Can sitting in an infrared sauna help you lose weight

can sitting in an infrared sauna really help me lose weight/
can sitting in an infrared sauna really help me lose weight

Can sitting in an infrared sauna help you lose weight?

Imagine if losing weight was this easy!

Just sitting, relaxing, and letting the heat penetrate your skin while your body fat melts sounds really amazing. But, if it was this easy, a million persons will be physically fit.

Can sitting in an infrared sauna help you lose weight as most sites and experts claim?

Is it really possible to sweat out fat as a result of the heat oozing from the infrared sauna? This sounds like a myth or a lie. But, many infrared sauna experts claim that you could actually shed a few pounds and lose weight by using infrared saunas.

Infrared sauna

In case you are not aware: the infrared saunas are heated from 120 to 140 degrees while the traditional sauna is heated to 200 degrees.

A sauna is a room whit lots of heat. The Turkish-style saunas have a lot of steam while the Finnish-style saunas are usually dry. A sauna session lasts for about 15 to 30 minutes.

Infrared experts or gurus say there are lots of benefits gotten from just stripping down in infrared hot boxes. According to them, these benefits include weight loss, detoxification from toxins and heavy metals, rapid recovery of muscle and, smoother skin.

Now, back to the question: “can sitting in an infrared sauna help you lose weight”. These experts claim that you lose actual weight, that is body fat and not water weight when you use an infrared sauna.

These benefits are so because the infrared light waves present in the saunas are capable of penetrating the skin. Since they have this capability, they can as well burn fat, rid your system of blood floating fats like cholesterol, and fat.

Saunas, whether infrared or traditional can also increase your core temperature leading to a rise in heart rate. According to a 2017 study, after a 30 minutes’ sauna session, the participant’s heart rates were elevated- which is the same as the result experienced by people who perform intense cardio exercises like running, burpees, skipping ropes.

When you frequently engage in exercises that pump your heart rate, you could lose weight. Since a 30 minutes’ sauna session can pump your heart rate as well, infrared experts and sauna lovers believe it can aid weight loss. Pretty weird right?

Can sitting in an infrared sauna help you lose weight?

Can you really heat yourself thin?

To be honest, there is no study that shows long-term weight loss after using infrared saunas. Normally, you should be able to lose weight healthfully and permanently. Nobody wants to lose weight for a couple of months and go back to putting on weight.

Nevertheless, there is no study to prove that you could lose weight permanently from using infrared saunas.

A very small study conducted at Binghamton University in New York exposed some people to an infrared sauna for 45 minutes, three times every week for four months.

After the duration of the study, people who used the sauna had their body fat reduced by 4 percent compared to the control group whose body did not change.

However, during the course of the study, the participant’s diet or exercise was not controlled or limited. So, we cannot say for sure what really triggered their weight loss.

Are there body benefits?

There could be some really nice benefits associated with using infrared saunas. Some people say that using an infrared sauna makes them feel better. And, it could cause weight loss.

Since the infrared sauna can help them feel better, more relaxed, less stressed, and worried, it could aid in weight loss. Stress plays a major role in weight gain and weight loss. So, if an infrared can help you feel less stressed, it may aid in weight loss.

In a study published in springer loss, it was found that the infrared light waves emitted from the sauna for heat production improved exercise recovery. Therefore, if your workout session causes muscle fatigue or soreness, relaxing in a sauna can help induce exercise recovery and get you back to lifting weights and performing squats.

Should you hit up the heat?

If you could actually feel comfortable in excessive heat, then give infrared saunas a trial. First, you have to talk to your doctor to make sure your body doesn’t react negatively to it.

And even if a sauna gets your heart rate high and induces sweat, it’s never a good replacement for exercise.

How do infrared saunas help me lose weight?

According to some infrared experts and studies, infrared saunas can aid weight loss by heating your core temperature to further pump your heart rate and induce sweat. When your body is heated by a sauna, blood flow, sweating, heart rate, are increased plus it boosts muscle recovery so you are back to the gym in no time- all of which can facilitate weight loss.

How much weight can I lose in an infrared sauna?

To lose weight, lots of factors should be considered like nutrition, diet, lifestyle, current weight, exercise, and fitness level. A sauna can be a great addition to facilitate weight loss.

A session can help you lose about 5 pounds but when you begin eating and drinking water, you gain it back. So, you cannot rely totally on saunas to aid weight. You can only add it to your weight loss plan and combine it with regular exercise, a balanced diet, and stress management.

 How can I make an infrared sauna work for weight loss?

Infrared saunas could be effective for weight loss but you have to put in the work. To make it work, you have to make sauna visits two to three times a week for two weeks. Then, eat the right foods that can aid weight loss and ditch the foods that can aid weight gain.

Also, include cardio and strength training exercises into this routine for effective weight loss. During this routine, you must drink lots of water. This is because the heat from the infrared sauna can cause dehydration and bad symptoms.

How often should I use the infrared sauna to lose weight?

You can use the infrared sauna two times every week for 15-20 weeks to lose weight.

Is an infrared sauna good for losing weight?

Infrared saunas can only aid permanent and effective weight loss when you combine it with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Can I have a sauna every day?

It is not healthy to have a sauna every day. You can go for it once every two days and then reduce it to two times or one time a week.


The truth is… you could lose weight by simply managing stress, eating well and exercising regularly. Your heart is raised properly and your metabolism is true.

Saunas will facilitate heart raise and metabolism by increasing your temperature. Enjoying a sauna is a great addition to your weight loss routine.

But, using a sauna alone without exercise and diet will not facilitate effective, permanent and healthy weight loss.