7 Major signs you are dating a narcissist

They exaggerate their accomplishment

A narcissist is all about how awesome they are, how much they have accomplished, and how talented they are. Their sense of self-importance is most times exaggerated and they believe their existence is bigger and more important than anyone else including their partners.

They end up cheating

In search of complete relevance, admiration, staying important, they tend to be unfaithful. They may keep a steady relationship with you but grow other needs outside their relationship with you.

What do you do Next?

People with NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder) will find people who struggle with confidence and they will manipulate you to feel worthless and helpless without them.

Remind yourself always that your worthful and deserve so much better, you should not beg to be loved correctly.

Talk to your partner about it and consider going for therapy together, if it still does not work out, for your sanity’s sake, cut ties with them because being with someone who constantly criticizes you, belittles you, and gaslights you is not healthy.

Narcissists do not ever feel fulfilled no matter what they have because there is nothing really special to them, you will never be enough for them because they are not enough for themselves, they need validation from people to stay relevant.

This article is just for re-evaluation, if you or your partner happens to possess most of this characteristic, you may likely need to go to therapy with them, and if it does not work, for your sanity’s sake cutting ties with them may be the next best option.