Why take Pre-Workout Supplements? – Total War Pre-Workout Supplement

Is your Workout style correct? Fitness enthusiasts have various misunderstandings and bad practices when exercising. For some of them, the workout is limited to physical activity. For them, this is a cycle that prepares the body to consume energy, fatigue the muscles, and then recover. But of course, this should not be the case. The workout follows a strict cycle. When each stage of the cycle is not completed correctly, it can take time to achieve the desired results. One of the main phases of an exercise cycle that is not completed properly is the pre-exercise phase. For a complete workout, you need to take a pre-workout supplement.

Why take supplements before Workout? 

The fat remains in the body, so after exercise, the fat is still there because the body has enough blood sugar to use. To generate energy, it is necessary to burn fats. To solve this problem, people should eat more amino acids instead of foods rich in carbohydrates, so that they can be used as a source of energy for the body. These amino acids will prepare the body. The type of supplements you take before exercise will determine how much you invest in your workout.

When choosing the best pre-workout supplement, you should consider a pre-workout supplement that guarantees better performance, greater strength, greater endurance, reduced muscle breakdown during training, higher energy concentration, higher metabolic rate and that creates better hormonal development. One of the best pre-workout supplements is Total war pre-workout.

What is a total war pre-workout? 

Redcon1 Total War is a pre-workout formula designed to increase energy, strength, and training intensity. It is a powerful supplement for serious athletes. Total War is manufactured by RedCon1, which is relatively new in the healthcare industry under the leadership of Aaron Singerman, an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. Their motto is "the highest state of preparedness", and total war is to make yourself fully prepared to attack heavy objects.


Total War pre-workout is intended for use by men and women. When taken as directed, it will create an incredible muscle-pumping sensation during your workout. However, if the pump is what you want, you should read our review of the best pump supplements for blood vessels here. It can also provide you with a continuous release of energy throughout the training process without collision. You will get an hour and a half of booster energy, which will slowly and naturally weaken.

All the ingredients used in Total War have a scientific basis in the product. There is no proprietary blend in this product, which means you know exactly what you are getting and the amount. RedCon1 particularly ensure that the dosage meets the clinically proven requirements.


  • Clinically proven ingredients and dosages.
  • Produce effective pumps
  • Long-term energy
  • No crashes


  • May be too powerful for some people.

Are there any known side effects of the Total War Pre-workout supplement? 

All ingredients in Total War are completely natural and the dosages are in line with clinical recommendations. This means that total war is a complement to security. But it should be noted that this is a tough training formula. Some people may not adapt to the intensity it produces in terms of muscle pumping and energy stimulation.

If you are a hardcore trainer, you should only participate in total war. If you are a novice or just haven't spent much time in the gym, you should probably use one of the other pre-workout supplements.


Citrulline malate: You will take 6 grams from total war. The amino acid citrulline malate is the precursor of arginine, which in turn is the precursor of nitric oxide. It has been clinically proven to increase NO levels, leading to an increase in blood flow and the resulting pump. Most supplements cannot give you enough citrulline malate to do many good things. The 6 grams you get in each dose of Total War is just right for your blood pumping volume.

Beta-Alanine: The clinical dose of Beta-Alanine is 3.2 grams per serving. Beta-Alanine will give you more resistance to training. It is the precursor of carnosine, which is a proven endurance enhancer.

Agmatine Sulfate: In Total War, you will get one gram of Agmatine Sulfate. This is used in combination with citrulline malate to produce an excellent pumping feel during training. Activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase will further increase the production of nitric oxide.

Taurine: Total War contains one gram of taurine, which can provide enhanced mental energy for your workouts. It can also reduce the oxidative damage to cells caused by high-intensity training.

Caffeine: Total War contains 250 mg of caffeine per serving. Since all other stimulants are included, the dosage here is very conservative. This means that you will not be affected by the manic, stubborn nervousness that people often feel when taking caffeine-rich supplements. The caffeine in Total War combined with a few other very powerful stimulants can produce amazing results. These include yohimbine, theobromine, eriajarensis, and 2-aminoisoheptane. This mixture will make caffeine work more effectively.

How to take Total War pre-workout supplement?

Total war is a powder mixed with water. Before going to the gym, you should drink one tablespoon (14.5 grams). There are three flavors of Total War:

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Fruit Punch
  • Watermelon


Total War can be purchased online for $44.99. Each container can make 30 servings, which is equivalent to one serving.