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Sally’s Beauty Supply -Customer service and Reviews

Sally’s beauty supply is important for today’s beauty product companies to understand the needs of their customers. More traditional retailers are opening up near you, while other heavyweight and non-traditional competitors, such as online retailers and cross-border e-commerce, are attracting their customer traffic. However, it is still possible. If you know exactly what your customers want, you will find a solution.

Sally’s beauty supply is a brand that keeps all the requirements under consideration.

The beauty product that customers dream of? 

Sally’s beauty supply analyzes customer opinions to study which factors are most decisive for customers’ perception and evaluation of beauty products. These factors will serve as a benchmark for Sally’s beauty supply to improve customer review ratings.

Customers want a variety of hair products: wigs of various styles and colors 

When customers evaluate a range of products in a store, they usually think of a series of wigs. Although there are some regional differences, if the store offers a variety of styles and colors of wigs, customers usually think that the store offers a large number of products for purchase.

Also, in western countries, the width of the braid has become an important factor. The third aspect is the breadth of the coloring products. This factor is particularly important in the East and the West.

Although African American customers also like colors, a large number of Latin American customers in these regions may be the reason for this phenomenon. When considering the inventory turnover rate, Sally’s beauty supply sets the storage priority that meets the needs of consumers, that is, maximize the style and color range of wig products, and then stock braids, etc.

Sally is the standard of good customer service:

In many Google reviews, customers comment on the store’s friendly and professional service, which is equivalent to “Sally’s customer service” or not on par with Sally’s dissatisfaction. For example, a customer commented on the professional and friendly customer service of a beauty product in California and commented using the following analogy: a larger version of Sally Beauty. Therefore, many customers regard Sally’s friendly and professional service as the standard of good customer service in beauty shops. In other words, if you are better than Sally, you are fine. If it is worse than Sally’s, you need to upgrade. You may want to visit Sally Beauty supply stores to see how they greet you and help you shop to achieve benchmarking goals. Also, when considering sourcing options, you can look for products that are sold as popular items at the Sally’s Beauty supply.

Customers speak frankly in Google reviews

Because it is human nature not to speak frankly, customers can speak more frankly with third parties rather than speak directly to people. Google comments play a third-party role in this conversation. Today, many people use Google reviews in a variety of ways, such as choosing a restaurant or hiring a business to provide services. When it comes to beauty supply, more and more people consider reviews before planning to go to a retail store. Wholesale companies are increasingly using them.

Sally’s beauty supply considers the following factors in customer reviews 

Positive factors include

(1) a wide range of choices

(2) low prices

 (3) friendly staff

(4) more than just friendly professional advice and advice

(5) Attraction’s ongoing promotional activities are the most discussed.

More factors are leading to negative reviews. Many customers complained of

(1) insufficient consultation and assistance when shopping

(2) reluctantly buying more expensive products

(3) rude attitude

(4) suspected customer theft

(5) inconvenient business hours

(6) complaints related to returns

(7) disappointing products

(8) overpriced items.

Sally’s beauty supply divided a total of 90 Google reviews into East, Southeast, West, Southwest, and Midwest by region, and analyzed them according to the methods above. The relative importance of various factors varies in different regions, and even the standards for each factor are slightly different.

Important Consumer Factors by Region 

Except for the Midwest, the positive factors in all regions are roughly the same in order of importance, although the relative importance varies from region to region. For this analysis, Sally’s beauty supply selected 20 Google reviews for each region (except the Midwest). The average review score in the east is 3.9, and the average score in all other regions is 4.0. The average review per store is 85 reviews.

What do customers think of the product range? 

In terms of product range, customers focus primarily on wig styles and colors when evaluating satisfaction with the product range. In particular, many consumer reviews in the East and West have mentioned the diversity of wig colors. In addition, Eastern New Yorkers and Western Californians are generally satisfied with the wide selection of colorants. Another characteristic of the West is that consumers have the same appreciation for all kinds of braids and wigs, although not so much.

Product range and friendly employees are the main positive factors 

In most regions, the product range is the main positive factor, except for the Midwest, where friendly employees become more important with a slight advantage. The second is price.

 Are Sally’s beauty supply more friendly? 

Beauty products can be roughly divided into chain retail stores and individual retail stores. Although there are significant differences between dashboards, Sally’s beauty supply generally gets better reviews for staff friendliness and professional product recommendations. Although some chains have relatively low consumer ratings, Sally’s beauty supply has higher ratings and is more evenly distributed.

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