Hit the Ground Running – The best Manual for New Leaders

The hardest job in business is taking over the new leader. You need to quickly assess the situation, build a strong team, decide on a strategy, and motivate everyone to execute it. The stakes for the new leader are higher. Whether they lead you to repair broken things, launch products, take the company in a new direction, or lead a department, every new leader is trying to accelerate and start generating solid numbers ASAP.

In Hit the Ground Running, Jason Jennings introduced us to America's top-performing new CEOs, who have made the most impressive changes in a decade. Their revenue has doubled, their earnings per share have more than tripled, and the company's net profit margin has doubled as well.

After interviewing and analyzing the stories of these senior leaders, Jennings came up with his tried and hard-won strategy that will inspire any new leader to take the helm and start delivering.

About Jason Jennings:

Jason Jennings has spent more than 20 years teaching entrepreneurs how to build great organizations. Lives near San Francisco

He gives more than 60 keynote speeches every year and is the author of the first two commercial best-selling books: Less is more, not eating too much, but eating slowly. Hit the Ground Running is his best manual for new leaders.

Introduction to Hit the Ground Running:

Every manager or leader should start working!

When you have the opportunity to be responsible and you are doing well, you put yourself on the radar of leadership. Do it right the second time, and you will be called a trusted go-to manager and you can achieve results.

However, if you get it right, you will add a long list of questions to the company. Of course, if the "A" list is not available or no one else wants to assign it, you may have another chance. But if you don't get it right the second time, you will enter another administrative radar system; This system will warn the board and boss that when they elect you, they are making a risky bet. Who wants to hire, promote, take risks, and trust someone with a big question mark on their back? (Who has the motivation to work for him?)

Now, the stakes for executives are higher than ever. Promoters have less and less time to become agitators. On average, top managers only have about three years to work their magic. Then they move on or they leave.

So, whether you are starting a new career, launching a new product, or becoming more responsible, you need to know how to stay current, make the right decisions quickly, and start producing positive results quickly. Hit the Ground Running is the complete guide for leaders.

You need a seat on Front Row: 

If the organization has a manual for its new leader, this is a good example of how to do business in the company daily. Trial and error in the real world, Hit the Ground Running is good for learning what to do and what not to do.

93% of executives admitted that their company did not keep a reliable record of the steps that led them to make the best or worst management decisions. So there is almost no practical wisdom to follow. Memory is unreliable. People count their success and often forget their mistakes.