The Complete guide about butt implants

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bbl bbl meaning bbl surgery bbl cost what is bbl surgery bbl side effects

What you should know about butt implants

Almost everyone who has heard about butt implants is curious about what it entails. Hence the question is, what exactly should I know about butt implant”

Butt implants are a cosmetic surgery procedure an individual engages in, to increase or resize the shape of the butt. Therefore improving its appearance and aesthetic appeal.

The beauty world is ever-advancing and it will continually do so. On daily basis we hear of different trends in the beauty industry, butt implant is a very popular trend in the beauty world.

While butt implants might be trendy in the fashion empire, there are people with no idea what butt implants actually mean.

This article will answer lots of questions relating to butt implants including;

Butt implants cost, butt implants before and after, and the risks associated with butt implants.

What is a Butt implant?

According to Wikipedia, a butt implant is a form of plastic surgery performed on the gluteal region (buttocks). For the purpose of aesthetic enhancement of the shape or contour of the butt.

The major purpose or goal of a butt implant or lift is to enhance the anatomical curvature of the gluteal region.

There are different techniques cosmetic surgeons use in improving the appearance of the butt. They include;

Gluteal implant (what is generally known as butt implant)

The material used in butt implant is silicone hence, it is also referred to as the silicone implant.

This is quite different from other processes of butt enhancement. Solid silicone implants are prepared, an incision is made in the butt cheeks and the implants are placed.

For a more natural look, silicone implants are placed beneath the gluteal muscle and not above. Implants placed above may sag or fall out of place.

Silicone is widely accepted because it is relatively safe. A good choice for people with less deposition of body fat, and also enhances the appearance of the butt.

The gluteal implant is performed in combination with fat transfer or butt enhancement injections.

How long does it take?

The procedure may last for 1-3  hours, this is highly dependent on the surgeon.

The baseline average for recovery after a silicone implant is approximately 3-4 weeks.

However, individuals who partake in this procedure are advised to cultivate certain lifestyle changes that favor their recent body addition.

Brazilian Butt Luft

The bbl meaning is Brazilian butt lift or fat transfer as it is popularly known. (bbl surgery) It is a cosmetic surgery that involves the transfer of excessive fat from different parts of the body e.g. thigh and abdomen to the buttocks.

Most times this process is performed together with the silicone implant.

Sculptura butt lift

This is another butt enhancement technique however it is expensive and takes a while to notice any improvement.

Sculptura butt lift is comparable to lipo laser which specializes in an inch loss after its sessions.

If you are familiar with Botox or other fillers used in filling up wrinkles or aging lines, this is exactly what Sculptura butt lift is.

This injectable filler people use to enhance their butt is Sculptura.

It is a non-invasive procedure, however, it is expensive and the results take months or less before it becomes noticeable.

Bottom line

If you want an instant butt enhancement, this is definitely not a good choice.

It is a process that requires patience and consistency as it works to form collagen which works in increasing the size of the butt.

Hydrogel or silicone injections

This is another cheaper and temporary means of enhancing the curve of the butt.

It is a non-surgical process that is extremely dangerous to your body.

Unlike the solid silicone implant, this is an aqueous form that might spread to other parts of the body and result in cancerous growth

Bottom line

The major idea is to improve the physical appearance of your butt while staying alive in the process.

Your health is important and should be a major determinant when choosing to engage in a butt implant.

FDA has not approved hydrogel or silicone injections, don’t endanger your health by using these injections.

How long do butt implants last?

We all want to know the value of our money whenever we make a purchase. This is not different when it comes to the butt implant process.

Everyone is curious about how long this procedure will last and the factors that increase or decrease its life span.

One major factor that influences the life span of butt implants is the choice of gluteal implant the cosmetic surgeon uses.

The most chosen and recommended butt implant material is silicone, it is durable and lasts for over 10 years.

The second factor is your choice of a cosmetic surgeon. So many people do not want to spend so much money therefore they visit non-professional surgeons who perform surgeries with low-quality implants.

This will definitely last for a shorter time, it could also lead to other problems that may be very challenging to your health.

Are butt implants very common?

Over the years, the growth of butt argumentation has doubled. CNBC results show that breast surgery still ranks as the 1st most performed surgery.

However body contour especially butt enlargement is gaining more popularity. The growth is massive as it seems like everyone wants to have like Beyonce or Kim Kardashian butt.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that butt implants increased by 18 percent from 2015-2016. The United state of America records over 20,673 butt augmentation in 2017.

This shows that butt implants are quite a popular trend in the beauty and media industry.

What are the risks of butt implants?

Although some butt implants are relatively safe, there are still some risks of the process.

  • Some individuals undergo excessive bleeding after surgery.
  • Allergic reactions are another risk of butt implants.
  • If the procedure was not carried out by a professional or perhaps if the individual fails to adhere to instructions given by the surgeon. The implant might slip out of its original position and this will require another surgery.
  • Damage to nerve

The doctor makes an incision above, beneath, or in the middle of the butt in order to insert the silicone implant.

The individual makes this decision with supervision from the cosmetic surgeon.  While making the incision, there is a risk of damaging a nerve. This possibility is higher if the incision is below the gluteus. Damage to the nerve will lead to paralysis within the area and give rise to an uneven appearance.

  • Overwhelming pain
  • Infection
  • Accumulation of fluid or blood around the gluteal region.
  • Scars

How much does butt implant cost?

The cost of butt implants is dependent on the country and the surgeon. It could be between the range of $3,000 – $10,000.

4 reasons for getting a butt implant

People do different things for different reasons, however, if your reason is that your friend just had an implant, well we guess it’s still a reason after all.

  1. Goodbye long gym hours

Ever since people discovered a faster way to achieve their dream body shape, they gave up on squats and lunges. Before the introduction of butt implants, the only way to have a perfectly curved is if you were born that way or perhaps how many hours you spend in the gym. Therefore butt implant is a faster way to achieve a physically attractive butt.

  1. A boost for self-esteem
  2. To look better in clothes

4.To reduce saggy or excessive fat around the gluteal region.

Recovering From Butt Implants

Many people feel lots of pain after the implant, it is a risk that most are aware of but are willing to take.

Ask your doctor for a prescription to manage the pain.

After butt implant, individuals who undergo the procedure receive certain instructions like;

  1. Avoid sitting on your butt or lying with your back on the bed for a minimum of 2-3 weeks. It could be longer, listen to the instructions given by your doctor.
  2. Ensure that you are present for your post-surgical procedure for further care and advice.
  3. Avoid any heavy lifting or activity that involves lifting heavyweight.
  4. Most doctors advise their clients to avoid taking a shower for 2 or more days.
  5. Individuals who undergo butt implants should wear compression garments.


Butt implants are a trend that almost everyone wants a taste of. The need to look or feel a certain way is financing the butt enhancement industry.

If you have made a decision to undergo butt implant surgery, ensure that you have consultations with your doctor.

Talk about what you want and listen carefully to their professional advice. Don’t allow the need to look a certain way to ruin your chances of living a healthy and happy life.

If your doctor says it’s a risky procedure for you make sure you listen to them. If they advise you to pick a smaller size of silicone implant, we are sure they have their reason.

You can ask further questions to ensure that you fully understand the reason for their suggestions.

Visit a certified cosmetic surgeon, not just any that claims to perform body contouring surgeries.

Post-surgical procedures are as important as the implantation process. Don’t miss your appointment days and stick with the instructions given by your doctor.

If you feel any discomfort or pain that persists few days after surgery and regular intake of pain medication. It is important that you consult your doctor immediately.