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Adele weight loss photo



The beautiful, gorgeous and talented singer Adele decided to embark on a weight loss journey. In her recent pictures, she was almost not recognized as the musician has really experienced a total body change.

Her fans and other fascinated people are confused as to how she achieved this major weight loss.

Adele weight loss started with a very important first step which is the decision to actually lose weight. She didn’t just sit down and wish for her fairy godmother to appear out of the blues, wave her wand and then.

Boom!!! here comes the weight loss, she made a choice and followed through with it to achieve all she wanted.

The singer decided to lose weight before embarking on her 2016 tour for her album “25” which lasted for 13 months, with the help of her personal trainer the talented singer has deliberately improve her body weight and her health in general.

Before the Adele weight loss

The gifted singer has always been gorgeous even when she was a plus size, her elegance and smile are virtues for one to emulate.

The singer mandate has always been to try hard to constantly make yourself happy and I’m sure losing weight and becoming more healthy was just one of the added ways to make herself happy.

Though the singer have been attacked by online trolls who insulted her appearance in the 2017 Grammys and likened it to an animation fictional character from Shrek.

Adele’s response to this attack was quite hilarious as she barely took an offense but rather clearly stated that she doesn’t care about how people thought she looked in the dress as she loved what she saw when she looked in her mirror.

I’m sure not everyone can be so calm after receiving that kind of attack online, it’s quite hurtful.

She also spoke about her size and the number of workout sessions she had to engage in, in order to fit into her green Givenchy couture dress.

Metro also confirms that the singer stated that she is actually a plus size who also loves eating a lot too!!

The gorgeous celebrity singer is definitely a diva and a pacesetter not just with her amazing voice but also with her personality.

Adele Weight Loss Photo And Journey
Adele Weight Loss Photo

How did Adele loss weight

The singer weight loss journey was mostly noticed by a lot of her fans when she posted a picture of her in October during Drake’s birthday and she also made a post on Instagram with the caption “I used to cry but now I sweat” which casually hinted that she works out.

Subsequently, on her 32nd  birthday which was on the 5th of May, she posted a picture showcasing her weight loss and this drew a lot of attention, admiration, and congratulations, and of course, it also attracted negative comments from certain people.

However the celebrity singer former trainer Pete Garacimo posted on his Instagram account about how unhappy he is to read most of the negative comments about the singer’s weight loss.

He stated that Adele weight loss journey was never targeted at getting skinny, it was majorly about getting healthy and fit. She put in lot of time, effort, determination and even sacrifice her regular diet for the Sirtfood diet.

All these she did in order to feel more healthy and not make people feel insecure about their size. She made the choice for herself and her son and according to Pete he is very proud of her success in achieving her fitness goals.

The estimated amount of weight lost by the ever beautiful vocalist is about 7 stones (when converted to pounds, this is about 98 pounds) wow, that’s quite enormous, the celebrity singer definitely dedicated time, strength and of course disciplined her eating habits.

Adele’s weight loss has been attributed to her change in diet and the series of workouts she engages in as directed by her personal trainer. In line with her decision to lose weight and improve her health, Adele made a switch from her regular diet to a Sirtfood diet.

The Sirtfood diet eliminates certain unhealthy food (such as processed foods and soda) from your daily diet replacing it with healthy and more nutritious alternatives.

The Grammy-award singer has worked with different personal trainers during her weight loss journey including Camila Goodis, Dalton Wong, Pete Garacimo

The sensational singer favorite motto is to always stay happy with yourself.

Adele weight loss photo
Adele weight loss photo

Sirtfood food

Sirtfood diet is primarily composed of foods that are rich in sirtuin.

Sirtuin is of the protein family, it is a class of seven proteins that actively plays a role in regulating cellular protein in the presence of NAD+ which is contained within every living cell.

Foods rich in sirtuin includes

Dark chocolate, walnuts, turmeric, red wine, onions, blueberries, soy, coffee, matcha green tea, buckwheat, apples, and citrus fruit.

The Sirtfood diet was introduced by Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, since its introduction it has gained a lot of popularity especially among people who claimed to have experienced significant benefits since their inception of the diet into their everyday routine.

The talented Singer Adele also shared her Sirtfood diet experience with the world, she attributes her weight loss to the Sirtfood diet in combination with her workout sessions with her personal trainer.

Despite the popularity of the Sirtfood Diet, health practitioners do not support or approve of the diet as there is little to no research backing the acclaimed benefits of the Sirtfood diet.

The Sun newspaper however attributed the talented singer weight loss to her workout routine which consists of Reformers Pilates.

Reformer Pilates

Most celebrities are beneficial to the wonders of the tasking but rewarding Pilates exercise and the multi-Grammy award singer is not an exception.

Reformer Pilates is a great exercise that targets the muscles of the back and the core. It helps to strengthen the core, improve posture, and also a great choice for weight loss.

The Reformer Pilates is performed on a reformer machine which is basically in form of a bed and it has wheels attached to it. It acts as a support to individuals engaging in Pilates.

Exercises included in Reformer Pilates include;

  • Long stretch
  • Chest expansion
  • Footwork
  • Side over
  • Leg circles

The Reformer Pilates helps to alleviate back pain, build core stability, lose weight and it could also be a good choice of exercise to engage in while recovering from an injury.


Adele weight loss journey is quite controversial and I have no idea why this is happening.

The Grammy awards celebrity singer has definitely attracted a lot of attention due to her recent weight loss both positive and negative.

The talented singer is just an independent human like us all and if she chooses to lose weight in order to get more healthy and fit it is her choice.

Drop your thought on the gifted vocalist weight loss journey in the comment section.