What to say to the covid-19 vaccine hesitant

What to say to the covid-19 vaccine hesitant
What to say to the covid-19 vaccine hesitant

What to say to the covid-19 vaccine hesitant, We hear some people say they are still observing, it’s like they are expecting something tragic to happen so they can say I told you all this vaccine was a bad idea that’s why I decided to wait and see.

You wouldn’t blame them for thinking so, Covid 19 really took a bad turn that no one ever saw coming. It caused a lot of horrific loss that most families are yet to recover from so it is understandable why some people want to wait and see before taking the vaccine, there’s a lot of uncertainty in their minds.

However, these ideas are all in contrast to what experts from around the world have told the public about the covid 19 vaccines.

Experts say that they are safe, effective and made using the same precautions and methods for other vaccines from development to clinical trials to emergency use authorizations granted by the US Food and Drugs Administration.

Experts who are still trying to spread the word about the vaccine have noticed that the issues people have about the vaccine is often centered on anxieties than facts said Heidi Larson, an anthropologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Global vaccine expert.

“This can be a messy, emotional, difficult space so trying to convince or lecture them about why they should take the vaccine should be something you treat with caution”, be ready if the conversation gets emotional.

Some people have totally ruled out every possibility of taking the vaccine while some others are likely to change their minds, they just want to get more information from people who have been vaccinated before deciding to take theirs. These are the people who fall into the “vaccine hesitant category”

covid-19 vaccine hesitant
covid-19 vaccine hesitant

What to say to the covid-19 vaccine hesitant category?

  1. The first thing you have to do is to make sure you listen to them first.

There are a lot of reasons we already know probably based on research as to why people may be hesitant to take the vaccine but try to listen and address their concerns and not what you assume their concerns may be.

Listen to their questions and answer them sensitively, ensure you have your facts right.

Let people know that it is okay to have questions and doubt. Letting people have a safe space to have this conversation is essential.

  1. Whoever you may be trying to convince needs to feel safe taking the vaccine and not pressured to do so. Hearing from people who have taken the vaccine will help them a lot.

Some experts have recommended you get videos about people who have taken the vaccine, the videos should entail their experience from day one to the reactions or side effects they must have experienced.

Try to get videos of people who speak different languages so you can also reach out to people who speak same language and are yet to take the vaccine. Share the videos on YouTube and other social media platforms, this will be a huge step in getting them comfortable to consider taking the vaccine too.

covid-19 vaccine hesitant
covid-19 vaccine hesitant
  1. Keep your explanations simple and not focused on science specifically

Some people who are still waiting to see before they take the vaccine likely need more information because they don’t have all the information they need to convince them to change their minds.

Science alone is not going to change the mind of those with strong beliefs, instead appeal to altruism that getting vaccinated will help protect their families and community by getting all of us closer to achieving herd immunity.

  1. Tell them about how safe the vaccine is;

Some people do not know the statistics of people who have already taken the vaccine to get immunity against the virus.

Tell those who don’t know while reminding others that the vaccine has been tested on ten thousands of people and that the vaccine has shown to be safe in all ethnicities.

covid-19 vaccine hesitant
covid-19 vaccine hesitant
  1. Show Empathy

Making people feel stupid when they ask questions is a total no and will just make them stay vaccine hesitant.

The coronavirus is one virus that has caused a lot of damage so it’s very understandable when people need to clear every benefit of doubt they may have about taking the vaccine, hear them out and be very understanding while trying to make them see reasons why they should take the vaccine.

  1. Use Humor

Don’t be too boring or intense, use humor to lighten the situation. Make people feel comfortable enough to open up to you about the fears they have concerning the vaccine.

  1. Share your personal experience:

For people who have been in the wait-and-see group before changing their mind, it will be easier for you to convince a person who is in the same category as you use to be to take the vaccine.

Share your personal experience and how you were able to overcome your fears and finally make up your mind to take the vaccine.

Tell them about how confidently safe and immune you felt after taking the vaccine and how them doing the same can guarantee the same immunity.