The 7 best ways to compliment a girl

The 7 best ways to compliment a girl
The 7 best ways to compliment a girl

The 7 best ways to compliment a girl

Compliment a girl with sincerity and love. If it’s fake she might notice.

Many self-proclaimed dating gurus would claim giving women compliments is needy and weak. This is absolutely true if you give out bland, unoriginal compliments to seek validation and affection.

That is if you are not super creative with words. And you find it difficult to even express your admirations effectively.

The problem is that a lot of guys give compliments with strings attached. They feel, “If I say this line, I heard from that movie then she’ll like me more.”

The compliments are fake and women can sense it – especially if you are unoriginal and they did nothing to deserve them.

You need to have a store where you can run off to purchase the best compliments for girls and won’t sound like a Nollywood actor giving out bland tasteless lines.

Well, welcome to that store, only that here, it’s free and you don’t need to be a poet to apply them.

Having a myriad of compliments is necessary! Want to know why? Because one of the perfect ways to get a girlfriend or a girl to fall for you is by complimenting her.

Naturally, women have been wired to get excited or blush whenever they hear heartwarming compliments or receive sweet messages from their lovers.

But for your compliments to be effective and help you get the girl; you have to be genuine and put any negative ulterior motive behind you.

Complimenting a person, whether boy or girl, is an amazing, simple, and direct way to show them you are romantically interested in them.

It makes the person feel good about themselves, boosts their morale or self-confidence, and gets them attached to you a little bit.

Now, you do not have to over exaggerate these compliments till it becomes not so genuine anymore.

Plus, as the days go by. You have to come up with new compliments to impress the lady. Not every compliment means the same thing. Rather than say you look pretty all the time, try something new.

There are tons and tons of compliments and you have to come up with the best so she can at least form a smile on her lips.

A sincere compliment can do lots of sweet things and instead of cause damage, it could even fix or repair any damage done in the past.

Compliments shouldn’t only focus on physical appearance or looks. You could compliment her personality trait, talent, character, and more.

The 7 best ways to compliment a girl
The 7 best ways to compliment a girl

Best compliments to sweep her off her feet.

These compliments are reliable, will sweep her off her feet and you could use them confidently. Compliments can perform amazing magic- it could brighten her day, lift her mood and take you one closer to winning her heart.

Know that while compliments are magical, they will take a while to work. Do not expect the girl to accept you with open arms right away. It’s a gradual process that needs confidence and patience.

Take your time, one step at a time and one compliment at a time. After complimenting her, be observant of her body language and reaction as it will help to guide you next time.

For the special and important girls present in your life, try out these compliments on them.

  1. Compliment Her Physical Appearance

Women always put in the effort, time, and energy to look their best. They’ll get the best things to look good for themselves or their boyfriends. And not complimenting a girl that looks really beautiful and adorable can make her sad. She may feel like all her efforts were in vain.

Start by observing her hair all the way down to her toes. Do you love the way her hair is packed and styled, say it! Is the color of her nail polish one of your favorites, come on, confidently say it!

  • Compliment her physical attributes

You could say how much you love her eyes, silky hair, body shape, fragrance, dress, skin, and voice tone.

Women love to know how lovely they smell and how soft their voice sounds. For instance, “your voice sounds like that of an angel”, or if she isn’t on makeup, tell her how beautiful she looks naturally.

  • And if she is your girlfriend and you find her attractive, compliment her lips and body in a sexual way.

You could say “you are a seductive temptation”, “you are a goddess and that’s why I adore you so much”, “adorable is an understatement for the perfection you are”, “God created you specially for me and that’s the reason why I am super in love with you”

  1. Compliment Her Sense of Fashion

If her sense of fashion is appealing to you, do not keep shut about it. If you love the way she dresses and seems perplexed at how she is able to combine the best fabrics or wears and still come out looking like Kylie Jenner.

You have to say it. It’s amazing if you let her know just how much you have been observing

  • “I’ve never seen anyone look so determined to kill it”
  • “You are smart and creative. How do you always come up with such amazing fashionable dresses”?
  • “You are every lovely word I could think of”
  • “Your fashion style is everything and incomparable”
  • “My perfect fashionista”
  • “Many ladies would give the world just to kill it the way you do. Pretty darn, your outfit is dope”.
  • “You! Look! Amazing! In that outfit”
  1. Compliment Her Sense of Humor

Girls love to hear how fun and interesting they are. Please do not keep mute if your girlfriend makes you laugh all the time. Appreciate her by complimenting her genuinely.

  • “You make me laugh so hard; I forget about my worries”
  • “I need you around me every time, the atmosphere is always exciting and fun whenever you come around”
  • “No one makes me feel the way you do”
  • “You have a positive charisma and that is one of the reasons I feel blessed to have you”.
  • “You are a comedy genius”
  1. Compliment Her Talent

She will really love to know that you are indeed her biggest fan. If she is amazing at a particular thing say dancing, writing, acting, or even drawing, tell her just how much you adore and appreciate what she is doing.

  • “I am perplexed by your passion and energy. You are in love with what you do and it is really rare”
  • “I love that you are good at what you do, if not perfect. You will go places”
  • “You are very imaginative and creative. It is impressive”
  • “Your enthusiasm towards your talent is amazing and I find it really contagious”
  • “You have great skills! That’s cool”
  • “Your creativity really inspires me. It makes me want to do better”
  • The way you dance or write, or sing (mention her unique talent) leaves long-lasting impressions”
  1. Compliment Her Character and Hard work

Commend her good character. Not only will it leave a smile on her face, but it will also motivate her to keep being good.

If she is hardworking and not lazy, commend her for it. To compliment a girl about her character, shows how attentive you are to her.

Not every woman is ambitious and puts in effort into achieving her goals. If you have a girl that knows how to put in her best, one of the biggest ways you could support her is by complimenting her hard work

  • “The world would be a better place if there were thousands of YOU living in it”
  • “There are so many things that I love about you, one of them is how much of an amazing person you are”
  • “You make me want to be a better person”
  • “The fact that you are ambitious and hardworking drives me nuts”
  • “You are fierce”
  • “How are you able to pull of this perfectly and still look your best?” You are my superhero”
  • “Anyone will be lucky to be a part of your life”
  • “You are the perfect cookie”
  1. Compliment Her Personality Trait

The 7 best ways to compliment a girl
The 7 best ways to compliment a girl

Always compliment that unique quality about her. Maybe she gives the best advice, is very kind and supportive, her bravery, etc. Let her in on all the tiny details you have observed about her.

  1. Compliment Her Cooking

You do not have to miss out on this one. If she takes her time and goes out of her way to make sure you eat a balanced and delicious meal, appreciate it. Let her know how blessed you are to have her in your life. When you compliment a girl about her cooking ability, you will never stay hungry when she is around.

Use the nicest words and mean them. Jokingly ask for the recipes for the dish or say it’s the best you have ever had.

  • “This dish is finger! Licking! Good! …so yummy”
  • “I haven’t had something so flavorful and mouthwatering in a while. Thank you”


Be authentic when giving compliments. Girls always have a way of knowing if a guy is being real or unreal.

It’s more than just trying to show affection or win her heart, you have to be genuine too.

To compliment a girl, you have to be very polite and patient.

No matter how sweet and genuine your compliment is. If you are not polite, you are not winning her heart.

Also, try as much as possible to not overdo the compliment. Like we said earlier on, do not over exaggerate it till you sound like a broken record and end up turning her off.

Another tip is to wait till the mood is right. Do not just start throwing compliments at a girl anytime simply because you are interested in her.

Compliment a girl when the time feels right and she will react positively to it. If the mood isn’t right, you may end up spoiling things for yourself or even get her upset.

Confidence is key.

To compliment a girl perfectly it takes practice. You may need to compliment your mother, sisters, and female friends before complimenting a girl you want to be romantically involved with.