10 Healthy benefit of cucumber

benefit of cucumber
benefit of cucumber

10 Healthy benefit of cucumber

Most people eat cucumber not because they are aware of the benefits it offers but because it is a delicious and hydrating fruit.

Unlike the belief of so many people, cucumber is actually a fruit from the Cucurbitaceous family, it is not a vegetable rather it is a very hydrating fruit packed with lots of healthy and nutritious benefits.

Cucumber is a great choice of fruit as they help to boosts skin health that’s why they are used in quite a number of beauty products. They are also nutrient-dense (packed with lots of nutrients including magnesium, manganese, and potassium.

Antioxidants and plant compounds are also present in cucumber, apart from the numerous nutrients contained in cucumber they are also low in cholesterol and calories.

This shows that cucumber has the ability to support weight loss and also protect the heart from the risk of certain diseases.

In this article, we would look at the nutritional value of cucumber, the nutrients they contain, and the benefits of cucumber.

benefit of cucumber
benefit of cucumber

Types of cucumber

There are different kinds of cucumber that exist in the world, however, according to medical news, the most common and available type of cucumber is the English cucumber also known as the hothouse.

The English cucumber is quite large with dark green skin, it may contain minimal amounts of seeds or it could be without seeds.

The other types of cucumber include;

  1. Japanese cucumber:

The Japanese cucumber is dark green just like the English cucumber but they are narrow and not as large as the hothouse. The skin is thin and filled with a lot of tiny bumps.

  1. Lemon cucumber:

These cucumbers are very delicious and fragile, they have a pale appearance and a very small (size of a lemon hence the name).

  1. Kirby cucumber:

Kirby cucumber is thin, they contain tiny seeds and are crispy when eaten. They are mostly used to make pickles.

  1. Snake cucumber:

The snake cucumber is also known as the Armenian cucumber has dark green skin like the hothouse. They are long with twisted furrows, snake cucumber is used to make pickles.

  1. Persian cucumber:

This cucumber is wider but shorter than the hothouse, they are also crunchy to eat.

  1. The wild cucumber:

Just like its name, it is a wild fruit that is totally not appropriate for consumption. It is considered a weed in different parts of the world, the wild cucumber vine should not be consumed as it is not considered edible.

Nutritional value of cucumber

I00 grams of cucumber contains;

Calories 10kcal
Fat 0.2g
Protein 0.6g
Carbohydrates 2.2g
Potassium 136mg
Dietary fibre 0.7g
Sugar 1.4g
Calcium 14g
Iron 0.22mg
Sodium 2g
benefit of cucumber
benefit of cucumber

10 Benefit of cucumber

There are so many benefits associated with cucumber ranging from its ability to support weight loss to other health benefits that it provides to the body.

  1. Nutrients dense

Cucumber are packed with lots of essential nutrients that the body requires in order to function effectively. It contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and other vitamins and minerals that are required by the body.

Not only are these fruits packed with lots of nutrients, but they are also always relatively affordable.

The hydrating capacity of cucumber can be traced to the high amount of water contained in the fruit, each cucumber contains over 90% of water.

Studies have shown that drinking sufficient amounts of water daily helps to maintain weight and support weight loss, it also helps to prevent the body from the risk of dehydration.

Eating your cucumber with the skin on is so much nutritious than when you peel off the back, when you peel off the skin of the cucumber, you are reducing the amount of nutrients and vitamins that it contains.

Hence cucumber are best consumed with their skin on as it is more nutritious when it is unpeeled.

  1. Hydration

The body requires water to efficiently handle certain functions in the body, a deficiency in the amount of water consumed daily can lead to certain illnesses including dehydration.

Cucumber is made up of 96% water therefore consuming cucumber can help one achieve the daily recommended intake of water.

We loose electrolytes and water when we work out, cucumber contains a lot of water and electrolytes that the body needs in order to replace the quantity lost while working out.

Most people do not enjoy drinking water, they find it boring and tasteless. Adding cucumber to your water can make it less boring while providing all the necessary nutrients that the body requires.

Staying hydrated provides a lot of benefits to an individual’s well-being; it helps to prevent dehydration, protects the kidney from the risk of kidney stones, helps to regulate the body’s temperature, and also prevents constipation.

  1. Convenient and Affordable

Cucumber is a very affordable healthy fruits packed with so many benefits, therefore, they can be easily added to our diet. Salads and burgers are a great example to start with however most people prefer to chew their cucumber raw.

Visit the nearest grocery stores and shop for cucumber, add them to your daily diet and experience the tremendous benefits it offers.

Unlike most fruits that are seasonal, expensive, and can only be found in little amounts. Cucumber can be found in enormous quantities globally, they can also be identified as celebrities in the world of fruits.

  1. Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are molecules present in different fruits and vegetables, they protect the body from free radicals that are produced when an oxidation reaction occurs.

Accumulation of free radicals in the body has been traced to lot of sickness and diseases including cardiovascular problems, cancer, and lung problems.

Studies and research conducted show that cucumber contains the antioxidant flavonoids, lignans, and tannins. These antioxidants help to block the effect of free radicals hence protecting the body from chronic illness.

  1. Skin health

There a quite a healthy amount of skincare products that contain cucumber as the major ingredient. Cucumber is believed to contain properties that help to soothe the skin and reduce irritation.

According to lots of beauty tips on the internet, cucumber is a great remedy for sunburn, swelling, puffy eyes, and irritation.

Lot of toners, face wash, moisturizer, and face mask contain cucumber have a lot of evidential testimonies that claim that using these products actually helps to keep the skin moisturized, smooth, and toned.

It is advised to consult a skin health expert before adding cucumber to your skincare routine in order to prevent any form of irritation or allergic reaction.

  1. Supports weight loss

Consumption of cucumber helps to facilitate weight loss through its low caloric content and high content of water.

Cucumber are low in calories, 100g of cucumber contains 10kcal, this means that you can eat a lot of cucumber without gaining any extra weight as the calorie content of cucumber is quite low.

Studies have shown that constantly consuming water helps to improve weight loss and cucumber contains a high percentage of water hence it supports weight loss.

  1. It prevents constipation

One of the major causes of constipation is dehydration, when the water intake is inadequate, the body is at risk of difficulty in bowel movement.

To prevent constipation, it is important that you take the daily recommended intake of water as this will help to improve bowel movement and minimize the risk of constipation.

Cucumber have a high content of water hence it is a great choice that can be used as an alternative to meet up the daily recommended intake of water. It keeps the body hydrated therefore improving bowel movement and preventing constipation.

Cucumber is also rich in the fiber pectin, its plays a  vital role in improving bowel movement however it is advised to eat your cucumber without peeling the skin off. When you peel it you tend to loose majority of the nutrients and fibers that the cucumber contains.

  1. Boosts bone health

Cucumber contains calcium, vitamin A, D, and K these constituents play important roles in the development of bone.

Calcium helps to build up stronger and healthier bones, constant consumption of cucumber helps to provide the body with adequate quantity of calcium that is needed by the body in order to efficiently develop the bones.

  1. Great for the heart

Cucumber is made up of lot of important nutrients that offer healthy benefits that help to improve the functionality of the heart.

High intake of sodium can lead to an increase in blood pressure, cucumber are low in sodium and relatively high in potassium.

Other components like magnesium and antioxidants help to reduce cholesterol hence reducing the body’s susceptibility to heart-related problems.

benefit of cucumber
benefit of cucumber

Risks of consuming cucumber

Cucumber is nutritious, delicious and it also offers a lot of healthy benefits to the body however there are some side effects or risks associated with consuming cucumber.

  1. Cucumber is rich in vitamins especially vitamin K which plays a role in blood clotting. When an individual consumption of cucumber is high, it affects the rate at which the individual blood clots. If you are on a prescription of warfarin, it is important that you consult your doctor before consuming cucumber.
  2. Some types of cucumber are hard to digest therefore leading to digestive problems. Large cucumber is the type of cucumber that is easiest for people to digest.
  3. If you have an allergic reaction when you consume cucumber, you should clearly stay away from cucumber. An allergic reaction can be evident through hives, difficulty in breathing, or swelling in different parts of the body.

If you have a cucumber allergy it will be of your best health concern to avoid using skin products that contain cucumber, ask questions before eating a salad or burger in a restaurant or gathering to ensure that cucumber is not part of the salad/burger.

  1. Some cucumber can be toxic due to the amount of cucurbitacins they contain. In order to avoid been poisoned by a civilian, ensure that the species you want to eat is considered safe for consumption.


Cucumber is a very healthy and hydrating fruit that provides the body with so many nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals it requires in order to function properly.

Your health is a priority therefore you shouldn’t eat cucumber or use any beauty product that is made up of cucumber if you are allergic to this fruit.