7 Major signs you are dating a narcissist

Being able to pinpoint if a person is a narcissist using the official guideline could be a bit difficult especially if the person is your partner.

A narcissist may appear driven, ambitious charismatic, disciplined, and even fun to some people but with time, their real self eventually gets revealed.

A narcissist may also display attributes of hypocrisy, pathological lying, and emotional unavailability.

      Causes of Narcissistic behavior

In people who possess NPD, the trait is most times fixed in them. There is no major originating cause of narcissistic behavior but there are determining factors:

  • Being over pampered as a child
  • Broken home
  • Being abandoned and1 forced to rely on themselves.

These people have replaced the lack of love and support from a parent by overemphasizing their own self-worth. NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder) seems to affect more males than females. Not everyone who exhibits the common traits is motivated by fame or money. It’s important to make this distinction in the area of relationships.

Narcissists in a relationship feel they are more temperamentally sensitive than others, they react poorly to gentle criticism, they feel superior to others.

dating a narcissist
dating a narcissist