Depression sucks – Major signs of depression you must take note of

Depression sucks - Major signs of depression you must take note of
Depression sucks

Depression sucks – Major signs of depression you must take note of

The rate of depression is on the increase in recent times.

A study published in September 2020 in the journal. Jama network discovered that the prevalence of depression symptoms tripled in the united states and all over the globe during the Covid -19 pandemic.

Depression is a mental disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities causing significant impairment in daily life.

Note that depression only applies to a condition that continues for two weeks or more. Everyone gets to experience a bad day or some bad days once in a while. It isn’t depression when it occurs this way.

The symptoms aren’t always as obvious as crying or overwhelming despair, a reason why depression sucks.

Oftentimes, the changes are subtle and the person in question and the people around them may not easily notice, another reason why depression sucks so hard.

Because it’s impossible to see the mind of a person. To know what exactly they are going through.

It could be extremely difficult to know if an introvert is experiencing signs of depression because they are really private about their feelings. Hence, you need to be very observant because symptoms vary in people.

Some of the signs and symptoms that indicate a person may be going into depression include;

  1. Change in appetite:

Some people end up eating so much when they are depressed while some others experience loss of appetite. Not eating can lead to poor nutrition that can contribute to making depression worse.

Overfeeding also could lead to obesity and other negative health conditions. A depressed person has little or no concern about their physical wellbeing and this calls for a cause of concern.

  1. Difficulty in sleeping

A person who is going through depression begins to experience a sudden change in his/her sleeping patterns.

He may suffer insomnia (trouble in sleeping) or may find it difficult to get up from bed (sleeping too much). This could deepen depression and increase stress levels.

Depression sucks
Major signs of depression you must take note of
  1. Loses interest in activities they once found pleasurable

This condition is referred to as anhedonia, the inability to find pleasure in pleasurable activities.

Their hobbies don’t interest them anymore, even hanging out with friends as they do usually. Life becomes boring to them.

  1. Lack of concentration

Depression manifests with impatience, anxiety, worry, and lack of concentration.

Being sad or worried is normal. But when it becomes a constant feature of your life, it can weigh you down and break you.

When you’re always worrying and in deep thoughts, anxiety creeps in and you lose concentration very easily.

  1. Serious mood swing:

Depression can cause changes in mood and temperament including feelings of irritability and agitation.

A person going through depression is easily frustrated, has zero tolerance and patience, and easily picks up a fight with people around then, especially from friends and family.

Most times, the reasons for these fights are not even clear or worth it. It’s just a change that is expected from a depressed person.

  1. Expression of guilt:

A person who is depressed feels guilty and worthless about how their life is. They’ll blame themselves for not doing enough and end up feeling worthless.

  1. They may become suicidal

A severely depressed person may become occupied with thoughts of death. They conclude that they are worthless to themselves and everyone around them and since they have nothing to lose, they start considering suicide.

If you are really close to a suicidal person, you may hear them talk about what life would be like when they are gone. A lot of death conversations in their minds.

What to do next:

If you notice any of these depression symptoms in yourself or someone really close to you, get some psychological help.

Depression is a treatable disorder, therapies and a wide range of medications have been proven to help eradicate depression.

If it happens to be your friend or loved one;

Reach out to him/her and encourage her to seek professional help. Stand by her and be supportive as she will need all the encouragement and support to actually follow through.

Create a safe environment for them. If you know a depressed person who is expressing suicidal thoughts, remove any potential lethal items around them and keep a close eye on them.