10 unhealthy brain damaging habits to quit

10 unhealthy brain-damaging habit to quit
10 unhealthy brain-damaging habit to quit

10 unhealthy brain-damaging habits to quit

What exactly are brain-damaging habits and how does it affect our health?

There are so many activities that are part of our regular routine. However, they are potentially damaging to our brain.

In our society today, we focus on skincare, body size, and facial care but we forget about the internal organs like our brain and heart that need regular care.

Our brain is responsible for so many activities that we engage in. It receives information from receptors and interprets it in the effector organ.

It is also the seat for intelligence, memory, and consciousness. This is a very important organ that we should take good care of by reconstructing our daily routine and activities.

There are so many habits we engage in that are potentially damaging to our brain.

Most times we ignorantly engage in these activities that are responsible for several mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and physical ailments like Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, stroke, and cancer.

Although there are other factors that play a role in proper brain functioning including diet and genetics.

However, our lifestyle choices also play significant roles in determining the effective functioning of our brain.

Brain damaging habit to quit

  1. Inadequate sleep

You have seen this on so many sites, books and videos. I’m quite sure that on your last visit to the hospital your doctor told you to have at least 8 hours of sleep.

It’s quite ironic that we expect our body and brain to function effectively 24/7. When we cannot give it the effective amount of rest it requires.

Most people feel like sleeping is a waste of time. But is it really true?

It is true that so many people have insomnia (I.e. they have a sleeping disorder) while others have slowly adapted to their inability to sleep due to their work or lifestyle choice.

This is wrong, when we fail to sleep properly we regularly deplete the brain’s ability to function.

Have you noticed that you feel weak and unproductive when you don’t get enough hours of sleep?

Sleep deprivation negatively affects the neurons and prevents them from functioning effectively. Hence the tiredness and weakness you feel.

If sleep deprivation becomes a habit, your brain essentially gets weaker as the day goes by.

Bottom line

There are some days we just need to meet up that deadline hence the need to stay away.

Occasionally it happens to everyone however, this should not become a habit.

This is a dangerous habit to form, you might feel immune right now.

However, what happens when you grow older and your brain starts reacting to the negative lifestyle choices you made.

Sleep deprivation is not a habit to form, work is good, making money is better but the proper functioning of our brain is the priority.

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