7 Major signs you are dating a narcissist

Cold Emotions

People with the NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder) syndrome have really shallow emotions and having them as partners means you won’t most times be comforted on difficult days. They usually just blank out or ignore you when you are expressing really deep emotions. You now find yourself doing all it takes to get their comfort and warmth.


People with NPD are very accustomed to this psychological trick. Projection is a defense or an unconscious pattern that occurs when the poison feels psychologically threatened. The narcissistic ego is always monitoring the world for threats and often finds them, then they quickly blame other people for their deficits.

Why projection can be frustrating is because your partner keeps blaming you for wrongs they are doing, and you actually are not doing it. It may not specifically be about cheating or betrayal, most times they are accusing you of their vulnerabilities and weakness so if your partner is doing this, could be a sign you are dating a narcissist.

They are controlling-

Narcissists could be control freaks, they control you but still remain completely uninterested in other aspects of your life. Wanting to be part of your partners’ life is natural but having to control them is not healthy.

Controlling, in this case, entails always wanting to know where you are going, checking your text messages and emails, telling you what to wear and what not to wear, trying to make all the crucial decisions in your life with little or no regard for your opinion.

Gas Lighting-

In recent time, they have been a link of gaslighting to narcissism. The term Gas Light arose from a play in the 1930s where a man kept attempting to drive his wife crazy by turning down the gas-powered lights in the house. When the wife asks why he is dimming the lights, he denies saying they are no light dimmer.

Gaslighting is emotional abuse that involves denying a person’s experience and making statements like “you are being too sensitive or overreacting, it never happened”.

When you bring up something that concerns you and your partner, and he turns it into something you said years before or tries to deflect it. The repercussions or effect of gaslighting is that it leaves you confused, and you begin to question your own reality, you become the one always apologizing, you begin to lose your joy and peace of mind.