7 Major signs you are dating a narcissist

Signs proving you are dating a Narcissist

One thing for sure is that Narcissists can be very charming and highly skilled at attracting people. Their charisma can light up a room that is why some people easily fall into the trap of dating them.

Narcissists are super smart, very manipulative as they play into your vulnerabilities, egos and you are almost stuck being deeply into them that you tend not to even detect these traits. They are:

  • Manipulative

If your partner is manipulative, it could be a sign he/she is a narcissist as manipulation is a major trait they possess. They have the ability to turn situations to suit their narrative, it can be really frustrating and exhausting for their partners because they are so skillful at it that one second you are mad and blaming them for something and the next second you’re at fault and they are the victims.

Narcissists are masters of getting what they want and because they lack empathy, they go to any length to get it not caring how bad it may affect their partners.

Manipulation is their tool to get validation and attention which is their basic need.

They lack Empathy

Narcissists lack the ability to recognize the experiences and feelings of other people as long as it favors them. They are good at overstepping the boundaries of others.

They will easily say very mean words to you and not consider the pains their words would have caused. They most times engage in a one-way discussion about themselves and tend to get impatient and annoyed when the other person talks about him/herself.