot be resolved.

However, the wearer feels hopeful to keep going and to pull through when depressed.

Love tattoo

If you always get depressed because you feel unloved, then the love word inscription tattoo is for you.

You can link this type of tattoo to have meaning by adding a semicolon design to it as a reminder to keep going. It is a sign that you should love yourself no matter what, you should be kind to yourself.

This too shall pass tattoo

Life presents everyone with different challenges at different times. A tattoo inscription with “this too shall pass” is a reminder that no life situation lasts forever.

If you are depressed as a result of an illness or you are going through a predicament, then this tattoo may help you to remember that nothing lasts forever. Don’t forget to add a semicolon as a sign to keep going.

Breathe tattoo

A tattoo of the word “breathe” is mostly associated with anxiety, it can also be used if you have any mental health disorder.

The word tattoo on your skin just like the semicolon tells you to pause, to recollect yourself, to refill yourself with new energy, and then keep going.

It is one of the best ink inscriptions that could help you check on your mental health. Get a breathing tattoo if you need to be reminded to pay attention to your breath.

Let God tattoo

The “Let God” tattoo is for Christians who believe in God.

If you always think too much when you are going through one of life’s turmoil then this tattoo signifies that you should leave it all to God. You should have faith and let God carry your burden.

A piece of my heart lives in heaven

Death is inevitable. Losing a loved one can be very depressing. This word tattoo is an imprint for those who have lost someone close to them, maybe their wife, husband, father, mother, or even a child.

This tattoo may help you snap out of depression as it is a reminder that whoever you have lost to death lives in heaven.

If it is going to bring a negative emotion then you shouldn’t get it.

Note that there are other word depression tattoos that are not mentioned here.

Symbol depression tattoo

Symbol depression tattoos are beautiful. I have seen a lot of people draw tattoos with a symbol on their skin and it looked so nice.

Although it takes like 3-4 hours to make a symbol tattoo, they are always worth it. Some symbol depression tattoos you can get for yourself is;

Traditional Semicolon

You can draw a semicolon on your wrist or any place in your skin to remind you to keep going. As earlier said, a semicolon symbolizes that you should pause a bit and then keep going.

depression tattoos

Semicolon with flower

Don’t you think a flower depression tattoo will be lovely?  If you don’t like the idea of just tattooing only a semicolon then you should consider this tattoo.

Flowers have so many meanings in legends and myths. Take for instance the rose flower, if you have chosen to make a design of this flower on your skin because you are depressed, then it should remind you not to feel less loved. Because the rose flower signifies love. So, you can choose a flower that matches the meaning you want it to convey.

Semicolon with animal tattoo

This ink design is often made on the legs. Are you a lover of animals, dogs, or cats? Then you can tattoo the paw print of a dog or a design of a cat on your skin. It could help you during times when you are at your lowest.

Asides from acting as pets, animals can serve as emotional support when you feel lonely. Well, since your pet has no freedom to travel, you can tattoo a cat or a paw print with a semicolon if you are always depressed.

A butterfly too may also be a nice choice of a depression tattoo as it symbolizes hope, life, and transformation for people with depression.

Clock tattoo

Worried because you think you don’t have time to achieve your goals? A clock design on your skin is a reminder to keep moving.

It could also symbolize infinity, endless love, or stability. Men are usually the wearer of this kind of tattoo.

Semicolon with cross

Most people with spiritual beliefs prefer this tattoo over others. It is possible that some people with this tattoo are not depressed.

You can choose to get a cross tattoo with a semicolon as a constant reminder to have faith when things are not going as expected.

Symbol and word depression tattoo

Would you prefer to have a symbol and word depression tattoo? You can get a combination of both a word and symbol depression tattoo.

For example; you can combine a clock depression tattoo with a word like “stay strong”. This will serve as a reminder to you to hold on and stay strong no matter what you are going through.

Another great symbol and word depression tattoo is the anchor symbol with the word “hold on”. It can remind you that you are strong and you should hold on in times of difficulty. However, you can also choose to combine a flower and a word tattoo for your depression.

Something only you will understand

Do you wish to be the only one who knows the true meaning of your depression tattoo?

As long as it’s a word or a symbol that will help you during moments you feel depressed. Then getting a depression tattoo of a word or a symbol only you can understand is not a bad idea.

Although there is other tattoo design, these are the most common kinds. You can get a depression tattoo of anything you think will help you when you are depressed.

Depression Tattoo for men?

Anyone who is suffering from depression can get any of the depression tattoos listed above. Most men prefer to have their tattoos drawn on their shoulders. If you want a more masculine tattoo then we recommend;

  • The Semicolon with cross tattoo
  • The clock tattoo with a semicolon
  • The eagle tattoo
  • Black skull-inspired depression tattoo.
  • Depression tattoo with umbrella
  • Any word depression tattoo with a semicolon may help your depression.

Men go through a lot of invisible struggles that could lead to depression and getting a depression tattoo can help them overcome depression.

Depression tattoo for women?

There are so many depression tattoos for women. Most women prefer to make their ink inscription on their wrist or elbow. Only a few would like to make theirs on their stomach. This is because stomach tattoos can be painful.

Here are a few you can choose from.

  • Semicolon with flower design
  • Semicolon with butterfly
  • The semicolon flower design with word depression tattoo.
  • Depression tattoo with a black woman. This reminds you that you are strong when you feel depressed.
  • Any word depression tattoo with a semicolon that can help you snap out of depression.

Why do people get depression tattoos?

You may be wondering why people get depression tattoos. It may interest you to know that not everyone with a depression tattoo is depressed.

However, some people may choose to get a depression semicolon tattoo to show support for others who live with depression.

“I do not live with depression but I know how hard living with depression can be. Therefore, I decided to get a semicolon tattoo to show my support for everyone who lives with depression. I don’t regret it because I have been met by different people living with depression to thank me for encouraging them to keep going” Ann said.

Ann was my close friend who got depression tattoo. I knew she wasn’t depressed so I was stunned when she got a depression tattoo. That was the response she gave me when I asked her why she got a permanent ink stain for depression.

Well, most people with depression tattoos live with depression. For some of them, getting a permanent skin stain is a personal reminder of what they have overcome. This way, they keep going because they know they can still conquer whatever it is that is or will make them depressed.

For others, it is a public declaration of what they may have pulled through in life. There is often a sense of accomplishment for them when they see a positive outcome after a challenge. So, they get a tattoo to honor the incident.

In other words, few people get depression tattoos as a part of the impulsivity that sometimes comes with being depressed.

Life circumstances such as losing a loved one could also be a reason to get a depression tattoo. Losing a loved one can be very sad and may eventually go beyond normal grief, leading to depression. Other life incidents such as when parents divorce or separate can trigger depression.

Whether or not life situations lead to depression, getting a depression tattoo depends on how well a person can withstand, stay positive and receive support during any of life events.

Nevertheless, tattoos can serve as a strong reminder for people that have succeeded despite difficulty or obstacles related to their journey with depression. It can help not just individuals with depression but also those with mental health disorders.


Why should you get a depression tattoo?

I am not going to say for sure that a tattoo can entirely stop you from being depressed, but it can make you feel less depressed, here are some reasons why you may consider getting a depression tattoo.

  1. A depression tattoo can save your life especially when you have started thinking of committing suicide as a result of living with depression.
  2. It has the potential to bring you good thoughts when you are sad.
  3. It can help remind you to move forward and keep going no matter what life throws at you.
  4. A depression tattoo could be a symbol to never forget how strong and bold you are because of what you have overcome.
  5. It may help you heal.

How can you get rid of your depression tattoo?

It is okay if you got a depression tattoo during a depressive event and now you regret it and want to get rid of it.

The good news is, removal is possible.  You can get rid of it through

  • Laser treatments
  • Chemical peels
  • Dermabrasion
  • Surgical excision

Removing your depression tattoo may leave a scar on your skin. It is best to think and be sure before getting one.


It is incredible how therapeutic a depression tattoo can be, while a depression tattoo can help you if you are living with depression, you may have to think through the decision of getting one before going to the tattoo parlor as it is a permanent ink stain.

However, if you are a lover of tattoos and you are always depressed or you are living with depression, then a depression tattoo may be for you.

We suggest that you read through this article as it contains everything you need to know and more about a depression tattoo.