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What to do and what to avoid for a healthy relationship?

A relationship is always the most important part of life and love is the most important story. But sometimes, alone love is not enough. It takes two people to commit and take responsibility for this direct relationship. Both must be reversed. At the same time, it is also the hardest and easiest thing in the world. Today we will tell you about 10 things that are essential to any happy relationship besides love.

  1. Trust 

It is necessary to believe that we are your choice, that we are very important, and that the love you give us (and the love we return to you). In short, trust in the love that connects us with that person. This means that you do not allow yourself to be overcome by unfounded and illogical fears that will gradually erode love.

  1. Friendship 

You must have heard that the greatest love story is born out of friendship. Whether it is true or not, the truth is that the friendship and affection for the other half are the basis of all the relationships.

  1. Commitment 

The success of a relationship depends directly on how much both parties invest in it. Your relationship should be your top priority, invest in it and invest your time, energy, and energy. This way, your partner will know what is important in your life.

  1. Communication 

Communication requires a call. Listening is necessary. A direct relationship is one in which both parties put fear and humility aside and talk openly about the things that worry them and the things that motivate them. The passive-aggressive attitude of waiting for the other person to know what we want (because they should know) is somewhere between disagreement and frustration.

  1. Respect 

Because there is no love without respect. Yes, Passion, perhaps. But love? Loving means respecting each other. Understand it and respect its essence. Its truth is not absolute. It is necessary to respect (or more) the differences as much as the similarities.

  1. Accept 

It is full of small (and delicious) flaws. You will have defects that annoy you and addictions that make you anxious. This is part of it. You must accept the whole of this person. If the other person has a characteristic that you can’t imagine (and you find it difficult to accept, even if you don’t say so), the relationship is more likely to be “destined” and to end sooner or later. But not before many setbacks!

  1. Admiration 

Loving someone you admire is the greatest luck. Our admiration for the one we love is this feeling that drives us to plan the lives of two people, to want to be part of that person’s life, and to be proud of having him.

  1. Loyalty 

Yes, the concept of infidelity varies from partner to partner. The important thing is that everyone abides by the “rules.” Loyalty is nothing more than respect for the people we agree to prioritize in our lives. If you have questions about his behavior, think about “If it were me, how would I react?”

  1. Sorry 

Your partner will fail. Not always, but sometimes. He will disappoint you, have an attitude that will make you sad, and you may even make him angry. If so, you need to know how to forgive when you are asked for (and deserve) forgiveness. Get rid of resentment and forgiveness. In this way, you will feel the true extension of love, which often leads us to place someone’s feelings above our own.

  1. Shared experiences 

When we love someone, we want to be part of their life, and we want that person to be part of our lives. Sharing experiences and tastes is a way for someone to integrate into our world. Therefore, whether it is a one-time adventure or an ordinary daily activity, the activities of both are indispensable.

8 things that will destroy your relationship

  1. Do not share quality time 

If there is something crucial to building a direct relationship, it is the time you spend together. It is perfectly normal to dedicate a part of your life to your friends and family, but you should not neglect your partner. It is important to find the perfect balance. Also, contrary to what many couples think, for example, watching television together does not mean that they are spending time together and enjoying each other’s time. Marital interaction is very important in motivating love.

  1. Let the charm fade 

As the relationship develops, the compliment will gradually fade until it is almost non-existent. Indeed, this relationship has developed. Everyone knows the best and worst of each other. They are very sure about the future and the path they will travel together, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to remember certain things with each other, such as The color that suits you best or how beautiful your green eyes are, these little gifts can help you spend the day easily, and of course, you will laugh from ear to ear. On the contrary, it will only cause even a small injury to the hearts of the couple, and it will also make them a sad partner for both parties of a direct relationship in daily life.

  1. Don’t know how to listen. 

Communication is essential to a direct relationship. But understand that communication is more than just talking. This is also passive listening. This is essential and fundamental. However, your partner often needs your opinion, so passive listening is not a nod, nod, nod! Focus on the present and dedicate this time to your partner. Poor or insufficient communication can cause conflicts that are difficult to resolve and overcome.

  1. Permanent complaint 

Constructive criticism is always welcome, not only in romantic relationships but also in various relationships. But be careful! They can easily cross the “boundary” and change from constructive criticism to malicious and continuous criticism. This will destroy any relationship, rather than let it grow and develop healthily and powerfully.

  1. Try to shape our image and similarities 

This couple does not have to be or do what you want to do! We can only accept certain characteristics of each other without trying to shape our path. Focus on improving your behavior and temperament, which will be more attractive than stubborn power. Therefore, most things may change for you and become better in your opinion.

  1. Avoid problems and arguments 

Discuss, argue and argue. Is this something you often do? The solution is dialogue. Many couples make the serious mistake of pretending to agree on a particular issue, when in fact they did not agree. By not talking about problems, terrible arguments are avoided. This attitude is not good for your relationship, because over time it will cause your anger to grow significantly and uncontrollably. The best way is to speak. Face your problems and disagreements with maturity and share your feelings without reservation.

  1. Commitment

The foundation of any relationship is trust, so please commit. Promise what you can deliver. Realistic and cautious. Crumpled lies delivery.

  1. Test the loyalty of your peers 

Have you thought about it? Don’t put the love of others to the test! The loyalty of the other side… It will affect your confidence, the confidence of those around you, and it will not solve any problem.

Seems very simple. What if!

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