How to Choose the Right Addiction Rehab Facility in California

How to Choose the Right Addiction Rehab Facility in California

How to Choose the Right Addiction Rehab Facility in California

Addiction is dependence on a substance. People can get addicted to alcohol, drugs, or food, as the case might be. However, having to depend on them for a regular life is not desirable.

There are several ways of coming out of addiction. However, some persons suffer withdrawal and depression while trying to do this all alone. So, you should find a good rehab facility.

Choosing a rehab in San Clemente, California, might be tasking. This is because there are several rehabs in the area but understanding your situation and the treatment options available to you can help you choose.

What Are Addiction Treatments?

Addiction treatments are procedures or steps that help an addict recover from addiction. The process begins with acknowledging their struggles with dependence on a substance. After which, they can search for treatment programs to help revive their well-being, happiness, and overall health.

People can choose a treatment option depending on the severity of their case. For instance, those with severe alcohol addiction can take a detoxification program before entering rehab. And others might choose to start their recovery process at an outpatient or inpatient facility.

Ensure that you understand your situation before proceeding; remember different strokes for different folks. Also, it is best to join a support group or attend therapy sessions after treatment as they can help you maintain the lifestyle developed in rehab.

Addiction Rehab Facility in California
Addiction Rehab Facility in California

Rehabilitation Programs

There are several rehab programs people can enter. And they can be tailored to meet unique situations and needs. However, it is best to choose a program that allows you to participate actively in every one of its activities. Below are some rehabilitation programs.

Inpatient Rehab

This rehab program offers an extensive treatment option that addresses all forms of addiction. During this program, the patients stay in a facility free of any substance and receive regular therapeutic support and medical care. Furthermore, the program is best for individuals suffering from behavioral disorders and chronic substance addiction.

Outpatient Rehab

Here is another program that offers extensive addiction care. Outpatient rehabs offer similar treatment programs as inpatient rehabilitation. However, in outpatient rehab programs, patients can receive treatments from home. So, they can go about their daily activities while returning for scheduled treatments in the facility during the week.

While outpatient rehabs might be a great option, patients are still at risk of facing triggers that can affect their sobriety. Therefore, this treatment option is best for disciplined and committed individuals with mild cases of addiction.

Faith-Based or Spiritual Rehab

Spiritual rehabs are facilities that provide programs centered on faith. Unlike other rehabilitation programs, spiritual rehabs adopt more spiritual methodologies than scientific ones.

Rehabilitation Therapies

There are several therapeutic approaches that rehabs adopt to help patients recover from addiction. These treatments are structured based on substance abuse and the health patterns of the individual.

Furthermore, the therapy might include group or individual sessions organized by professional addiction counselors. Below are some rehabilitation therapies:

Biofeedback therapy

This is a drug-free treatment option that helps patients understand the involuntary processes of their bodies using an electronic sensor. After the session, the therapist reviews the patterns in the brain waves and recommends a series of psychological activities that can help the patient overcome the addiction. You can click here to read more about biofeedback therapy.

Experimental Therapy

This treatment form utilizes non-conventional methods that help addicts overcome their repressed emotions and feelings that may contribute to their substance dependence. For example, the therapist might suggest recreational activities like rock climbing.

Psychodynamic Therapy

These treatment options help patients understand how their thought lead to addiction by exploring their feelings. And by so doing, they are prepared and can avoid or overcome temptations that may arise during rehab.

Support Groups

Support groups help a patient stay in line with recovery after treatments. The groups comprise individuals who have similar experiences and encourage the patients throughout their recovery time. Therefore, a patient can join a support group immediately after treatment programs.

There are several support groups patients can enter after treatments. However, we will discuss two popular options.

12- Step Program

These programs are designed using the 12 recovery traditions and are popular as a standard recovery procedure. This is because it allows individuals to adjust them based on their needs. This makes them helpful after their treatments.

SMART Recovery

This program is one of the alternatives to the 12-step groups. However, the SMART recovery program uses a four-stage program. And individuals can complete these stages in any sequence.

Choosing an Addiction Rehab Facility in California

There are several rehabilitation centers in California. And this can make choosing one a tasking process. Unfortunately, as more substance abuse cases arise, there have been increases in unethical practices and deceptive marketing by so-called rehabs, who are only interested in money.

With this, some consumers are skeptical about how and where to find reliable treatment options. So, we have outlined a few steps that can help you choose a reliable rehab center.

Finding Some Options

To start, you will need some options to choose from and there are several ways you can do that. You can start by asking your neighbors, colleagues, friends, or family members. Also, you can research.

Though asking for suggestions might be an easier option, researching is best. This is because it will help you learn a lot about rehab and its services. Furthermore, the internet has made it easier to search for services and products with just one click. You can click on to know how to search on the internet.

During your search, you should make a list of the rehabilitation centers that interest you. Doing this will help you with a visual display of your options and make choosing easier. However, ensure that your list is not too long or short – a minimum of five and a maximum of ten suggestions is best.

Understand and Write Your Goals

Rehabilitation centers offer services for various substance abuse situations. You should understand yours and write down what you desire to achieve from the program.

The last thing you want is to spend money and time without getting any results. Therefore, understanding and writing out your goals can help you know if the rehab offers what you desire.

Contact the Rehabs

You can book an appointment with a therapist online or offline. However, an offline meeting is best because you get to visit the facility and understand its mode of operation.

During your meeting, feel free to ask questions concerning your case and other situation. You can ask about their treatment procedure for your case or if they have handled such situations previously. However, they might not be able to go into much detail about their previous patients due to disclosure ethics.

Compare Fees

Here is a very vital point. Generally, addiction treatments are quite expensive. However, different facilities offer different fees and rates.

Before choosing a rehab, you should request their fee plan and compare it with others. If one does not match your budget, you can choose another. However, ensure that you go for quality of service and not lower fees.


Addiction occurs as a result of misuse or overuse of a substance. Several people suffer from denial and depression while trying to recover from it. However, working with a reliable rehabilitation center can facilitate the recovery process. Therefore, it is best to find one that fits your needs and can provide quality services.